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Lightning Storm

April 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Above a cold, windy, open plain, huge black clouds quickly form overhead. Then, small strips of blue sky are becoming scarce. Frightening lights of electricity fill the busy sky like fireworks. Lightning splits in two and zips around like a dragonfly. Large drops of water drip off of leaves as more come down heavily. The pounding heartbeat of rain now falls so hard it splashes drenched mud like fountains from their original pools. Rumbling vibrations grow stronger as booming thunder plunges closer. The pitter-patter of powerful rain increases as the flat plain glows under the intense brilliance of lightning that ignites the sky. The grassy plain trembles as if it were rippling water. After each strike of light, trees shriek as they bow to the ground repeatedly. Below, were once beautiful flowers that stood like soldiers, strait and tall, but presently arc to the ground struggling to gain back their natural upright posts. Lightning storms can demonstrate the dramatic performance of nature that appears both perilous and awesome at the same time.

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