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Darkness Surrounds Me

December 13, 2011
By BadGirl GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
BadGirl GOLD, Dacula, Georgia
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All I need is for someone to say "I believe in you."

I rounded the corner. It was dark. The lamplight only shone a few feet ahead. Once I passed it I would no longer be able to see clearly. I would be surrounded by darkness.
I sighed and cold smoky air flew from my mouth. The lamppost was behind me now and I could barley see three feet in front of me. The night was cold and quiet. The birds and other day creatures were sound asleep. And the street ahead of me was bare. I turned and slipped into an ally. It was empty just as well as the rest of the streets. I was heading home, but I still had ways to go.
When I was out of the city I walked through a park that was not so quiet. It was dark out but a child's birthday party was taking place. Blow up slides and bounce houses were everywhere. As well as candles and picnic tables. Kids were smiling and laughing, parents were standing with plates of food and talking. I walked past them all and they ignored the strange girl that was walking around in the middle of the night . Was I invisible? Had they seen me at all? I tried to dismiss the thoughts that were clouding my head. When I looked up to see where i was and where I was going I saw something that made me scream.
I was lying in front of my feet. My eyes widened and I realized that I hadn't heard my own scream. I reached a hand out in front of me. A mirror was in front of me, I knew it. But I couldn't touch it. My hand slipped through. I gasped, but i couldn't hear that either. I pulled my hand back. What was happening to me? What had happened to me? I looked up, down and around myself. I was inside something like a house. But it looked puffy. Maybe I was in one of the kids bouncy things? I hoped and prayed that, that was the case. I looked in the mirror and saw the the me on the ground. Then I looked down at my feet. Nothing. I sighed in relief. Nothing was their. So why was I seeing me passed out in the mirror? I looked at the plaque that was on the wall beside the mirror or glass that was in front of me.
MIRROR OF TRUTH, it read. What did this mean? What was this? What was happening? That's when I ran. I ran for the nearest door, pushed it open and ran some more. I needed a way out. And escape. An exit. I was trapped. Mirrors were everywhere and they showed different things. Different images of me. I had caught a glimpse of one where I had been bloody. Why was this happening? Was this a joke? A trick? If it was where was the treat? Finally I broke down and began to cry. I couldn't hear the sods that escaped me and when I finally found my way out I yelled at the parents at the birthday party. But I got no reaction. They didn't blink when I waved my hand in front of their face and they didn't flinch when I tried to make a sound by screaming. I ran from the park and down a few blocks until I came to my destination.
The cemetery. I ran along the tombstones, searching. And when I found what I guessed. I curled up into a ball and waited for something, anything.
I was dead, so why was I still here? It didn't seam real until I thought it. A shiver ran down my back, but I didn't move. I couldn't feel anything.
I was dead.

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