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Bloody Mary's (edited)

November 6, 2011
By thalialisset SILVER, Jamaica, New York
thalialisset SILVER, Jamaica, New York
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When I was about 9 years old, I went to a friend's for a slumber party. There were about 10 other girls there, all giggly and gossipy. We ate junk food and watched an old 80’s horror movie while ducking under blankets whenever the killer struck. About midnight, the girls were getting tired and I decided to tell them the true story of Bloody Mary.

Mary Worth lived a long time ago. She was a very beautiful young girl, but one day, she had a terrible accident that left her face so disfigured that nobody would look at her. She had not been allowed to see her own reflection after this accident for fear that she would lose her mind. Before this, she had spent long hours admiring her beauty in her bedroom mirror. But she wasn’t allowed to look at herself in the mirror no matter what.

One night, after everyone had gone to bed, unable to fight the curiosity any longer, she crept into a room that had a mirror. As soon as she saw her face, she broke down into terrible screams and sobs. It was at this moment that she was so heartbroken and wanted her old reflection back that she walked into the mirror to find it, vowing to disfigure anybody that came looking for her in the mirror.

After I finished telling this story, we decided to turn out all of the lights and try it. We all huddled around the mirror and starting repeating "Mary Worth, Mary Worth, I believe in Mary Worth". About the seventh time we said it one of the girls that was in front of the mirror started screaming and trying to push her way back away from the mirror. She was screaming so loud that my friends’ mom came running into the room. She quickly turned on the lights and found this girl huddled in the corner screaming. She turned her around to see what the problem and saw these long fingernail scratches running down her right cheek. I will never forget her face as long as I live!!

7 years later, we decided to re unite and meet each other up on Halloween. Like the way we did when we where 9. So my friends and I were invited to a Halloween party at a friend’s house who had come up with the idea of playing the mirror game. We decided to try it a couple of years later because of the scary incident that happened to one of my friends. At first everyone loved the idea until it was their time to play. The basic game is this, you get locked in the bathroom alone, where you then write your name on the mirror in lipstick or in blood, then chant Mary Worth’s name. At first the noise of the party was loud enough to keep my ears from hearing my teeth chattering. I found the dark room getting even darker when I lit the candle. Soon the only sound left in the room was my heavy breathing and the thumping drumming of my beating heart. I looked at myself long and hard before I was able to convince myself that I really don’t believe in this. With a heavy breath, and a sweaty palm, I wrote my name on the mirror, looked at my reflection and peevishly chanted the words “I believe in Mary Worth “. Before I could utter the words again, the sound of a thud came echoing from behind the glass. I froze with fear. My knees felt weak and a loud and uncomfortable ringing came echoing to my brain. I swallowed my heart back into my chest as I opened my mouth to utter those words one more time. “I believe” came softly off my lips as I noticed a white pasty face dissolve from the shadows behind me. Fear made me ignore what I thought I was seeing, hoping that if it thinks I don’t see it I still have time to run. So without hesitation I continue to whisper “Mary Worth.”This time the sound of an approaching freight train came exploding towards me as I screamed and ran for the door. The door swung open and I ran into a swarm of my idiotic friends who where all laughing at my expense. When they finally settled down and I was able to tell them my experience, none of them believed me. They thought I made it all up, until one of my friends notices the streaks of blood across my cheek.

The author's comments:
This is a new and improved from the last bloody mary i wrote...its almost the same but edited....hope you guys like it...:)

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