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Mind Games

August 13, 2016
By Tilliee BRONZE, Blue Hill, Maine
Tilliee BRONZE, Blue Hill, Maine
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She stood with two other girls quietly chatting, who were probably waiting for their rides home from school, since they were facing towards the parking lot. Her Caramel-Honey hair glistened in the sun as she nervously ran her fingers through it. She was always nervous when she met new people, even me. I think about that day too often. I was new to the class, same school I just was moved up to all honors and advanced placement classes. Of course, I was partnered with the prettiest girl there. Emily. Over class we became closer and closer. She helped my grades stay up, and I helped her moods stay up. She always had a smile on her face when I was around. She was so happy.
The day I asked her to be my girlfriend was probably the best day of my life, She looked at me laughed and told me we were already dating, just without the title of boyfriend and girlfriend. She was totally right, too.
The two of us were so close, so why am I hopelessly staring in awe at her from across the parking lot instead of talking to her? Well, here's the thing, she doesn't know I exist. It’s not because she decided to walk out of my life and forget about me. It wasn't her choice. It wasn't my choice. It would have been easier if it wasn't anybody's choice, just an accident or something, but it wasn't. Her mind had been messed with, memories stolen, mostly our memories. Every last one of our memories picked clean from her head while they still infected mine.
I shut my eyes and lightly hit my head on the headrest of the seat in the car, trying to shift my thoughts. I had already been watching her too long, not obviously watching her, but staring through my sunglasses pretending I was asleep. My hand went to the key to start up the car to leave, but my fingers only held the key in place. I couldn't just leave her, not again. My longing for her only got worse when she was in my sight. What was this worth anyway? Like I said, she really had no clue who I was. She wouldn't recognize me anyway- or would she? My mind caught the thought of her seeing me, maybe all she needed was to see my face and all her memories would flood in at once. Maybe she'd just remember my name. That's all I would need, her to look me straight in the face muttering my name "...Adam?" It was too risky not to take the chance.
I stepped out of the car and quietly closed the door. I cracked my knuckles and pointed myself in the direction of the girls. I froze in place. I breathed in some air expanding my chest gathering the courage to walk. When that alone didn't work, I thought about Emily, the way she laughed, her favorite food(ice cream, of course) how much she loved my nickname I called her, Emmie. My breathes grew heavier and heavier with each thought. Before I got to emotional, I took the first step, just focusing on walking. The next step was easier to make, and the next. I was walking at a decent pace and it was hard not to run to her, give up and hug her because I missed her too much. I kept walking and the girls were getting closer with each step. A swelling amount of nervousness and excitement gathered in my gut. My heart sounded like a roaring crowd stomping their feet on the bleachers to the beat of We Will Rock You.
Before I knew it, perhaps even too soon, she was within six feet of me, then four, then in arms reach. My knees felt like failing and I thought for a moment I was going to collapse right there. I tried to say some lines I rehearsed in the car just for this moment but my whole body was in shock. She was stunning. I tried not to stare, even though she was gorgeous. In just once glance I took in all of her features, her red-pink lips, her soft little hands that were still running through her hair, her dark brown eyes (they were the color of Nutella, as she liked to say, instead of the color of dirt), her little green nose piercing (green was always her favorite), and her presence in general. It was so overwhelming. My mouth ran dry and I couldn't even utter a sound. The girl I had known for months left me speechless, and she hadn't even looked up yet. She seemed to notice me before the other two girls who for some reason seemed not to care less about my figure heading their way, like they knew I was there for Emily. I hadn't really stopped walking, only a pause in my stride, not breaking movement. At the same time the world seem to stop when her eyes latched to my gaze.
The weirdest feeling of calmness flew through me as her chin lifted into place facing mine. I involuntarily smiled, she always has had that affect on me, and then coming out of nowhere I simply greeted "Hey Emmie" like I always said to her. My feet kept moving forward as if I had no control of them. I had to force my eyes away from her confused face as I moved on. I made it look like I had somewhere to be, even though I knew I was walking away from my car. I really didn't care what direction I was headed at that point. Any excuse was worth seeing her, even if she didn't want to know me.
I kept walking to calm my racing heart. It didn't work. I was filled with so many emotions, I wasn't sure whether to scream with victory or cry. So once I past the corner I ran. I ran and ran leaving everything behind. I knew I wasn't leaving Emily though, she always had a way of sneaking into my head. She wasn't really breaking into my thoughts though, more like I had given her the key.
It was raining by the time I got back to finding my car. Everything around me was wet and empty, wet and dark. The rain seemed to welcome the darkness lurking in the air. Luckily I could see better in the dark then most people, call it a gift. The moon was shining bright in the sky anyway, well, as bright as it could through these heavy clouds.
