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A Me The World Sees

January 30, 2013
By snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
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Bullying its here its there its everywhere,in different forms all around the world. There isn't a place that isn't tainted by its wraith.I live in the country surrounded by rolling hills and the golden crops of harvest.Bullying its here but to a lesser degree. Out here were your neighbors could be as far away as one mile or as close together a twenty feet. We know of cyber bullying. One where you don't get to see the hurt on peoples faces, seeing the pain its causing them.
I'm a nice girl and all but i can't say i haven't been in my fair share of fights. I was in a fight once where me and my two friends were involved. It happened online on a website called Horseland. It happened threw private messages and public chat. Its funny you know i don't really remember why we were fighting, but some hurtful things were said and i ended up in tears. They were hurting me threw words and i keep thinking why don't they want to be my friends with me. What did i do wrong, why do they hate me . We're best friends now that little spat forgotten but it still hurt.
Now you can't keep on thinking I'm a goody two shoes. I'm not plain and simple.I was a bystander once to bullying once. I said how i thought the fight was stupid and all but never to their faces. I was scared my two best friends fighting because one of them was moving away. She was hurt plain and simple, things are still shaky between them to this day and its two years later. I keep thinking it would of been different if i said something.
Bullying is wrong and it happens all over. Just ask yourself how you would feel if you received the message you were about to send, before sending it. Double checking could save a life or a friendship.

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