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Global Trafficking of Endangered Species Funds Genocidal Militias

May 29, 2008
By Anonymous

I am trying to raise awareness for Global Trafficking in exotic wild life. In recent past, people have learned about the slaughtering of endangered animals such as the rhino, tiger, and elephants for their tusks. These tusks are then smuggled out of the country to be sold for millions of dollars. “Just last May a group of poachers from the Janjaweed militia, who carry out genocidal attacks in Darfur, stormed into the Zakouma National Park in Chad and recaptured the 1.5 tons of ivory- worth as much as $1.3 million- that the Chadian officials had caught them with during their previous invasion. But 3 days later, a dozen Somali officers (poachers) made an attack on Kenyan rangers, killing 3 but they also lost 4 of their own. They fled the reserve and the Kenyan officers were able to link the poachers to a Somali warlord.
Once ivory or bones of a tiger are obtained by the poachers, it is illegally smuggled to countries like Sudan and then shipped to Asia or traded for weapons. Not only is this illegal poaching damaging the ecosystems of the African Savannah but it is also funding these genocidal militias who are growing stronger every day. These killings are funding the genocidal militias, which in turn leads to the death of more innocent civilians. Like diamonds, these genocidal militias have the power to take control of the parks and completely deplete the last of the endangered populations, without being stopped. Every year approximately 23,000 elephants are slaughtered for their tusks. We should act now to preserve the lives of endangered species such as the elephant, rhino and the tiger.
This topic may not seem important to our local society here in Asheville but my theory is that without local support you cannot receive global support. Global support can solve any issue and fix the many problems our Earth faces today.
How can we help? You can all help by donating money to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, report findings of endangered species products, and refrain from any use of products that contain any trace of an endangered species. “When the buying stops the killing will to.”(WildAid) Please support this cause, don’t let another elephant die to illegal poaching. Make a difference, Act Now!

- Here is what your donations can do!
$15 could pay for milk for an orphaned baby elephant for a week
$25 could pay the running cost of a patrol vehicle for a week
$50 could pay the wages of a ranger for a month
$100 could help train a ranger to protect elephants from poachers

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