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The Ocean

March 23, 2008
By Anonymous

My heart beat to the music and thrashing of the waves. My feet seared from the touch of the burning hot sand, but I didn’t care. The sun had painted a sunset across the vivid sky. My feet had just reached the water’s beginning and I dipped my foot into the relaxing cold water. It sunk into the watery mud substance of sand under the oceans milky fluid. A wave crashed and came zooming down towards me, shrinking as it came. When it finally touched my foot it was just small pearly bubbles brushing over my ankles then running back towards the ocean feeling as though it was bringing me with. As though it longed for me to swim in its depths, I longed to too. And so step over step I took, the whole while the ocean whispered my name and rocked back and fourth like a soothing lullaby. I felt smooth skin dart between my legs under the iridescent water. My feet were lifted off the soft sand floor and I was pushed up by a rolling lump of water just about to become a wave. I shoved my head under water and to my amazement instead of a sandy bottom; the floor was a rainbow of color. Shell after shell followed by more shells as far as the eye could see. Shining pearls of beauty. They were all just waiting to be discovered. There were curved ones and smooth ones and moving ones and round ones and clam like ones. Each and every one of them was unique and when the yellow sphere of light shined down under the waves in the right position they looked as though they were the sun, just in a different color of course. My eyes were glued on them, all of them. For a couple of seconds I forgot to breath! My head lunged out of the sea but a few seconds later it was back under. I finally let my hand drop down and curl around a shell, afraid it would break. It was as light as a feather and as fragile as a baby. It was a creamy pink color and it wound over and over again. It was as smooth as a fish’s skin and there in my hand it made me feel connected to the world. I just stared at it. I had fallen in love. I loved everything about this place, the sunset, the thrashing waves, the hot sand, the tangled weeds that make the journey more interesting, but mostly what was unseen to most of the world, unless you take a quick peek under the sea and saw a different sea, a sea of color, a sea of beauty, a see of love, but mostly a sea of mystery.

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