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Speak Up

April 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Okay. I understand in movies, books, & even real life. You have the wrong idea. Bullying isn't something that just stops. Take a stand. Billions of people have been victims. Not just some people. You may not know it, but that girl you see in the hallway, or that all-black guy in your history class may be in total stress. The jock you only see hanging with his friends, or the cheerleader with the perect hair may be bullying someone. Who knows? It may even be the other way around. So the next time you see a tear fall, or a slight evil eye. Speak Up.

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bball0208 said...
on May. 6 2014 at 12:05 pm
I agree with your idea. I'm from Japan and I've seen bullying in my school. It was not in my grade, so I didn't know a lot of things about it, but it was just terrible hearing what the bullies were doing. I also hear in the news that some people commit suicide because they just want to quit their life. Bullying can even take away the feeling of wanting to live. I think bullying can change their life and it deeply hurts them. Speaking up and helping someone who is bullied is a really good idea. Third person can't be just looking at it because it is nothing for them. I hope someone with courage to speak up and stand against the bullies will come out. I really like your idea and I agree with it.