After a short, five minute drive I rolled in up our long driveway and into the garage. When I crept inside I wasn’t surprised to see my Father in his big armchair, posed as if he was just waiting for me. Which of course I knew he wasn’t. Though a part of me wouldn’t have been surprised if that was exactly was he was doing.
His cold intimidating eyes looked through me as he took in my appearance. I must have looked miserable. He pressed his lips together and carefully studied my condition. All I could do was stand as he took note of at my poorly dried clothes, still damp and sticking to my skin, down to my wet shoes, and back up to my curly dark hair that had been flattened and almost straightened by the cool rainwater. A long pause followed and I tried to guess if my father would be angry or disappointed in me. I went with angry. He went with a third option.
Standing from the old leather chair, he took a step towards me so that he was looking down on me. His intense features grew sharper as he came close. He used a tone that sounded like a whisper and said something unexpected, “It was that girl Emily wasn’t it? Adam,” he said soothingly, almost like he was exposing true emotion, until the next part, “You do know you are never going to get her back. I didn’t just hide those memories from her, I erased them.” A small yet cunning smile curved the corners of his lips. I held back tears and calmly asked to go to my room, pointing out that it was late (nearly 11:00, at this point) and I needed to clean up. I felt an avalanche of relief as he let me go.
  For those who are confused, yes, my father erased my girlfriends memories. Which is why I should stay away from her, but if you know this girl like I do, you would also know that distance was impossible. I knew there was a way to get her memories back. I saw my father get memories back from my cousin once, and mind control runs in the family. Maybe I even could help her. That thought alone drove me to do what I did next. Within an instant, not another word or thought, I was climbing out my window, then running down our driveway. It occurred to me as my bare feet tore through the gravel, that I might not be sane. Not that I cared in the moment.
I usually don’t take risks. I am usually just your average nerd. Something about Emily changed me, just the thought of her makes my heart race. It’s completely crazy, maybe I am too much in love with her. Is that a thing? I’ve never heard of it. I have heard of true love though, and I also heard Emily’s house was less then a mile away.
I wanted to turn back at one point, but a force carried me to the finish line. It absolutely possessed every part of my body, locked on to the goal, her house. I was practically being pushed and lead to her house. I didn’t want to do this anymore. My feet were covered in cuts, sweat and rain coated my body. I felt sick. A voice came through my head telling me to keep going, but leaned over to catch my breath instead. This was too crazy for me, I tried to remember what caused this spontaneous movement, but before my thoughts got anywhere the voice in my head got louder, and more present. It began telling me to stop thinking, telling me I was ruining everything, just like I always have… I unthinkingly turned to run again, and I would have if I didn’t suddenly recognize the voice. The voice it has always been. My father’s voice.
I knew this was a mind trick. A twisted demented mind trick. Maybe Emily’s memories were never gone. Maybe this is just a dream? No. Too real for dreams. My fathers’ voice cut clearly though my head now. “So you figured it out. I’ve gotta say, didn’t really see that coming. You are more powerful then I thought”
I screamed in my head at him, testing if he could hear me. No response came. I burst a cry into the air at him “What is this?!? Get my girlfriend back!”
“You never had a girlfriend Adam. I never messed with that girls’ head. Yours on the other hand…” The voice trailed into a low, comical laugh.
I slowly connected the dots. If Emily didn’t forget anything, then there never could have been anything there to forget. Months had to have been planted into my head. Months. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew it made too much sense. My eyes widened as realization came to me. My Father needed me in that house, and with the control he had over me a moment ago, there was nothing I wouldn’t have done. He slowly but surely drove me insane. I needed more information
“Why do you need me in that house” I muttered to the soft wind, obviously, not just to the wind.
“The girl is sleeping. They are always more vulnerable when they sleep, that way you can get into their dreams.”
Truth hit me like a truck. My father is a dream walker.
“Close, but not quite.” The same cold voice came from behind me this time. Before I could snap around, I was already lying on the ground. My father was leaning over me now. “More like Vampire Hybrid, it’s a thing.”
I was paralyzed on the ground, but not out of fear. I literally could not move a finger. The voice continued to crackle.
“And since you couldn’t invite me into that sweet little house of dinner, I will have to choose a different item on the menu.” He gripped my sides as if he were going to hug me, but we both knew he had different intensions. “It’s a shame, I always did have more control over you then the others, look at the limits I pushed you to! For what it is worth, I am proud of how manipulatable you are! I hope you understand I have to do this. I haven’t eaten in weeks,”
My neck felt a sharp piercing and I knew it was from fangs. That was the last and only thing I was sure of. Finally I thought Something that’s not a lie.
With that I drifted into darkness. Which was okay, remember, I told you I always had a gift for seeing my way through the dark.

The author's comments:

Mind Games is a short story written in the style of the gothic genre from the point of view of a teen. This was meant to portay how far trust can go, and how assumed trust can be dangerous.

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