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Unknown Thieves

March 12, 2009
By OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
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'Add more of that'' a deep voice from the next room ordered. I had been sitting in this tiny waiting room for hours. I found an advertisement seeking eighteen year old girls to come and try out a new make-up product and get paid while doing so. I needed the money so I called the number at the bottom of the advertisement. This was the place the person on the other end of the line told me to go to. 'Next please' a short woman crowed as she appeared from around the corner. Her dark hair was pulled back tightly into a bun and her thin glasses and black shirt made her look very business like. 'That's me.' The red-haired girl who was sitting beside me sang. She jumped up and followed the lady. After a while I heard a 'thud' in the next room followed by the sound of something heavy being dragged across a wooden floor and I heard that deep voice again. 'Damn. Try this'.' His voice was harsh now. I turned around to see the lady in the suit glaring at me. I slowly stood up and followed her into the next room. She nodded and turned to walk away. I entered the room and blinked a few times to adjust my eyes to the bright lights in the room. It was empty apart from a wooden stool in the centre of the room and it was plastered in large white tiles from floor to ceiling, at the end of the room was a white door. I sat in the uncomfortable chair and waited. Beside my chair I noticed a few specks of fresh blood. 'You must be Annabel.' The deep voice spoke behind me. His voice was much clearer now and it sent shivers down my spine. 'Annie.' I corrected him. 'Of course.' He replied, still behind me. I had no intention of turning around. 'I forgot this'Here'' another voice spoke. Another male. His voice was much softer. 'Thank you.' The deep voice said. 'Annabel, could you turn to face me please?' 'Annie.' I gritted my teeth and spun around. I gasped at the sight of the man. Half of his face was melted. It was fixed into a permanent frown. The un-damaged part of his face lifted up into a smile, of sorts. The other soft voiced male was about my age, he was very handsome. His blonde hair fell into his eyes, his deep green eyes. How could this be a make-up testing room? Where was the make up? 'This isn't a make-up testing area.' The older man with the deep voice answered my thoughts. I frowned. What is going on? 'I know Karate.' I choked. The two men burst into laughter. 'I want you to try this Annie.' The younger man said. 'I'm Alex by the way' he winked. I smiled and he dropped a small bottle into the palm of my hand. It was a thick electric-blue liquid. It was still bubbling. I tipped it upside down and it warmed up. 'Oh!' I exclaimed as I dropped the warm bottle onto my lap. Alex smiled and flashed his perfect teeth. I gingerly twisted the lid off the bottle and smelt the contents. 'Ugh!' I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I sighed and tipped the bottle's contents into my mouth and swallowed. The two men beamed. I thought I heard 'She's not dead!' but I couldn't have been sure. 'It tastes horrible!' I gagged. 'It worked Dad!' Alex sounded surprised. 'He's your son?' I asked, looking at the older man with the deep voice. 'Adopted.' He half-smiled. 'Yeah.' Alex laughed and rolled his eyes. 'How are you feeling?' Alex asked. 'Fine.' I replied as I stood up. My head began to feel dizzy and my knees buckled beneath me. 'Gotcha.' Alex laughed as he grabbed me before I hit the floor. Somehow I passed out and woke up in Alex's arms. 'Hey.' He smiled warmly, looking down at me. His arms didn't loosen around me. 'Hi' I stammered and stood up carefully. I froze. 'Hi' I said again. My hand automatically grabbed my throat. This wasn't my voice. It can't be! I sound completely different! 'What the'.?' I trailed off. 'Don't worry its normal.' Alex smiled. I stared at my reflection in the glass door and shrieked. 'What the heck?' My hand reached for my short blonde hair but instead my fingers came tangled in a mass of long chocolate brown curly hair. 'Nice eh?' Alex chuckled. What happened to me? 'You changed.' The man with the deep voice spoke. 'Really? I didn't notice!' I scowled. 'She's funny.' Alex smirked. I flashed him a glare and he stayed silent. 'Tell me what is going on!' I demanded. Alex looked up at his father and nodded. 'I'm William.' The man with the deep voice announced. 'I created Alex, and now I created you.' I frowned, he was a loony. I crossed my arms and rested against the farthest wall away from Alex and William. 'That'drink I gave you, changed everything about you on the outside.' He watched me carefully. 'You are still the same on the inside Annie.' I nodded. 'Yes, well this may sound childish or something but I am a scientist...' 'An evil demented psycho more like.' I snarled under my breath. Alex grinned but William continued 'I am a member of a high league of bank robbers and diamond thieves.' I rolled my eyes but he didn't seem to notice. 'They assigned me to find young people and change their appearance so when they rob banks they won't exist in police records.' 'Clever' I admitted. 'You, Alex and the lady who brought you into this room were all changed on the outside.' 'The short one?' I laughed. Alex laughed too. 'Janice is very good at her job' William huffed. I made a face and Alex laughed again. Alex and William spent months training me and teaching me different skills that I'd need to rob a bank. Alex was assigned to be my Partner in Crime! After months of training, William decided Alex and I should rob a local bank. My task was to distract all the guards while Alex broke into the vault. William was able to disconnect all the security cameras so it was fairly easy. That night Alex and I counted our stolen money. 'Nice job.' Alex congratulated me with a kiss on the cheek. My heart fluttered. After a dozen robberies over the years and between travelling all over the world, William told us that his boss wants us to rob the biggest diamond and jewel vault in Belgium. The task was the most hardest yet. Even Alex was nervous. 'Ready?' he asked, squeezing my hand. 