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Everythings connected

May 11, 2010
By Tomboy GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Tomboy GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Something I have recently figured out is that everythings connected, and by that I mean one thing that I do now can affect the next ten years, just because of it. Yet at the same time one thing from someone else can change that.
Heres an example.
A boy is going to his college interveiw. He's almost there when he gets a call from his mom saying his best friend was in a car accident. So he rushes to the hostpital to be there for her. She tells him that the reason she was in the accident was because of a drunk driver. What she might not know is that the reason that the drunk driver is drunk is because thats how he grew up, always drinking and thats because his parents never cared and thats because they were always on the move from tax collectors and under stress and thats cause . . . It goes on and on and on. Now lets go back to the boy. He missed his interview and so he didn't get in. Then next open spot for an interview wasn't till next year. So, he goes to a community college and because of that he didn't study Neurophysiology which he would have gotten interested in and he would have been the one to discover something huge about the brain.
So, all because of the drunk drivers parents, scientists will have to probably wait for a few more years or even longer till THEY find what he could have found if he didn't miss his interview. Even the fact that I wrote this could change something. Going the morning without breakfast on the day of a test could change everything. Now, I'm not saying that everything causes something bad in a long run. If a mother chooses not to get an abortion that child could become the next George Washington.
I wrote this because I want to see what others think of my idea; I find it rather interesting that one preson could change the whole world, just by a little action. It's a powerful feeling, yet sort of scary at the same time.

The author's comments:
I just started thinking about chain reactions and I came up with this.

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gaga-fan28 said...
on Jul. 15 2010 at 9:18 pm
I have always been captivated by the fact that every small action sets off a chain reaction. This article was very well presented. Did you know that Hitler's mother seriously considered having an abortion, but her doctor talked her out of it? Consider it.  6 million people effectively died because of that decision. But then again, I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for the Holocaust, because my grandpa met my grandma when he fled from the Holocaust...Whoa. That hadn't even occured to me until I wrote it just now. Anyway, great article. If you haven't read the book "Ghostwritten" by David Mitchell, you should, because it's all about these strangers whose lives are interconnected in these ways--like a character in the first chapter makes a wrong phone call by accident that ends up, after a series of chain reactions, making a kid in some other country fall in love. It was really thought-provoking.

on Jun. 24 2010 at 7:51 am
HeatherBee BRONZE, I Live In, Texas
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yes yes i definitely agree. something small can turn into something big and change the world