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the person we killed ch.1

October 20, 2010
By johnjohn123 SILVER, St.helens, Oregon
johnjohn123 SILVER, St.helens, Oregon
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Bree, Peter, Savannah, Emma, Todd, Devon, Rachel, Ellen, Jared, Rose.

They are all dead.

All murdered.

I remember when life was so much simpler, filled with parties, laughter, joy. When all you had to worry about was what you were going to wear, and how your grades were. How much money we had in the bank (we were all rich), and what parties we were going to go to.

But I learned that quickly life changes and mine changed dramatically.

We were eating lunch in the cafeteria, in our senior year of high school, when our friend came and asked us the question that would change our lives forever.

“So you guys going to the party?”

Todd mcgreaver, the jock who all the girls loved, with his curly brown hair and brilliant green eyes, to them he was hot, cool, and well a football star.

“Of course we`re going, right john?”

Bree Hawks, the curly hair love of my life. She was cute, smart, great cook, rich, and we agreed on just about everything. Also she was second in nationals in ice skating She was the perfect girl for me.

Before I could even answer, Rose Clearwater came in with a tray in her hands (not that she would eat any of it) and answered of me.

“Of course you’re coming it’s suppose to be the best party of the year, silly.”

Rose was the best looking person in are school. She was tall, had golden blond hair that went down to her waist, and smoky blue eyes. She was also the head cheerleader, the richest person besides Emma, and of course she was dating Todd. So she was probably the most powerful person in the room.

“Not to worry Rose we`re coming.” I answered

“Well then we`ll like need three or four cars, unless we aren’t going with each other.”

Jared said has he walked in with Rachel.

Jared Sexton was the smart laic of the group, with his dirty blond hair, and hazel eyes. He always got straight A`s, and le us cheat off him when we needed too. I`m not sure how he got into are got into are group, but he did and I grew to like it.

“Well we can’t take my car someone like rammed into it.”

Rachel Yang. The girlfriend of Jared. She was Korean, but couldn’t speak a word of it. Her parents loved her, and let her get away with anything. Even if she took mushrooms, I don’t think her parents would care.

“Well we can always take my car.” Devon said as he sat down with Emma, Ellen and Savannah.

Devon Bones was the leader you could say- even though, we all said we didn’t have one, we were all equal. But we all knew that Devon and Rose were the leaders. Devon was African American. He was the tallest, strongest, and he was the captain of the basketball team. When he was captain they never lost a mach. So if you put it all together he was the natural leader.

“I don’t see why we`re going, I mean we all hate mike.” Ellen said.

Ellen Sperl. She had strawberry blond hair, and blazing green eyes. She was the best soccer player on her team. (Also her dad was the mayor of the town.)

“Don’t you think we should forgive him?”

Emma Weeks. She was the richest person in are group, she also had the most head the most hart, shed always say “forgive and forget, just forgive and forget.”

“Em you have a great heart and everything, but no. I’m not going to forgive a person how put my boyfriend in a coma.”

There was silence to that. We all knew what happened a year ago.

Mike use to be a part of are gang, but after a while he started getting a little crazy (later we found out he was taking drugs,) saying how we should make him the leader and stuff like that. After a while we decided to kick him out, we voted and Eric (Ellen’s boyfriend) was going to tell him. After he told him, he just disappeared for a couple of days. Then in a middle of changing classes, Mike came up with a gun and shot Eric in the back.

Then of course it started to get crazy, kids running everywhere, not knowing what was happening.

And then came the lockdown and the rest of kids who were still out of the classrooms rushed in them, until there was about no one in the halls left. That’s when Peter, Rose, Todd and I heard the screaming, from down the hall. We looked at each other, dropped are books and ran. We saw Ellen over Eric –who wasn’t moving-and screaming for help. That’s when Rose pulled out her cell and dilled 911, as Peter ran over to Eric.

“What are you doing?” asked Todd.

“Calling the police you idiot,” Rose answered.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” We all froze, and slowly turned around.

It was mike.

“Drop your phone,” Mike told rose, she dropped it and he said, “I don’t know why you don’t what to date me, we’d be the perfect couple. You remember that one time I tried to kiss you and you slapped me. Well that’s not going to happen again.”

“Your sick mike, you’re really sick.”

“You think I`m sick now? Well you`ll see just how sick I can be.” Then he raised the gun, and then Rose lost her courage, the color drained from her face, and she took a step back.

“Think about what you’re doing, mike, don’t throw away your life.” Peter said his eyes worried.

“It`s to late for that Peter.”

“Ok,” I yelled “Well put you back in the group, we`ll make you the leader!” I saw him lower the gun just a bit, and that’s when it happened.

In a flash Todd jumped on him and threw him to the ground, Peter ran forward to help and I pulled out my cell to call 911. Then I hared a bang, I wiped around and saw Todd moaning on the ground, clutching his arm. And I saw a red spot expanding on his t-shirt.

I also saw the gun laying on the ground and mike unconscious next to it.

Since then we learned that Eric was shot in the spine and will be in a coma the rest of his life, and mike was until a week ago on house arrest.

“So um John when’s your next archery torment?” Savannah asked nervously.

Savannah Hill. She was quiet almost all the time almost all the time, and when she did talk it was usually to break up argument. She was also emo though didn’t cut herself she just used rubber bands when she got nervous. She was also the best fencing person the school has ever had. And her hair is almost always in braids.

“Um, three days after the party.” I answered.

“I don’t see way you do that stupid thing; I mean it’s a complete waist of time.” Said Peter Doyle as he walked in and sat down.

Peter was the best track person in are school, and had been for years. He has been with half the girls in are school, and longest relationship was with Savannah and they had been together for a month. “Well anyways sorry I`m late, but riddle held me up again, saying and I quote: you need to stop disrupting the class, just because you’re a track star doesn’t mean you can show off. “And all I did was drop my pencil!” That got us all laughing and as we were laughing Emma said bewting berths’,

“He just doesn’t like you because you beat his son in track.”

“Hey stop laughing, it not funny!” Peter half yelled as he was laughing.

Jared took some deep breaths and said, “So really how are we going to get to the party?”

“Well we should take my BMW; it can hold six of us.” Said Todd.

“And my Mercedes, which can hold four. Emma said.

“Well that leaves one person out, so I just won’t go.” Ellen said.

“Oh no, your going.” I said “Bree and I with take my convertible.

I saw Ellen whisper something under her berth, with her head held down.

“Well how about we meet hear say um Eight o’clock?” asked Rose.

“Yeah, that works.” We all said.

Then the bell rang.

“Come on, we better get going.” Devon said.

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so this is my first chaapter of a book i`m righting.... tell me what you think

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