April 16, 2010
By yogita GOLD, Chennai, Other
yogita GOLD, Chennai, Other
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The worst part of being in high school….SNOBERRY!! There can be nothing as hard as handling snobs around you. It gets worse when you move from a middle class society, where elegant body hugging kurtis, below-knee length skirts and chudidars are a perfect attire, to a total mod school, where you are shocked to see girls wearing the most fashion-friendly clothing ever, and English music (and when I say that…I mean 24*7 English music) replaces Hindi or any other native language!

I had just shifted from my school after 10th, and (obviously) had to face similar problems as stated above!(do not mind my technicality there!) My characterization of being miss goody-two-shoes brought me down and my chances of socializing were marred forever! Well usually guys who have nothing much to do pick on weaklings as me, and yes… like a stupid lamb, I always fell for their pranks! However there are certain guys who have probably erupted, or as I should say in the more ‘bling’ language, popped out of the ‘SNOBBERY AND PICKING ON PEOPLE SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSE’, who thus, considering their superiority, never stop showing-off their innate capabilities of making fun of others. Ummm…… what should I say, it’s a shame that not all of us possess this completely harmful quality in us.

Have you ever been called as the bucked tooth bunny? Has anyone insulted your previous school and indirectly called it the reason for you being dumb?.... well girls and boys out there, you know… these things might probably just end up in your life soon enough. They say…that we learn from our own mistakes; however some mistakes should not be repeated! Thus I illuminate you with the most worthy knowledge of using a stone to shatter the egos of the evil snobs (pardon my half silly half book-wormish language). Never ever give chance to your opponent to talk! If he/she does, answer back… ask distracting questions like ’wtf…. What’s your problem in life??’, though you have no goddamn idea why you are even asking because you know you don’t care. But trust me. The momentary pain of facing a snob remains with you forever! In case you are downright dumb-ass like me…. Use the thing that you are best at! You dance, discuss loudly on how you and your mom are choreographing a dance where a timid girl shows how much more she can do than her opponent. You sing, sing the best song that has really rude words in it and make sure that the person understands that it’s for him/her. If you zilch capacity of anything at all, lock your self up in the pooja room and pray that the moron breaks his limbs!... the equation is simple….If you can’t talk cause you are too taken aback, you always have your strengths to cover your weaknesses. Though this never works out with me..( I have really no idea why so!) a world psychology report does say that people read and do stuff better than not having a single clue of what they are gonna do!.( yes, and so you see self-help books scattered here and there at book stores and even in your own bedroom!) so… yes… its probably time that all you under dogs there buck up your courage and do your best possible to show that YOU are no way lesser (psst… actually much much better) than THOSE SHOW-OFFS. And its probably time for all those attention seeking brats to shut their mouths and hold their hands cause it seems like you guys are trying to say “ I AM A LOSER!!”, again and again… not learning from your own your mistakes, what so ever. With utmost satisfaction, I am glad to say that I am NOT a LOSER like YOU GUYS! :)

The author's comments:
people who consider thamselves as the king/queen of the world should know that when they pick on others, its really rude and inhuman!..they cannot boss over another person who is probably much, much better than they themselves are!

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yogita said...
on Jun. 1 2010 at 1:45 am
thamks sash...glad you read it!..yes my schools more than hell but its just one more year!...after that m off to some where else..thanks again! :)

Saswati said...
on May. 17 2010 at 2:33 am
Omg, darling, your school sounds more terrifying than I thought...yeah there are people like that everywhere...pushy jerks.  hate that sort. Most of the time I feel like saying "Who died and made you king, huh?". But it takes all types to make a world and we'll just have to put up with them Hopefully they'll have a crash ending sometime l8r in life. Hope you fely better pouring your feelings out. Gr8 seeing this article!