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It Happened in a Small Spanish Village

July 11, 2011
By JustEmily PLATINUM, Cicero, Indiana
JustEmily PLATINUM, Cicero, Indiana
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It happened in a small Spanish village right off the coast of the Bay of Biscay. This was a wonderful village filled with many wealthy families, a flurry of successful merchants, and of course those unlucky few inhabiting the lower class. But beneath this picture perfect veneer, a twisted tale of forbidden love and deceit was taking over the lives of three 17th century teenagers.

~ ~ ~

"Padre!" Lilyvanna Montoya screamed. "When will Raymundo be arriving to take me to dinner?"

Lilyvanna Montoya was the richest girl in the entire village and possibly one of the prettiest. At only age 17 Lilyvanna was used to getting everything she ever wanted. And that just so happened to include a date with the most handsome cobbler in all of Spain, Raymundo Elizondo. He was two years older than Lilyvanna but not near as rich. He was definitely not poor, but it was helping him a great deal to be affiliated with the Montoya family.

"I don't know, my dearest." Senor Montoya said as he entered the room. "Be patient Lilyvanna, be patient."

Just as he finished his sentence there was a knock at the door. One of the Montoya's many servants went to answer.

"Raymundo!" Lilyvanna squealed. For at the door stood none other than Raymundo Elizondo in all his glory.

"Hola, senorita. Don't you look lovely this evening?" Purred the handsome cobbler.

Lilyvanna ran to the door and soon they were on their way to enjoy an elegant dinner. Little did this spoiled princess know that deception was in the air.

~ ~ ~

It was halfway through dinner when Lilyvanna remembered that Raymundo had been late to pick her up. Seeking answers she asked:

"My dear Raymundo, why were you late to arrive at my house?"

"Late?" Raymundo hesitated but continued on, "Well I simply could not find your home, honey."

"That's preposterous!" objected Lilyvanna. "I live in the largest house in the village. You could not have missed it. What-"

"Hush now." Raymundo told her. "I was simply lost, end of story."

Lilyvanna was left to wonder, but her small mind was soon lost in Raymundo's eyes and then entire matter was quickly forgotten. But Raymundo did not forget. He had lied to Lilyvanna bout his tardiness and he now risked her finding out the truth: Raymundo had actually been visiting his longtime girlfriend Marcia, the lowly yet beautiful milkmaid. This, Lilyvanna must never discover.

~ ~ ~

The night was dark and Marcia Feared punishment if her mother found her up this late. But Marcia had to wait for Raymundo. She had to know if his date with that twit Lilyvanna Montoya went well. Marcia Navarrete was but 16 years of age and was madly in love with Raymundo Elizondo. Marcia was dirt poor and she depended on Raymundo for most money. Therein lies the problem. Raymundo's business was not doing well. As a desperate attempt to help her beloved, Marcia suggested that Raymundo start publicly dating Lilyvanna Montoya, the richest girl in the village. The courtship would bring Raymundo wide spread popularity, because anyone who's anyone hangs with the Montoyas. Raymundo reluctantly agreed and tonight was their first date. Marcia waited anxiously by the window of her cottage.

"Marcia?" Whispered a shadow from the yard, "It is me, Raymundo."

"Gracias Lord! Gracias." Sighed Marcia with relief. "Come in Raymundo, come in. I have so many questions for you, love."

Raymundo entered Marcia's shabby cottage. On the walls hung paintings of a boy and a girl that Marcia had made over the past summer. Nobody knew of Raymundo and Marcia's love so the boy and the girl are not identified in the paintings. But Raymundo knew it was them.

"Hello my flower blossom! I love what you've done with the place." Raymundo smiled but it was quickly replaced by a look of concern when he laid eyes on Marcia's worried expression.

"How did it go?" Marcia questioned nervously.

"It went very well, my love." Assured Raymundo. "I think this fake relationship with help us tremendously, Marcia"

Marcia smiled widely but there was sadness hidden in her visage. Raymundo embraced her.

