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Society sky

October 20, 2008
By Anonymous

What are big differences between a healthy sky and a non-healthy sky? Well a healthy sky is a sky that doesn’t have bad things in it, like pollution for example. A non-healthy sky has bad things in it. The biggest problem we have in our society is pollution.

First, one way pollution is the biggest problem in our society because people are not throwing their trash in the trash cans. If we don’t throw trash in the trash cans then we would be breathing really bad air. If we keep this up and the pollution color goes to red which is very hazards then all of us would be dead.

Second, another way pollution is the biggest problem is cars. Sometimes on the freeway I see crazy drivers going way over the speed limit. That causes the smoke from the muffler to go into the sky and cause air pollution. If people go the speed limit or slower than the speed limit we won’t have that much air pollution. People can also buy more smart cars that also helps the society.

Finally, the last way pollution is the biggest problem is the ozone layer. The reason why it’s getting hotter is because the pollution goes into the ozone layer and makes it hotter or colder. If people quit littering and going really fast then the ozone layer will not get hotter or colder.

Imagine a world without pollution. A world were people can breathe. The sky that smells like perfume. More people walking on the sidewalks. Pilots seeing better up in the sky. The main problem in our society is pollution, but we can make this imaginary world a reality.

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