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May 25, 2012
By TheGreightGutzby SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
TheGreightGutzby SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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My school uniform is a bulletproof vest; I put it on to feel my best. I have no time for breakfast and head off straight to school unfortunately not being able to beat the massive swarm of kids waiting to be scanned and declared innocent to attend school.

“Over here!” says Jamey.

Jamey where is your bulletproof vest? You know they don’t let you in school without it.

“I know I know but I had to get it washed and I didn’t want to come to school smelling bad.”

Jamey and I waited about an hour to finally enter school. Jamey was able to enter by borrowing a vest from the school. This sluggish ordeal happens everyday; we wait online being pushed and shoved by the other kids causing us to miss 1st period once again.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” Cries Jamey.

We had missed our Social Interaction class and next was Useless Arithmetic which I hated with all my heart due to NELSON.

“Hey Fucking faggot” says Nelson, as he slaps me across the head causing my glasses to fall off.

I don’t know whether to stab his neck with my pen or to cry at this moment. The few times I attended my “Social Interaction “class they had lessons promoting non-violence but I can’t help but wonder if a good stabbing could get him off my back. I keep my composure but I know one day I will explode.

Class continues until our teacher makes an announcement:

“Alright class, due to the fact that half of you are failing….”
“But the class is called Useless Arithmetic!” We interrupt.
“Class we gotta follow the curriculum! Many of you are failing and so I have no choice but to pair you with each other to study. All right so the first duo will be Charlie and Nelson. Charlie today after school you must go to Nelson’s house and help each other out with the assignment.”

I couldn’t breathe and I started sweating superfluously. I can’t stand that fucking bastard Nelson, let that motherfucker fail, why should I help him!

It took two buses to get to the other part of town and along the way I felt nauseas; this asshole doesn’t deserve my help.

When I got to his house…. I could see that it was falling down. I was about to ring the bell when I heard a loud bang. I don’t know what got into me but I felt something was wrong and turned the knob to find that it was unlocked. I made my way upstairs past an empty downstairs and ran into a room where Nelson was. Holding a gun to his head I ran in and he started sobbing and dropped the gun on the floor.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” sobs Nelson.

I quickly grab the gun and I look at Nelson and at that point I forgot everything, at the point I wanted to be his friend. It is possible.

The author's comments:
Bullies are victims too and Bullying is something that has always happened and will always happen in the world. Play less video games, spend less time on your phones,spend less time on facebook; spend more time interacting with each other, talk to each other!!! People will always call you names and they hurt but go figure out why. Be brave!!

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