"Well that's very nice to hear." Marcia hesitated, "Actually I have a little surprise. . ."

"What is it Marcia?" Inquired Raymundo.

"Umm. Well-"

There was a sudden noise outside of the cottage. Raymundo tensed and all went quiet.

"I apologized my dear but I must leave." Raymundo said as he kissed Marcia a top the head.

"But-" Marcia faltered.

"Adios dearest!" Raymundo whispered as he exited the cottage through the rear window.

"How will I ever tell him?" Marcia whispered to herself as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

~ ~ ~

Two weeks had passed since Raymundo Elizondo and Lilyvanna Montoya's first date. They had gone on 4 more outings since and to the public eye the relationship looked like a match made in heaven. However, that could not have been farther from the truth.

Over the course of their courtship Raymundo had formed a pattern in him behavior. He developed a habit of being tardy to pick up Lilyvanna for their various outings. He also tended to leave dinners early, or to cancel dates all together. This mysterious behavior was starting to have an effect on Lilyvanna. She was becoming very suspicious of Raymundo, and one night at dinner she finally cracked.

"Raymundo?" Asked Lilyvanna.

"Uh. Yes, dearest?" Raymundo replied looking rather distracted.

"I was wondering. . . Why are you always late to arrive at my home? I know that you are not getting lost every time. And why must you leave dinner early so often? And why do you sometimes send a messenger to say that you cannot attend that evening's date? Honestly, Raymundo, I need answers!" Lilyvanna exclaimed dramatically with a pout.

Raymundo sat, shocked into a stupor. He finally managed, "Answers? Why there are no answers to give. I simply lose track of time. And on some occasions I have had to leave our dates, or cancel them, because of previous engagements involving work. Do these explanations suffice?"

"Umm. Sure. Gracias for the reassurance. I now have no doubt in my mind that you are telling me the truth." Lilyvanna said in a hollow voice, for she had many doubts about Raymundo's explanations, and was determined to find out the truth.

~ ~ ~

After dinner Raymundo bid Lilyvanna farewell and headed off down the main road in the village. But instead of getting in her carriage Lilyvanna followed Raymundo, using the dead of night as her disguise.

After many passing minutes Lilyvanna saw Raymundo walk up and approach a peasant's cottage. She crept closer to the cottage and looked through the window. Inside she saw Raymundo talking so some milkmaid she recognized from town. Her name was Marcia Navarrete.

Lilyvanna stood and watched as a Raymundo and Marcia talked. Lilyvanna was curious as to why her boyfriend would be visiting this milkmaid in the middle of the night. But all of her questions were answered when she saw Marcia kiss him.

Lilyvanna fled the cottage yard in tears.

"How could he do this to me?!" Lilyvanna sobbed as she ran back to her home. "I will get Raymundo back. No matter what it takes!"

~ ~ ~

The next day Lilyvanna was still fuming from what she had seen the night before at the milkmaid's cottage. Over the course of the night she had managed to convince herself that the milkmaid was a she-demon, ben on stealing Raymundo away from her. But Lilyvanna wasn't giving up so easily.

Lilyvanna decided that she needing to find someone who was the master of revenge. After many discussions with her servants, maids, and butlers, she soon discovered that the person she sought was the infamous village witch, Madam Gomez. Many years ago the village was struck with a horrible plague. Many people died and it is remembered as one of the darkest times in village history. It is said that this plague was brought upon the village by Madam Gomez after the village doctor refused to save her dying daughter. Ever since then she has lived on the far outskirts of the village on the large hill that overlooks the Bay of Biscay.

Lilyvanna now knew who she must seek advice from and she wasted no time in finding Madam Gomez. As soon as the clock struck 12 Lilyvanna climbed into her carriage and headed to the large hill where Madam Gomez was said to have lived.

~ ~ ~

"Oh this better be worth it!" Lilyvanna whined softly to herself as she walked up the weed infested path to Madam Gomez's shack.

