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The End MAG

By Anonymous

   Open your eyes little one,

your life is beginning.

The world awaits you,

what is left of it.

The once spacious trees,

have been reduced to rubble.

While the once fertile soil,

is tainted and ruined.

The air you breath is unpure and dirty,

like we, who have contributed,

to this heinous crime.

We knew it could happen,

we were aware of it.

But we did not stop,

so we must suffer now.

You have been born now,

your soul pure and clean.

Only you can help us,

help us learn to save ourselves,

and our world.

We all must try now,

try to regain our self-worth.

Try to save our planet,

before it is too late.

We all must join together,

and work in harmony.

With no fighting,

and evil intentions.

We must think of the future,

that lies before us.

We must think of you,

our tiny saviors.

You must encourage us to do the right thing.

and to help protect you, our children,

and your children to come.

The sky is getting darker,

we are almost too late.

Please give us the strength!

I know it will take time,

but we must start now.

Don't let us destroy ourselves.

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i love this so much!