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The Red Dress

October 22, 2016
By victoria_kapusta PLATINUM, Ridgewood, New York
victoria_kapusta PLATINUM, Ridgewood, New York
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She was just a lady and he was just a man. It was an afternoon full of rain as a man named Mark was heading home at his normal bus stop from work when he saw a woman from far away, it was dark so the man couldn’t see her well but heard her weeping. Mark walked up to her and said, “Are you okay?” “” sniffled the woman while wiping her tears with a rough white tissue. “Come on with me to my house. You can eat dinner there” he said, “Oh….okay….thank you.” she replied. The man couldn’t recognize her face, for she was wearing a black hat and her clothing was all black that covered her entirely.
    Once they were there and started eating, Mark asked, “Do you need help taking your hat and coat off?” “No!...I mean...I won’t be staying here for long so there’s no point…” she said. “Oh okay, what’s your name?” said Mark as he bit into his steak. “Grace….D” mumbled out the woman. “That’s a nice name. Do you live here close by?” “I can’t tell you. But it begins with an h and ends with an l. I mean...I’m new here I forget the streets…” replied the woman. “Here let me help you dry your tears off.” said Mark as he started to pat her unknown face with paper towel. “Stop!” she cried, “I’m fine….I’m fine need”, she said as she looked at the clock. “You know...there is a ball tomorrow, it would be nice as friends to go.” said Mark with his mouth full of food. “DEATH HOUR!” screamed the woman. “What?” said Mark. “i have to go….sorry and it would be ummm a pleasure to go...just tell me the address” said the woman as she stood up from the dining table. “81-64 Lafayette street” said Mark smiling. “I’ll be there, but I warn for a sacrifice you made…” she said as it looked as if she faded away. “What? Um okay? See you later?” said Mark with a slow sigh.
The next day, the man took his luxurious suit for the ball and when he got there he saw the woman with a beautiful red dress. The man was stunned by it, even though he has never seen her face. “Would you like to dance with me?”, Mark said bowing. “Of course…” she replied. As they danced the waltz, the man was curious to see her face so he took off her cape. “NOOOOOOO!” screamed the woman. The man gazed at her face that had red bold eyes and the rest of her face was non-existent. Mark slowly backed away, he felt as if he was on the edge of his seat. Where was everyone else? “My name is GRACE DEMON I come from HELL you don’t know what I am capable of!” said the lady as she giggled in a creepy manner. “YOU SHALL DIE in the demons pit LIKE YOUR parents!”she cried as she was dragged away into a dark pit in the center of the ballroom, all that was left were the blood prints on the floor.Mark ran out, the world was bare, but the only thing he could see was his house standing from a far distance. He ran in as quick as he can and saw his parents torn, cut open with blood everywhere.Their guts were the most torn up and slaughtered.The man cried and yelled, “Why!” as he examined the insides of his parents. Only then he realized that he was dead, and in HELL.

The author's comments:

I was inspired after reading many horror stories and watching many horror movies as well :)

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