The shack was a disaster. The roof was caving in on one side and several windows were broken. The yard was littered with trash and old clothing, leaving very little space for the dainty Lilyvanna to make her way through. The only indication that this wasn't a deserted house was a freshly painted sign that hung above the door. It read: "The witch is in. Those who dare, BEWARE!"

Although the sign was frightening, Lilyvanna's lack of intelligence allowed her to regard it without fear. She then proceeded to know on the door: KNOCK, KNOCK. KNOCK, KNOCK.

"Who is it?" She head an elderly woman's voice say from within the shack.

"Lilyvanna Montoya. I have been wronged and I seek revenge." Lilyvanna answered.

"Well then by all means, come in!" The old woman said, Lilyvanna could only assume that this was the voice of Madam Gomez.

Lilyvanna pushed open the door to the shack and entered. The home was in a state of utter chaos, but all Lilyvanna cared about was the old woman sitting at a small round table, completely alone except for one crystal ball. Lilyvanna maneuvered her way to the table which, considering the size and extravagance of her dress and the fact that the floor was covered in miscellaneous garbage, proved to be quite the feat. At last Lilyvanna approached Madam Gomez and bowed.

"Tell me what it is that you need, girl." Said Madam Gomez.

"I need you advice on how to get revenge on the milkmaid who stole away my boyfriend! I am willing to do anything, pay anything. I just need him back." Lilyvanna replied with such viciousness that even Madam Gomez seemed a bit startled.

"I see. And you said that you're willing to pay anything for my advice, correct?" Madam Gomez inquired.

"Correct. I have all amounts of money at my disposal and Raymundo is worth all of it." Said Lilyvanna.

"But deary, it's not money that I'm after. I would like something more meaningful, perhaps your soul?"

"My soul?! Well as long as it helps me get Raymundo back. . . You can have it!" And at that Lilyvanna Montoya made the most important decision of her young life, in less than five seconds.

"Deeee-lightful! Now all you need to do is clear your mind and put your hand upon my crystal ball. And ZAP! Your soul is mine. Ready?"

"Si!" Lilyvanna said as she thrust her hand upon the cold crystal ball. As soon as her skin touched the crystal the soul transfer began. The shack lit up with a purple like as Lilyvanna writhed with her hand on the crystal ball. By the time the transfer was complete it was evident that Lilyvanna Montoya was not the same girl who entered the shack. Her eyes glowed purple and she radiated dominance.

"I feel. . . Amazing! I feel lighter and more powerful!" Lilyvanna exclaimed as she inspected herself.

"Just a few of the advantages of selling your soul to Madam Gomez." The old lady said. "Now, when are we going to start talking about your revenge upon the milkmaid?"

"Oh yes, that. Well any advice?" Asked Lilyvanna.

"I'll have to consult with my crystal ball. . ." Said Madam Gomez as she stared deeply into the crystal.

Many minutes passed and all remained silent. Lilyvanna sat motionless, staring intently at Madam Gomez. She was analyzing the crystal ball, seeking to see into its depths and explore every crevice.

"I have a solution for you!" Announced Madam Gomez suddenly.

"What, Madam? What is your solution?"

"You must kill the milkmaid."

~ ~ ~

That night Lilyvanna stayed awake, plotting. Madam Gomez had told her to kill Marcia the milkmaid and that is exactly what she intended to do. She had decided to go to Marcia's cottage that night. The quicker the better she though, and soon Raymundo would be hers, forever.

~ ~ ~

It was the dead of night and Lilyvanna Montoya was just sneaking out of her house. After successfully making it out of her window Lilyvanna headed down the main road, straight towards the milkmaid's cottage. After several minutes of walking, she arrived.

As she moved closer to the cottage she began to hear noises from inside, almost like a conversation. Lilyvanna neared the window and she soon saw who was inside. It was Raymundo and none other than that troll Marcia. They were talking and Marcia was crying as Raymundo trying to comfort her, telling her that it was all right.

