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World Vision

October 29, 2007
By Anonymous

Children crying,stomachs rumbling-these are the sounds a helpless mother would wake up to in any small village around the world. Her children are starving and there is no food. Disease has taken the lives of her family, and she is left to care for her small children alone. Is there any hope for them?

There is! World Vision, a non profit Christian organization, raises money which goes to buy food, livestock, clean water, and other necessary supplies to starving people worldwide. This year, I took part in a program World Vision holds every spring called the "Thirty Hour Famine." Teenagers raise money from caring people to support them. On a set date, we fast from everything but water and juice. This we continue for thirty hours.

When this time period is over, we meet together and have a small meal of bread and grape juice. We get a little of the feeling of what it would be like to be starving with no relief, knowing that many around the world have an excess of food and money. We returned home that day with empty stomachs but full hearts.

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