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July 16, 2010
By madasrabbits PLATINUM, Dalton-in-Furness, Other
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I stood in the rafters, high above the crowded room, hidden by the shadows. I watched as people ran to and fro shouting orders. Humans, I thought, so… pushy. Always eager to please but ready to trample over others. I wear the guise of a human but I don’t share these traits with you. I do what I’m told only when the price is right. I don’t care about consequences; they probably won’t mean anything to me, a minor inconvenience at the most.
I took the crumpled piece of paper from my pocket, reading it under the moonlight. I scanned the same phrase over and over. I laughed silently. I was perfect for this job. Hired assassin.
Tonight’s death would end the suffering of thousands. For years the tyrant I had been sent to kill had spread nothing but fear throughout the land, forcing men to join his army. Then, when he’d finally gathered as many as he could, he attacked the defenceless neighbouring country, slaughtering anyone that challenged him and stealing the throne. Now revenge shall be had; revenge for the rightful Queen and for the people.
It fell silent in the King’s quarters; he sat alone. A pale figure compared to the grand portrait behind him; perhaps the murderer’s conscience does speak. His face was as white as the ghosts of those he’d killed; his haunted eyes were black, surrounded by dark circles. He was thinner than I remembered him.
This is a man tormented by faces he will soon meet in the flames of Hell, a dead man.
I swung down from my hiding place, being careful not to stray from the shadows. Stalking the prey, that’s what I felt as I crept toward the chair.
”Ready to dine with Death, old man?“ I snarled.
His eyes snapped open, shocked. ”How did you get in here? The guards-“
”No guard can stop me. I am unbeatable, invulnerable. I am your Death.“
”Who sent you? Who wants me dead? I have united nations! I have done no wrong!“
I couldn’t help but laugh, he believed his lies.” Who doesn’t want you dead? You are a murderer. You haven’t united nations, you’ve destroyed them.“ I enjoyed the sight of him squirming. It’s time you paid for your mistakes.“

He didn’t even have time to blink. One minute he was cowering in his chair, and then he was dead. No time to scream, not even a whimper. A sword through his heart; an ironic death for a heartless man.

I grinned. Now it was time for my reward.
All that was left was to deliver the news.

The Queen greeted us personally.
I smiled. ”The throne is yours now, your majesty.“ I bowed.
She looked t me curiously.
”Don’t worry. No one saw me. You could say I was,“ I chuckled, ”invisible.“

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