Lilyvanna had no idea what was going in in there, she was mostly blinded by the fury and the fact that she bore no soul. She waited by the window, watching. At last she heard Raymundo say: "I'll be back at sunrise my love. Until then it is farewell." It was time.

Lilyvanna waited for Raymundo to leave before she crept into the dimly lit cottage. Marcia's back was to her. It was up to Lilyvanna to take the first step.

"Why hola you disgusting milkmaid." Lilyvanna snarled, "I hope you don't have any plans for tomorrow."

Marcia screamed. "Who are you?! Why are you in my cottage?"

"Don't be stupid!" Lilyvanna shouted. "It is me, Lilyvanna Montoya and you have stolen my boyfriend Raymundo Elizondo using you demon magic."

"What are you talking about?" Marcia questioned incredulously. "Raymundo is my boyfriend and he has been for the past two years! Why are you say-" Marcia stopped. She suddenly remembered that Lilyvanna Montoya was the girl whom she had suggested Raymundo pretend to court. This was all going horribly wrong.

"Liar!" Lilyvanna shrieked, "You dirty ugly liar!"

"You don't understand-" But before Marcia could say anymore Lilyvanna was upon her.

In a matter of minutes Lilyvanna had managed to douse the flame that was Marcia Navarrete, forever. Lilyvanna was left with bloody hand and scratches along her arms, but Marcia got the worst of it. Her body was mangled, torn, ripped, beaten, and slashed to and unrecognizable form. Marcia's hair had been ripped out and several teeth were missing as well. Her beauty was no longer present and she died a gruesome death.

Lilyvanna moved to the corner of the cottage and waited. Waited for Raymundo to arrive at dawn so that she could show him what she had done. So that she could tell him the good news, they could be together forever.

~ ~ ~

It was morning and the damaged shell of Lilyvanna Montoya sat shaking with anticipation in the corner of the dead milkmaid's cottage.

"When will he get here? I don't know. When will he get here? I don't know. When will he get here? I don't know." Lilyvanna chanted as she had been for the past three hours.

Lilyvanna had been waiting anxiously all night and she was beginning to doubt whether or not Raymundo was going to come at all. Until suddenly she heard:

"Oh Marcia? My beautiful Marcia? My wonderful Marcia? I have come to see you at last my dear." It was Raymundo, and he still appeared to be under the demon's spell, thought Lilyvanna.

Raymundo entered the cottage and the sight before him stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Marcia!" He gasped as he fell to the floor by her once beautiful self. "What has become of you my beloved?! Oh Lord, what has happened?"

"Hola Raymundo. Do you like the little surprise I prepared for you?" Lilyvanna emerged from the shadows with a grin on her face and dried blood covering her hands. Her appearance was that of a demented princess.

"Lilyvanna?! What have you done??!!" Raymundo screamed at Lilyvanna as he cradled Marcia's head.

"I killed that horrible she-demon who tried to steal you away from me! Now you and I can be together forever!" Lilyvanna said as she moved closer to Raymundo.

Raymundo stood and began to back away. "Lilyvanna, Marcia was my girlfriend! She was my pregnant girlfriend... You were nothing to me!! Nothing! I dated you in order to gain popularity! It was all fake!!!"

"What?" Lilyvanna faltered.

"You are nothing like Marcia. She was beautiful, smart, talented, and kind. You are an idiot and I hate you!!!" Raymundo sobbed as he reached to pull out his knife.

"What are you doing?!" Shouted Lilyvanna.

"I'm getting away from you. And joining my gorgeous Marcia in the afterlife!" And at that Raymundo thrust the blade into his heart. Killing him instantly.

Raymundo lay there by his one true love, Marcia Navarrete. Lilyvanna was left staring at their remains. Alone. Shaking. Soulless. For all of eternity.

~ ~ ~

It happened in a small Spanish village.

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