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If I were in charge of Idaho forests I would focus on SAVING THE FOREST!!

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

This paper tells you why forests are a big deal. Imagine walking through a beautiful forest of all living trees, fresh air, and the occasional chirp of a bird. Can’t you picture it? You could have that for real if you just did a few simple things once in a while. Instead of walking through a forest with old trash, no living trees and someone’s cigarette chasing you out with a forest fire, you could have paradise. It doesn’t take very much to save our forests, so why don’t we?

The first thing I would do get some volunteers to come help me clean the forests of dead trees, trash, and put signs in the ground that say throw trash away! A trashcan would be next to it. They would be all over the forest. We would go about once a month to pick up trash and dead trees.

The second thing I would do to save our forests is put in recycling bins for plastic, and something else. They would be drilled into the ground, with a lid so wind wouldn’t blow it away or get stolen. I would empty it when other volunteers and I clean the forest of trees and trash. There would be a bag inside for removal.

I would also have a contained campfire areas all around the forest that had no trees and a campfire pit so the fire is contained and probably won’t get out of hand. There would be signs that say one person to at least watch the fire so if it does get out of hand to put it out. I would put a water pump and a bucket that you fill before lighting the fire.

In conclusion, the few things you could do to save forests, is recycle, volunteer to clean occasionally, and light fires in contained areas. If you took some of your time to clean the forest, we could have beautiful, clean forests. No more forest fires that pollute and kill people.

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