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June 30, 2012
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“Maybe they should have kept the name as Mob of Girls because they all are no less than criminals; what can we do, it’s their wish”, I said to Amy, my best friend.
“I fail to understand why you are so graveled from them. We haven’t got anything against them so shut up and complete your notes”, said Amy.
“Why shouldn’t we be bothered? Weren’t the victims our classmates? Anyways, you are right. I have to get these geography notes done by tonight”, I said.

To give you some insight so you don’t feel left out, G.O.G. is a gang of girls (duh) which specializes in executing felonious and senile activities. All the students (it’s a girls school) are supposed to be submissive to them, do their bidding, give them three-fourths of their pocket money and present one victim to them every single day on whom they can ‘experiment’ their ‘innovative’ theories. It’s been a month since they came. They are in all five girls- Iris, Monami, Lola, Katherine and their leader Diane. After experimenting, they leave the victim in the girls’ washroom with a signature card, signed- G.O.G. Till now, thirty girls have been ‘taken’ from our school. The only way one can escape from their torture is to become their apprentice-a highly commendable act. But you know what; many girls have chosen that, even my second bestfriend- Cathie. But why are I and Amy fussing over it-because Cathie advised us to follow her steps and we refused.

So, I (by the way, my name is Sharon) and Amy completed our geography notes and went off for a Mocha.
“Hey Sharon, we are free tomorrow after Geography. Why don’t we just hangout?” said Amy.
“Cool, I’ll meet you outside the cafeteria then”, I said.
Next day, as I walked through the gates of my school, I knew today was gonna be doom’s day. Diane was standing right in front of me, one hand on her hips, other twirling her blond hair.
“Haven’t seen your brunette lately. What’s her name again?” Diane said coolly.
“Her name is Amy”, I mumbled, keeping my eyes down.
After seven seconds, when I looked up, she was gone. I didn’t know exactly what I had anticipated but it wasn’t this. I would have felt normal if she would have spat at me or thrust me aside like crap. Still, I walked along all the way to my classroom. SHOOT! Another confirmation that today was doom’s day: Iris had just brushed past me, sniggering. Was that supposed to be a signal that I was about to be ‘taken’? Completely shaken, I trembled convulsively. If this was the case then I better cancel the hangout plans with Amy- I thought. Yes, I’ll confront her right after Geography and then speed off home.

I reached my class and school began: Professional Communications, Physics, Painting, Mathematics and finally geography. I and Amy only had Geography together. Rest all our subjects were like poles apart. She waved at me merrily as she settled in one of the seats leaving two rows from mine. In a second, the monotonous presence of Mrs. Gibbs was felt. She asked for our notebooks and we handed them to her. After making a neat pile, she took the axiomatic seat and drooled on and on about different types of species- endemic, vulnerable, rare blah blah blah blah…. Finally the period got over and the class rushed outside creating a cool gust of wind around me. I signaled Amy to wait outside the class door. I was nervous. Cautiously looking around whether someone was holding a dagger to kill me or not, I doddered out. Amy wasn’t there. Did she mistook my signal for something else? No, Amy was one of those girls who had perfected the girls’ code of sign language or whatever.
“SHARON!” I zoomed around and saw Cathie running towards me like mad, eyes bulging out, wide with horror. As she reached me I noticed some more features that easily portrayed that something had gone terribly wrong: Cathie was white with terror, battling her fear to speak.
“Cathie calm down okay? What’s wrong? You look like you’re gonna pass out!” I said.
“AMY…” and she lost consciousness and fell down.
Then all the events of the previous hours came down crashing upon me like a missile- Diane at the gate; Iris’ snigger…. I felt like the world was going to end. No, no God not her! Not Amy!! Even though Cathie had uttered (screeched, to be precise) quite an intriguing and incomplete sentence, i understood it perfectly- too perfectly.

The adrenaline inside my pale body was rushing in. Involuntarily, my legs sped towards the washroom. Amy, poor Amy!!
Ultimately, I reached the washroom door. I wanted to push that idiotic door away and rush to help Amy but I stood rooted to the spot. Numbness was gripping me. A faint trickle of dread ran down my spine. MOVE! MOVE I SAID- I was screaming inside my head to my legs. Faintly, I pushed the door open. I needn’t go further inside since this time the act had been done at the front most toilet.

There lay Amy. My mouth was hanging open, my senses were no longer responding. She had gone bald- no trace of hair was present on her head. There was black shoe-polish smudged on her face. The sleeve of her maroon top was splashed with blood. Her wrist vein was cut.
My legs gave away. I stared at her. My eyes wouldn’t shut for even a second. I don’t know why but I wished all this would have happened on its own accord rather than by the people I was guessing. I looked around, gasped and shut my eyes. There it was- G.O.G.

The author's comments:
This piece might have come under bullying but somehow it seemed unfit for HOT TOPICS, plus I wanted to post it in fiction. ;)

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Intense, Kanu! I love the concept and the Mocha ;) it needs a little bit of editing, but you've done a fantabulous job here!!!