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The Deal with Gastritis

March 22, 2011
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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Gastritis comes in 2 forms: acute and chronic. Acute gastritis is when your so depressed that you vomit (I'm guessing anything that would make you THAT depressed would be a loss) and that's the short term one that goes away once you feel better and are no longer depressed. Chronic gastritis is the long-term one that develops over time. That's the one i have.
According to web md (the website) it says "gastritis is an inflammation, irritation, or erosion of the lining of the stomach". It's a digestive problem, and yes, a gas disease as said in the name. i became officially diagnosed with chronic gastritis on January 2010. it's been over a year, and i still don't COMPLETELY understand it that well. Before January i had been an soda lover, literally having at least one can a day, usually. i had just started to get into spicy food, and i really LOVED chocolate. It was my favorite candy. When i was a kid i was also crazy for ice cream. Then in January i couldn't sleep at night. It just started. At least 2 or 3 nights a week i found it impossible to sleep even though i was really tired. i didn't know why. i also had these little pains I'd never felt before (abdominal pain, which is curt pain in a lot of parts of your body) and it made me nervous. i started sleeping with a water bottle next to my bed each night in case i felt pain and needed water to help me feel better (i still do). It made no sense. Most of the time, the pain and the weird sensation i got right after eating (heartburn) came at night. i didn't get it then. i was only 12 years old. Now, I'm 13. Before January i had been the kind of ditzy, not too bright girl with a stronger stomach then the average. Who almost never had stomach upsets or barfing. But ever since the start of 2010, my stomach became extremely sensitive (hurting when you poke it even) and weak. And to me, it seemed to go unexplained. (although i remember in 6th grade i forced myself to drink a cup of coffee. i hated it, but the other kids liked it so i wanted to force myself to like it too. i got sick the next day and didn't know why. Guess it did develop over time) i thought, maybe it was what i had ate before, because then i suddenly couldn't have caffeine anymore (including chocolate and soda) unless i wanted pain, and i became lactose and tolerant, and i definately was warned to stay away from spicy foods (there went my visits to Chilis) it was such a big change to me because i had lived with those things all my life (ESPICIALLY SODA) and with them suddenly being taken away, my world could've come crashing down. it was like breathing into a new life.
Having this gas disease means.........
Often, just by eating the wrong thing i get gas (but the painful overload of gas inside. My problem is that the gas cant get out of my body so it creates pain. ALL of the pain I've had was just caused by gas). This also means i have to be extremely careful of what i eat. A bite of subway could give me horrid diarrhea (it has in the past, but I'm stronger now. I'll explain that later) a sip of orange juice could give me uncomfortable citrus acid (now its only if i drink it AT NIGHT) eating too late at night could cost me a night of peaceful sleep. And if i become extremely sad or stressed, it could strain my stomach as well.
In having this gas problem i went through a lot of positives and downfalls. i had a really bad, nasty doctor who wanted to shove tubes down my stomach, so i switched doctors. The new one was nicer and gave me medicine that i don't know what i would do without it. I've been to the E room in the hospital (last time i went (in May) was cause i was having diarrhea every 15 minutes or so and losing so much water i had to have an IV. That's when i officially became the hospital's patient. When they gave me the gown i was heartbroken. But then i switched docs, got my medicine (which doesn't cure BUT takes away the pain and gives me fiber) and ever since then i never visited the emergency room AGAIN. The problem used to make me a sad and extremely down person. It popped my spirit. but now, i think its safe to say I'm an ok person. And i know I'm gonna be OK. i don't really know other people who have gastritis as well, but i know that now, after being put on diets of all sorts, i can have chocolate in MODERATION. Soda's completely out, but i learned to live without it. i am no longer lactose and tolerant. But i eat more yogurt then ice cream, to be honest. People say i lost weight and compliment me on how good they think i look. (i guess that's cause being forcefully deprived from all the foods that gave me gas were also fattening. i don't know) but i tell them, I'd rather have gone on a diet myself then being forced out of it cause of gas. If i could take you on a roller coaster ride through all the painful nights i would. But i can't. I just have this tale and possible listeners.
It's not the worse thing in the world. i have a diabetic cousin who sticks needles inside his skin each day to live, and he's got it way worse then i do. My diabetic dad's face turns a disturbing shade of red or plum each time he eats something that he shouldn't. And that's worse then my pale face. My heart flies out to the 2, and I'm glad i don't have it as bad as them. But it's still pretty bad, since i got used to heart burn and all. I'm not that modest though; For many months i felt so much self pity, more then i should. But it never got me anywhere. Being sad and down about what you have never gets you anywhere either. It only worsens conditions. It's nice to be happy. It's a RELIEF, and its healthy for you. i heard that there was a guy born with heart problems and he was supposed to die when he was born. But he was so happy and bright that he lived until he was 23 years old. That's just amazing and astounding.
i mean sure, gastritis is in my life now. But it's not my WHOLE life. i have school, an author dream, a passion for writing, a passion for singing, my friends, my life. Gastritis off to the side.
So if your going through anything tough right now, know that it's not the end. It WILL be ok. YOU will be perfectly OK in time. But sorrow never gets you anywhere. It might feel like your world's crashing, but really, you WILL live through it. I did. i know you will.
Diseases are all bad and no one wants to have them. You cant say one is worse then the other. i know someone with bronchitis, someone with ADD, someone with a digestive problem (slightly different then mine), someone with sensitive skin and bad ears, 2 people with diabetes, people with bad foot problems, someone with a disease that makes her unable to hang upside down. You cant compare one to the other. But they've got their lives too. Their pain may throw them off once in a while, but in the end they're still walking tall, all of them.
My cousin says I'm so strong and when i heard that i laughed. What's more important then getting physically better, is having a healthy mental mind while doing it. With hope, and ambition, and optimism and work, you'll get through ANYTHING. That's my advice for you.
i still get gas at night. But in the morning, i try again to go on my newest healthy diet and forget all about the bad pain and continue my life. I am a girl diagnosed with gastritis in what seemed like such a sudden. But that's OK. I'M OK.
And we are all OK. Or at the very least, we are on the road to being that way.

