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The Voices Are The Only Ones Who Understand

July 22, 2012
By FallenAngel2012 GOLD, Decherd, Tennessee
FallenAngel2012 GOLD, Decherd, Tennessee
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A knife stained with blood falls to the floor with a clash. The girl’s body lays limp and twitching in the middle of the room. I’m breathing heavily, and I hear it echo down the halls and bounces off the walls. The blood brings a sweet but bitter taste of copper pennies to my lips as it streams down my cheeks. I carefully use my fingers to wipe the blood from my face down the side of my recently ripped jeans. Then I try my best to move around the body and the blood pooling around her.

I whisper softly as if talking to her lifeless body “This never would’ve happened if you just knew your place in this world dear sister.” I chuckled softly under my breath and walked away while her perfume lingered in the air. I say to myself, “They all think I’m crazy. I’ll show them whose crazy.” I turn the corner and look at my reflection in the mirror. “Ugh, blood stains,” I huffed as I did my best to chip off the dried rust color blood from my face.

Then I pulled my bloody t-shirt off and threw it into the fire place after carefully wiping the blood and figure prints off the knife. I replaced it with a clean one and lit the fire burning all the evidence I can. As the fire grows brighter my sense of guilt seems to fade into the glow and the voices that come from Heaven and Hell return in softer whispers unlike before at the warehouse.

Dawn had just risen when I arrived at the dark abandoned building just off the highway, far enough away you can’t see it from the road. My sister, Molly, must have arrived earlier because she scared me to death when she tapped on the driver’s side window. I rolled down my window “Damn it Molly, you scared me,” I huffed as I breathed in trying to calm my senses.

“Jeeze Alex, Sorry,” she huffed back carrying a little attitude in her voice. I pushed her back with the door as I opened it. She stumbled back tripping on the uneven gravel road. “Why do you have to be such a jerk Alex?” she rolled her eyes as she asked. I sighed “I’m not a jerk Molly. I just really hate being snuck up on,” I frowned. “You know what could happen if you aren’t careful,” I added in a warning tone. She just rolled her eyes again. Even though I’m younger I tend to be more mature.

I pushed all of that to the side of my mind and walked alongside her in to the building. The sign read “The Market”, which we knew as the black market, in old wood letters. Here it’s Molly and I’s job to sell the government’s conspiracy plans to the people of the city, of course all my idea. The idea is to reveal the government’s plans before they can do any harm. I’m really the only hard core believer though. Everyone else believes their cover story, but of course I see straight through it.

Molly and I continue our everyday routine of standing at the cracking wood counter surrounded by stale musky air, again another day of no sales. “They are all brain washed,” I mumbled to myself a little louder than I meant to. “What was that?” Molly asked with suspicion in her voice and her eyebrow raised in an arch. “Oh, nothing,” I replied half smiling at her, trying to look as innocent as possible. She just gave me an “Uh huh, sure” look in disbelief and walked up ahead of my, her thin tan body stretching a dark shadow on the gravel behind her.

It seemed with each step she took made her straight golden red hair sway in the nonexistent breeze. Even her deep crystal blue eyes would twinkle with life as she trailed off. I watched as she approached the car and slipped into the passenger seat, and then I opened the door for myself. As I slid into the leather seat of the driver’s side I studied my reflection in the windshield. I had the same ashy brown hair that swooped over my forehead, the same dull blue eyes, and the same pale skin. But why did it seem so different, so unfamiliar? Maybe it’s just my imagination, just all in my head.

“Um, Alex?” I heard Molly force herself to say. “Yes?” I asked turning the key in the ignition slowly. “Did you ever think the whole….um….conspiracy thing is…um all in your head? Did you ever think of…getting help?” she asked mw with a nervous stumble. As soon as the words left her lips I knew she had turned against me and had been brainwashed. I was speechless. So I didn’t answer. Instead I drove her home. She got out and I waited for a moment then followed her inside.

So many things were going through my mind as I trailed her through the hallway into the kitchen. Like how my own sister could possibly be in with everyone else and how I needed to right her wrong. Something needed to be done. The knife felt cold and heavy as I picked it up from a nearby counter. Since her back was turned I stabbed her just like she had stabbed me, in the back. She screamed in blood curdling agony. Then fell to the floor on her stomach with a soft thump, like the head of a drum.

I let the blood spatter as I repeatedly stabbed her. Pulling back on more time the knife fell from my hand and hit the floor. Now as the voices grow louder and louder so do distant sirens. All of a sudden things are moving so fast and so slow at the same time. Groups of men wearing blue uniforms bust through the locked door. I try running but two of the men tackle me. I struggle to get free gnashing my teeth at them. One of the men grab my hands pulling me back as I try to lunge at the officer in front of me.

He then tried pulling me against him using one arm to restrain me and the other to cover my mouth. I feel his sticky skin against the lower half of my face and I don’t like it. So I bite the bottom of his palm forcing my teeth though his skin. The officer chokes down his scream. Instead he lets out a whimper and bites his lower lip hard. He then pulls his hand from my locked jaw. Blood tickled down my lip and chin. I gave a harsh evil grin. All of a sudden I felt a sharp sting in my side and I faded into unconscious.

I woke up in a special jacket strapped to a bed in a room with white bare walls and sterile air. It was silent to the point of madness. In my head I was trying to figure out what had happened, all I remember was the pain and the darkness. Nothing else. I let out a loud sigh. I guess now the doctors knew I was awake because soon after the door on the outside clicked unlock and someone approached the door that lead them inside my room. There was a hesitation as they touched the door knob, as if they we about to sign their life away.

I guess they figured it was worth it because a fragile nurse with porcelain skin can in through the door. Her shiny brown hair pulled back in a high bun behind a little nurse’s hat and her eyes were outlined with thin lines of eyeliner. The plain clean white nurse’s outfit outlined her thin figure with every inch of fabric. The police officer, that came in behind her, on the other hand was taller that the nurse and rough looking. He had a bit of a beard and a shaved head with a hat perched on top. It was half past eight pm and for some reason he wore dark tinted aviators.

“The game is over son and you lost.” Was all the officer said as he pulled his glasses off and left the room. I hadn’t lost though, this was only the beginning.

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