'Let's do it.' I chirped, as we got off the plane. I'd never travelled to other countries before William changed me, but since then I'd been to Germany, England, Spain, Russia, Africa and now Belgium. A silver porche with blackened windows was waiting for us outside the airport. Alex, being a gentleman, opened the door for me. I smiled up at him and he reached down to kiss me. He carefully shut the door and got into the drivers seat. He revved the engine and sped to our destination. William warned us this 'mission' could be very dangerous so Alex wouldn't let me out of his sight. We reached the five star hotel which was overlooking the bank where the diamonds were being held. We had a few days to prepare and find our way around the place. Alex being Alex managed to bag himself a job in the diamond store as he pretended to be a top-class guard. That meant he'd have access to all the keys and codes of the vault. 'See you later Annie.' He winked as he put on his officer hat and left for 'work'. I had to pose as a wealthy woman who was fascinated by diamonds so I put on my new dress and black heels. I fixed my hair into a bun and placed a blonde wig over it, I then put in brown contacts to cover my turquoise eyes. As I entered the bank, I felt my cheeks flush as everyone stared at me. I strutted over to a young boy behind the counter and did my best to flirt with him. 'Hello there sweetie' I smiled. 'Hi'um...how can I help?' he choked. 'What's the shiniest diamond you've got?' I asked him as I reached inside my handbag and flashed a wad of notes. His eyes bulged and said 'I'll go get some for you.' And he ran as fast as his little feet could carry him. Then an older man approached me. 'Hello' he raised his eye-brows. I smiled sweetly. 'Got any rare diamonds for me?' 'Depends'' his Belgian accent was strong. 'On?' I cocked my head to the side. 'Follow me.' He smirked, as he led me into the back of the large store. He walked past the large vault and I took a picture of it with my camera phone when he wasn't looking. I blew a kiss to Alex who was monitoring the cameras and he winked back. 'I'm Bill.' The man said. 'Oh. I'm An...' I cut short 'Madeline.' I quickly said. He smiled and led me into a dark room and shut the door. 'Here.' He said as he pushed me against the wall and tried to kiss me. I found the light switch and flicked it on. I smacked him across the face and ran out of the room. I caught a glimpse of Alex who had a worried expression but I ran back to the hotel and waited until Alex came back. 'What the hell happened?' Alex said the minute he came in the hotel door. 'Nothing.' I smiled. 'Annie?' he asked. I reached inside my pocket and held out my fist to him. He opened his hand and I dropped a large diamond into his palm. 'Wow! Annie! How did you..?' 'Magic.' I grinned. He called William and told him; apparently William was very proud of me. 'All in a days work.' I teased. The next few days Alex kept working and I kept buying with fake money. Then the day of the big heist came. 'Good luck' I smiled as I walked around the side of the building. 'You too.' Alex replied. I could tell he was nervous, his voice was shaky. William arrived the night before and shut the electricity off with his home made acid, and we began. I was small enough to climb through the vent system so I found the grill and climbed inside. It was so hot inside. 'Ready?' Alex's voice came from a small walkie-talkie. 'Obviously. Over and out.' I joked. Alex and William and a lot of other people who work with William were assigned to get past the other guards and staff and blow off the door of the vault using explosives. I had to climb inside the vault from the vent system and pack all the diamonds and money into sacks and wait until the others opened the door. I was looking down through a grill into the vault and the glistening shine from the diamonds was glorious. 'I can see them!' I squealed into the walkie-talkie. 'Good job, we are just about to blow the door off, scoot back down the vent a bit and put in your ear-plugs!' Alex told me. I did as I was told and waited. I felt the vent shudder and I knew William and the others had broken the lock on the vault. It would take them a while to actually open the door so I jumped down through the hole I'd made in the vent. I gazed in awe at the glistening jewels in front of me. 'Hurry!' Alex yelled through the walkie-talkie. I used the tools William had given me to break through the glass boxes the diamonds and jewels were in and carefully put them in a backpack. I grabbed wads of money and stuffed them into another backpack. After a loud back Alex appeared at the vaults door. 'Annie, let's go!' he urged. William and the others rushed inside with their backpacks to gather the remaining money. Alex grabbed my hand and ran out into the lobby but we froze in horror. Bill; the man who tried to kiss me was standing in front of us pointing a gun at us. Alex protectively stood in front of me. 'Get out of the way.' Alex ordered. 'No.' Bill snarled. Alex stormed up to him and punched him in the face before Bill could realise what was happening. Bill was lying on the ground, Alex grabbed me and we ran. Just as I was pushing the exit door open I heard a loud bang. Alex stiffened and as I spun around to face him I saw his face was blank. 'Alex, Come on!' I screamed tugging his arm but he remained rooted to the spot. He drew in a sharp breath and choked. He collapsed to the ground and I saw a bullet hole in his jacket. 'Alex!!' I screamed. The blood was starting to ooze out of the wound. I fell to my knees and started to scream. 'William!? Anyone!? Help! Help! I need help!' I shrieked. William darted around the corner and his jaw fell open. His cursed and sprinted towards us. William and another man lifted Alex up and dragged him out into the escape car at the back of the building. William yelled me to follow but I went back to the lobby. Bill was crawling across the floor with the gun in his hand. I raced over to him and kicked him in the stomach. He groaned and I kicked him again. I could hear the police sirens approaching but I continued to kick him. William came back and found me. 'Ah Annie!! Stop!!' He dragged me out the exit door and we sped to the nearest hospital. Alex was moaning with the pain. 'Annabel?' He groaned with his eyes closed. 'It's Annie' I corrected him. 'Hey, I'm dying here, give me a break!' he smiled weakly. 'No, your not!' William and I chorused. A few weeks later Alex was dismissed from hospital and we were finally able to go home. Alex and I decided the diamond job was our last job. We quit and found a huge house thanks to the diamonds William gave us, he said we deserved them. We kept in contact with the company and William. William called us the Unknown Thieves as the Belgian officers never found the diamonds or more importantly, us. Alex and I were finally able to be ourselves.

The End.

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