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on Jun. 9 2016 at 12:17 am
Hi i was known to get gastritis just yesterday from all the upper adominal pain i got that send me to the ER and i was devistaded because i heared if your lucky it can last weeks or days but also it can last many years. Im only 15 and i got this from eating to much spicy chips and now i cant eat a thing unless its plain or green and its hard and its only been a few days since i started my diet. Gladdly i havent been naseas or puking its just upper adominal pain and a few gases i just want to cure myself and much as possible so i can go back to my regular life.

Nat455 said...
on Feb. 13 2015 at 11:07 pm
Hey Guys I got diagnosed with this. I'm 23 but I thought that you should be able to be cured. I live in a city so I don't think I can deal with this. Unfortunately, unlike the author, I had the tubes stuck down my stomach and the other end into my colon. I even had to take the barium. The Cause of this for me was sleep aids and anti-depressants a doctor gave me in excess. I honestly believe this is malpractice cause now I have to deal with insomnia and this Gastritis as well. I don't know what to do cause I have a HIGH metabolism and I NEED TO EAT. I have my symptoms under control but I can't do heavy exercise cause of insomnia, and I can't eat a lot of things. It's also bothering me because I have to deal with the responsibilities of being a man, and looking forward to getting married, making ends meat, and taking care of kids etc... What the hell am I supposed to do? Someone e-mail me...

on Jan. 16 2014 at 9:55 am
I have the same disease like the author. I have helicobactor pylori infection that is causing me gastritis. My mom promised me if i m fit by june she will buy me a note 3+gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please wish me luck everyone!

on Aug. 25 2011 at 2:17 pm
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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Aww I'm sorry :( Its hard. 

on Aug. 24 2011 at 3:27 am
IAmWhoIWantToBe PLATINUM, Manila, Other
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Well, what I actually have to deal with is gastroenteritis. It's almost same: I have diarrhea; can't eat spicy/sour food and pain. I've been to 4 doctors and it's almost five days and I'm still having diarrhea. *sigh. This is my life.

Starshagurl said...
on Aug. 4 2011 at 3:06 am
I understand were you are coming from because i am only 14 and got diagnosed at 13 so yeah and will be fifthteen

on Jun. 23 2011 at 11:00 am
WishfulDoer GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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I agree with Shadowrider. But it was an inspirational piece in it's own respect.

on Jun. 22 2011 at 11:03 am
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
33 articles 3 photos 310 comments

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Nothing's black or white, its all just a shade of gray---

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Thank you, Jo pepper and Shadowrider :) I thought you guys should know---I am getting a LOT better now and now my biggest worry is the same worry as a lot of teens: weight. I worry about that now, instead of sensitivity (not that I'm overweight) so thats to show, i am doing SO much better now, then when i wrote the article.

on Jun. 21 2011 at 1:16 pm
SecretFlame PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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-one of my friends

This is a very powerful and strongly written piece. It really does get through to you. What might make it better, would be if you could correct the grammatical errors, and not use OK as much as you did. But over all this is a very well written piece. Nice job! And good for you! You're an amazing role model!

on Jun. 9 2011 at 2:09 pm
JoPepper PLATINUM, Annandale, Virginia
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You are really strong that was a very inspirational I never knew gastritis could be that bad.  Wow.  Keep writing and stay optimistic!!!! :O

on Apr. 17 2011 at 9:08 am
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
33 articles 3 photos 310 comments

Favorite Quote:
Nothing's black or white, its all just a shade of gray---

TI "Live your Life" ft Rihanna

:) I am so glad I'M not the only one going through this either!! It IS horrible, and I'm so happy you're doing better now. Its true--------sometimes it just doesn't COMPLETELY go away. And I'm glad someone really understands.

on Apr. 13 2011 at 4:37 pm
ohmakemeover BRONZE, Centerville, Minnesota
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I was diagnosed with gastritis about a year ago and I know exactly how you feel.  I can't eat too much and I can't eat spicy food or a lot of citrus either, and my stomachaches used to get so bad that I would nearly be crying at school.  I have pills now, so it is much better, but I still get flare-ups.  I'm glad I'm not the only teen to go through this gross situation.  Thank you for sharing!