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Crafts at Mount Carmel

April 29, 2008
By Anonymous

During the past two summers I worked at Mount Carmel Academy’s cub craft camp to earn the bulk of my service hours. I worked with fellow students in the morning and afternoon for two weeks helping younger children with arts and crafts. I worked with others as a leader and with children as a teacher. I helped children create flower pens, bulletin boards, cross stitch items, bracelets, and decoupage. This was a learning experience for me as well as the kids around me.

My service was not only to Mount Carmel but also to the children who attended the camp. My volunteering made it easier on the teacher who provided her time to make the camp run smoothly. I, along with other volunteers, not only helped others but we were role models for these young girls. We showed how young women should work together and provide their time we it is needed.

As I offered my time as well as my skills, I also was growing in holiness. The time I spent with these children was a humbling experience. It showed me how sometimes it is ok just to let loose and be a kid again. This service hour project was time consuming, but in the end it was worth the time put into the work. I would recommend this service hour experience to incoming high school students without question.

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