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Green Cities and Technology: Why We Should Follow Suit

September 5, 2015
By Olivia-Atlet ELITE, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri
Olivia-Atlet ELITE, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri
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    As green technology is advancing, it is becoming more and more popular, maybe even controversial. It’s in the media, around town, and finally gaining the recognition it deserves. Many people think it is an unnecessary advancement in our current society. On the other hand, Earth’s resources are quickly depleting, and its atmosphere isn’t in the best shape. With the carbon measurement at an all-time high, thinking about green alternatives and ways to clean up the future isn’t such a bad idea. There are many ways to include environmentally friendly technology into our lives, and it really does start with the generation that is living right now.


    The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a gas that insulates the Earth, hasn’t reached a safe amount in over 20 years. This safe level would be about 350 ppm. The carbon dioxide count parts per million (ppm) was at 398.55 in 2014. According to CO2 Now, these carbon dioxide levels are increasing quickly, decade by decade. Preventing these growth rates through green technology can take off a nice chunk out of climate change and global warming, leading to a safer and a healthier Earth.


In Masdar City, the inhabitants use a lot of eco-friendly technology. Some of what they have created to sustain their community is centered around Abu Dhabi’s climate, which is where they are stationed. For example, they have a very unique and interesting method of cooling their city. They call it a ‘Wind Tower’. The tower is simple and one of those things that just make sense. It is an empty cylinder that can be adjusted by louvres. This is an ingenious and green way to make everyone more comfortable in the heat. Since warm air naturally rises, it is pulled out through the top of the tower, cooling everyone down. In places like Nevada, or even Chile, this could be beneficial.


A progressive solar-panel-esque energy source is now becoming more well-known. It is a clear, pristine window that catches the sun’s rays and produces energy. The reason this little piece of glass can provide energy for everyone to use is because of how it reacts with sunlight. The light humans can see slips through, while the other spectrums are absorbed. The organic salts inside the glass absorbs the infrared and ultraviolet light, and direct it to the sides. Photovoltaic strips are placed on the edges of the glass, and are hardly visible. These strips are what create the electricity. These sheets can be placed into homes and buildings as windows, or even onto cell phones. It’s highly diverse and quite remarkable.


There are other concerns for green technology, which cannot be ignored. One of those is the cost of creating and experimenting with it. Fortunately, many universities are developing the renewable resources. They spend time during classes that center around engineering and energy production, often asking students to help, research, and participate alongside the professors. When they get sponsors and attention from the media or popular celebrities, the cost will go down and become readily available. When thinking about what cities and towns normally spend their taxpayers dollars on, it becomes clear that putting solar panels on signs and buildings wouldn’t be too hard. It pays for itself after a while, providing the much needed boost of energy. Calling your local mayor or your governor can give them the motivation they need to put these ideas out there.


With green technology arriving, there doesn’t seem to be a reason not to use it. After the cost begins to withdraw, which will most likely happen after it becomes well-known and popularly used, everyone should be able to get a hold of it. We can use electric cars, powered by wind mills or glass panes. Our homes can be built in a way that preserves energy and costs less in the long run. Technology is going green. Are you?




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