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January 22, 2013
By Stormygirrl GOLD, Montverde, Florida
Stormygirrl GOLD, Montverde, Florida
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The last thing I could remember was holding my hands over Niecy's bloodshot eyes. My hands were burning hot and her tears poured down my arms as I sat behind her. I held her snug in lap, constricting her enough so she couldn't make a sound, but her body shuddered in my arms tenaciously.
Rays of faint, dust-clouded light filtered through the slits of the closet door. You could see shadows and bits of what laid before the closet, but the sounds were expanded. Each scream would slither in through the iron bars and would get locked inside, reverberating off of the walls until there was a dead silence.
I remember pleading her to stop crying, while I scooted our bodies further into the cell. My red sweater sleeve snagged onto one of the boxes, tearing it as I struggled to loosen the bind. Skewed strings fell on the floor, getting lost in the mountainous clutter. Niecy struggled more in my arms, with contagious, hushed whimpers of fear. I pinched her arm and shook her in exhaustion.
"F*ing. Stop."
The footsteps grew quiet from outside and then the closet doors flew open. The overhead lights blinded me, as Niecy was flung out of my arms: shrieking and kicking, as I blindly and frantically reached out for her.
"Niecy!" I wailed after her.
I ran in her direction, my arms flailing as I start slipping on the blackened bloodstains that pooled on the green carpet's surface. Just as I reached the door a long, metallic object swung at me from the side, cracking me across the side of my face. Stars began to eclipse my vision as I hit the cold, blood soaked floor with a thud. I shakily reached up for Niecy one last time, her bloody hands prints and nail marks carved into the grey living room wall. She clung to the door's frame, her bloody, green eyes digging into mine just begging me to get up. I felt my entire body go numb then everything dimmed to a hazy, boundless black...

The author's comments:
I was hoping to make this into a short story, but whether it is good enough or not is debatable.

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