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Murder Inn part 2

April 3, 2015
By wilds PLATINUM, Newfane, New York
wilds PLATINUM, Newfane, New York
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O,k in my last story written to you we had just gotten to the part where Cujo’s Inn was shut down. I also stated that three young boys had decided to test each others bravery. Here is the story of these young boys.
The date was August 13, 1998. Exactly two months since the death of Zachary Edwards. Three nice boys were sitting under a tree at Hardy Park trying to cool down. The boys were named Max, Cal, and Willgy. Willgy was the youngest and often picked on. He was known for his unfortunate name. Cal was the protector of the three. He was also in the most fights. Cal is that person with more muscles than brain. If you wanted brains that was where Max comes in. Max was the one who did the serious planning. He has read every book there is including the dictionary.
Now that you know a bit more about these guys time to get down to business. The topic they were talking about was Cujo’s Inn. They were thinking that the best way to spend summer is to explore Cujo’s Inn. Well at least two of the boys were thinking this. Willgy was still hesitant on this. He was thinking about all the stories he had heard about the inn.
           “Is this really a good idea? People had died there.” Willgy said. 
      “Come on do you really believe these stories? Think of it as a test on bravery and trust” said cal.
            “Trust? How does this have anything to do with trust. The only thing about trust is that we can trust the fact that we will die. And if we don’t we will get into big trouble!!!”
       “Scaredy cat. We’ll stick together.” Cal was determined to go in that Inn and the boys knew it.
So it was decided. They would go in Cujo’s Inn together.The day for this will be on August 30, 1998.  When the boys got home they had to pass the inn. When Willgy went past he thought he saw a man with a half bottle of beer in his hands. Willgy looked again and the man was gone. He shivered. He was definitely not going to like his trip there again. Will the boys survive this trip or will they become the next victim of Zachary Edwards?

                                 To Be Continued …...

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This is the second part to Murder Inn. this story is in 3 parts

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