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Willdon Orphanage

November 19, 2010
By Lucie BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Lucie BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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The car pulled in front of the tall building. You could hear the pebbles of the round being crushed by the wheels of the ground. The building was tall; there was a gate that looked like it touched the bottom tip of the cloud. Behind the gate there was a path that led to a black two-door building. The building was obviously old .It was made of dark red brick, the bottom was covered with green mold that stop to when it got to a small window with a sign at the top that said “Check In” the east side faced a small playground with yellow grass ground. The west side faced a forest with tall trees. Annabel got out of the car and opened my door. I stood up as carefully as I could I didn’t want to wake Taylor I just didn’t want Taylor to know what we there doing, I noticed the black words at the top of the gate “Willdon Orphanage”. Taylor was wrapped in a soft pink blanket that Mrs. Smith had given us the tag was on his right arm. I walked behind Annabel knowing that I would start crying. The woman at the window sat on the black desk. She greeted my sister and after what felt hours of talking the woman said, “Just come in thought the door and ill take him”
“Cant I just give him to you know thought the window” The woman looked confused she finally nodded and
Annabell took Taylor out of my hands and handed her to the woman in the window. The woman was more careful that Annabel had been with Taylor. She turned and walked out of the office and we waited for her to come back I didn’t take long. Annabel signed a paper said thank you and turned to the car. I slid in and she started driving away I started crying because I knew I couldn’t get him back. And then Annabel said something so evil that it poisoned me I truly knew I hated her now ”Thank god I got ride of that thing.”

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I wrote it in class

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on Nov. 23 2010 at 11:02 am
Fredo flores BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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This story might be alittle boring but it shows alot of feeling and i had enjoyed that when i was reading