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May 24, 2012
By chica_leah BRONZE, Springfield, Vermont
chica_leah BRONZE, Springfield, Vermont
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The phone rang and interrupted the peaceful silence. I jerked up from my chair and fell to the floor. I quickly regained my composure and headed toward the phone. I picked it up. "Hello?" I repeated this a few more times, but I got no reply. Frustrated, I hung up the phone and walked into the next room, only to have the phone ring again. I raced back into the other room and picked up the phone. "Hello? Is someone there?" I inquired with a seemingly unstable nervousness in my voice. "No, but someone is there," replied a shrill voice. Then beep...beep...beep. I wasn't sure how to respond, so I took the easiest suggestion and just assumed it was a bored teenager prank calling people. Was I right?

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