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February 23, 2014
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He heard a gunshot fire into the night before he knew it, he was running. From what? He looked back and watched the black mass follow him through the maze of alleyways. Manholes steamed underneath his feet as they pounded on the asphalt. His heavy breathing made him conspicuous in the silence of the night. He turned a corner and stopped at a dead end. He swore under his breath and looked around. He saw nothing but more darkness, dimly lit by a small lantern hanging in front of a door. He quickly spotted a ladder and leaped up and began to climb. The ladder started to shake when he reached the metal grated platform. The black darkness followed him. He gasped and began making his way up the other flights of stairs. They rattled under his vigorous climbing. As he neared the top of the building, he looked down.
It was gone. His foot splashed into a puddle at the top. He dragged his foot through it as he walked to the other side. The moonlight shone on his face as he turned towards the silver orb in the sky. He breathed out and looked at his hands.
They were covered in blood. He screamed and wiped it on his shirt and realized that it was on his shoes as well. He fell into another puddle, and blood splashed around him. He looked around the rooftop to see the entire ground covered in blood. He reached out to grab some ropes from the darkness to help him up. He looked down at the sturdy ropes. Black strands of hair tangled around his fingers. He quickly tore it off, only to realize that he had grabbed the hair of a decapitated head. He barely had time to scream before a blade swept his own head from his body.
His head dropped to the ground as saw his headless body spray blood then fall off the six story building. His blood was lost in the ocean already formed on the rooftop. He was surprised his head still functioned without a body. The black figure walked over to him and picked his head up. He could hear screams from down below, most likely in reaction for his headless body. His gaze shifted to the black figure once again as the moonlight fell on its face. All he saw were the shadows itself. It smiled at him, its mouth seemingly appearing out of nowhere. The yellow crooked teeth dug into his face as it tore his flesh away. The bloody bones fell to the ground as steamed as hot blood met cold. The figure laughed. Its black body began to take shape.
Just then, two shots were fired into it, sending it face-down into a puddle of blood. Two officers rushed over. They turned over the body that they had shot. It was the same face as his... as his skull sizzled in the blood. The blood on the rooftop began to sizzle and bubble. The two officers yelped in pain as it ate at their feet. They fell to the ground, only to be consumed by the acidic blood. Their screams were muffled by the sirens and screams from below.
The very next morning, the rooftop was completely empty. Still in search of the two missing officers, no one had any leads. Many people passed their notice on a bulletin board, until a black figure stepped up one night and ripped them off.A woman screamed when she saw him. When he turned, she ran. The face of her missing son.

The author's comments:
This is a little confusing now that i look back at it... and gruesome.

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