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   Watching the environment being constantly disrupted as a result of 20th century technology, I came to the conclusion that if our society were able to reduce its dependency on machines and petroleum, and were able to live more in harmony with nature rather than always trying to change it, many of our present problems would disappear.

While visiting my grandparents in Ohio, I met some Amish people and recognized an opportunity to explore a lifestyle that is pre-industrial and non-technological. These people are actually living without modern conveniences. They are adapting their chores and life to the natural rhythms and the seasons of the year. As a result of these aspects of their lifestyle, the Amish seem to have a simpler, yet happier, healthier, and more peaceful life than many modern-day peoples. They have maintained a sane, natural life in the midst of technological chaos and disruption.

Realizing that it is impossible for modern society to permanently travel back in time to an era without our technology, I hope to make a short, personal trip to this time myself. By living with the Amish for one year, I might be able to experience firsthand their simpler life style and hopefully bring back to the twentieth century some insights on dealing with contemporary problems by reducing our dependency on modern technology. I might also experience a period in history where nature was respected and hard physical work was the alternative to technology, machines, and pollution. n

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i love this so much!