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give to get

October 24, 2008
By Anonymous

i've always look at the city newark as this dirty place. when i see people lay all on the side walk, it just make me feel very bad for living in newark. i've never look at newark as this place that has a lot of good programs for kids.until thsi summer when i had to community service for a month. at first i was reallly mad and chose not to do it. it fugured it will be very abashing for my friends to see me doing community service. what i was thinking when they said communtiy service was cleaning the street and that's why i was embarrased. but when i entered the building full of homeless kids i was realy touched.what really inspired me was these kids was happy for what they had even those they really did'nt have anything. when i listen to a little girl named katy tell me that she wished she was my sister i started crying. what i realize was i have everything any kids would want and im taking advantage over it.getting to really know these children and being a big part of their lives. It's an amazing opportunity." and knew why my mom really wanted me to do community service

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on Mar. 7 2010 at 4:30 pm
Your article is very great, i like it, you know what my mom is a social worker in Pakistan, she helps the poor and needy people which makes me very proud to be her son.