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From Bullying to Self-Confidence: A Journey of Resilience and Hope

September 17, 2023
By CosmicBytes SILVER, Rutherfordton, North Carolina
CosmicBytes SILVER, Rutherfordton, North Carolina
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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." – Steve Jobs

Picture this: From the very beginning of school, like when I was just a little kid starting in Pre-K, up until 8th grade, I faced bullying. It felt like the bullies targeted everything about me - even how my shoelaces dragged on the ground. But the most painful part was the torment about my sexual identity. 
Why share this story? It's not just about me - it's about inspiring others and maybe finding some guidance along the way. 
Let me paint you a picture. Imagine crying until your eyes hurt so much they throb. That's what it felt like because I was bullied every single day. This constant torment left me feeling like an emotional sponge that had dried up. I felt empty, lonely, and overwhelmed by emotions like despair, depression, and anxiety. 
The bullying happened in different ways - words were used as weapons in public, and when no one was around, it could get physical. There were moments when I was mocked, made to look foolish, and there was no one to step in. Even worse, the school didn't do much to help - sometimes it seemed like they wanted to punish me instead. 
Now, let's talk about a turning point. It's like when a dark storm suddenly clears up, and you see a glimmer of hope. That's what happened when I discovered my own truth - that I am gay. I wanted support, so I shared this truth with some friends whom I thought I could trust. Unfortunately, they used this information against me, giving the bullies more ammunition. This betrayal pushed me to the brink, and I attempted suicide three times. 
Thankfully, I survived those dark moments. And from that darkness, I made a promise to myself. I vowed not to waste the six lives I had almost lost. I promised never to let myself be bullied again. This newfound determination led me to a new school, a fresh start, and a chance to finally escape the torment. 
Imagine having your every move watched with a magnifying glass. That's what it felt like after my suicide attempts. My family was deeply concerned about my well-being. But in my new school, something beautiful happened. I found real friends, and even experienced my first romantic relationship. I let go of my emotional shields and became my authentic self. 
Building a support system is like constructing a house of cards - it needs a solid foundation. I learned to surround myself with people who truly cared about me for who I am. 
Acceptance became the key to unlocking my self-confidence. I realized that I couldn't change who I was, but I could embrace it. Even though life has its ups and downs, I grew to love myself just the way I am. 
Overcoming bullying and adversity is like looking in the mirror and saying, "I love myself, and today will be a wonderful day." It's amazing how a positive mindset can shape your reality.  
Learning can be tough sometimes, like climbing a mountain with a heavy backpack. But here's a secret finding something you're passionate about can make that journey a lot easier. Even if you don't like a subject in general, there's often a part of it that can spark your interest. 
Moving from 8th grade to 9th and 10th grade was like embarking on a thrilling adventure. I started to enjoy learning because I focused on what I loved. Then, in 10th grade, I moved from Connecticut to North Carolina, which was a big adjustment but also a chance to earn my associate degree alongside my high school diploma. College brought more responsibility, but it was also a place where professors made learning fun. I continued to nurture my love for writing. 
Picture this: Since 7th grade, I've had my sights set on one college - the University of Asheville in North Carolina. I'm only in 11th grade, but I can tell you I will get in because I'm determined. I plan to study Business and Computer Science there, and then work at a major tech company. But my dream doesn't stop there. 
I aim to create an innovative tech business, like breaking free from heavy tech taxes, so tech can be repaired, customized, and affordable. It's a lofty goal, like aiming for the stars, but I'm willing to work hard to make it happen. 
My journey has been like a roller coaster ride, full of twists and turns. Yet, it's a journey that has shaped me into who I am today. I am committed to inspiring others and to advocate for a world where everyone is included, no matter what challenges they face. 
Believe in your ability to build resilience, like a sturdy ship that sails through even the roughest seas. 
If you're going through anything like what I've experienced, remember this - things will get better. Seek help from the resources available to you. It's like having a map when you're lost in a forest. Your school counselor, crisis hotlines, and more are there to support you. You don't have to face these challenges alone. There is hope, and there are people and organizations ready to support you on your journey from bullying to self-confidence. 

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