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the consequneces of what we did ch.6

February 7, 2011
By johnjohn123 SILVER, St.helens, Oregon
johnjohn123 SILVER, St.helens, Oregon
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Chapter 6

I stopped my car, and looked out at the river, waiting for everyone to show up. I looked down at my watch and sighed 12:15. “Finally,” I say to myself as I see a car drive up and park by mine. “Hey,” I say as I get out of my car and walk over to Savannah, she returned my “hey” with a half smile that disappeared as soon as it came. Looking down I saw that her wrists were bright red. “Savannah, Savannah,” I whisper to myself.

“Catch a falling star and out it in your pocket never let it fade away. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day, for love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night-“

“What’s that song you`re sinning?” I ask savannah and she stopped abruptly turned to me and said:

“It`s called Catch a falling star” and if she thought that that wasn’t enough information she went on.”My mom use to sing it to me to get me to bed and I liked it so you know I learned it.”

“Oh, well you have a good voice.”

“Thanks. Here comes another person,” I turned and sure another there was another car driving up.

“What are you doing here?” I ask as Jenny got out of her car.

“I’m here because Savannah invited me.” I turned to Savannah.

“You invited her? Why?”

“Because I thought she needed to be here. She’s a part of this now. Along with the ride.”

“Fine, what ever.” I leave them and walk to the edge of the cliff, feeling the saltwater spraying on my face, and wait for the others to show up.


“We have to do something.” Devon said 15 minutes later.

“Such as,” Rachel asked. “I mean we can`t do anything about it. Unless you’re suggesting that we go and steal the body, which would be impossible.” She said sarcastically

“What he means is that we need a system, something to tell the cops if they come and start poking around.” Rose said as she pulled her hair into a ponytail.

“But would that work? Our finger prints are on the guy and we can`t hide that.” I say as I push myself up and sit on Bree`s hood.

“It has to work, if it doesn’t we`re all dead,” Devon said. “But we do need a good believable story, they half to by it… any ideas?”

“We could say that we were driving along to the party when we saw the guy drinking and walking onto the road. So we pulled over helped the guy, took the bottle and went on our way to the party.” We all turned and starred, stunned to hear savannah talk so much.

“Vannah, that’s the most I think I ever herd you say at one time before.” Ellen said.

“And I think that Idea would work,” Peter said. “All we need to do is say that after that we went to the party, and that’s why we didn`t help him more.”

“So it seems as if we all agree this,” Rachel said. “So do you mind if I leave? You see I have massage and I have 15 minutes to get there.”

“Yeah you can go,” Rose said with a laugh. “Just don`t do the guy, ok?”

“Don`t worry I won`t.” Rachel called over her shoulder as walked to her car.

“I hate her,” Emma said as she watched Rachel drive off. “How can she just go on with her life, act as if nothing as happened? We killed a man and in less then two weeks she goes on with her life? Her heart is cold as winter as dark as night.”

“How can you say that?” Jared asked. “She`s your best friend.”

“Still she doesn’t show any remorse about anything at all. All she worries about is herself, and what she looks like. She doesn’t even worry about grades!

There was silence until finally Bree spoke up. “Of course she worries about other people…and her grades. But do you know how hard it is for her? If you remember she didn`t start out like us we all got in the group as soon as we joined high school, but she didn`t. she started at the bottom of the food chain and worked her way up to the top.

“Face it, to us she was different; we grew up with Whites, Hispanics and African
American, but not Asians.”

“Yeah, but don`t forget we all had to work our way up, we just started in like 3rd grade.” Todd said.

“Yeah Todd’s right we all went through what she went through.” I put in, but though I wouldn’t admit it I thought Bree was right.

“Well not really, not as much as her anyways. “Emma`s brother started the group, so you were obviously in,” Bree said turning to Emma. “And we were her friends, so it wasn`t hard for us to the top. And she does feel remorse; she just doesn’t show it like we do.

“Not to mention that she an only child, so she never had to worry about anyone but herself.”

“Yeah, fine, whatever. Well I better be going anyways. My parents are holding a surprise birthday party for Ruth.” She took one last glance at all of us and started to walk toward her car.

“Yeah, we better get going,” I say. “Don`t wanna look too suspicious.” I say with I half laugh.

“Yeah we better,” Devon and Peter said together.

“Come, on. I`ll drive you home jar-bear.” Ellen said to Jared.

“Thanks,” Jared said with a half smile.

I started walking toward my car, but stopped as I opened my door. I turned around and stared at my friends who were getting into their cars.

Rose with her ruby red lipstick, Jared with his new glasses, Peter in his brand new Michael Jordan shoes, Savannah with her rubber bands, Ellen in her Hollister coat, Devon with his shiny car, Jenny with her diamond earrings and Bree with pure gold locket.

We are so dead if anyone finds out.

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