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The Chase

May 16, 2010
By xhiddeninsomniax SILVER, North Syracuse, New York
xhiddeninsomniax SILVER, North Syracuse, New York
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All I can hear is the sound of my own shoes hitting the pavement, I can’t tell if he’s still behind me. I run faster, with the hope that somehow he won’t catch up to me. I take the chance, look behind me. I almost trip over myself, but he’s still there and he’s catching up. I look to the left of me, where a small blue house sits, looking deserted. I quickly notice the gate leading into the backyard, I take a chance and hope it’s unlocked. If not, there’s no chance of losing him. I run to the gate close my eyes and push. It’s open. Suddenly my energy returns with this small piece of hope. I swing the gate shut behind me, but he’s right there, I have to find somewhere to go. I notice the shed sitting towards the back gate. I run to it and grab hold of the handle. It won’t open. I’m panicking now, I know he’s going to catch me. Frantically I look around the small backyard. I’m once again struck with a small piece of hope, another gate. I run to it and it opens just as easily as the last one. I’m faced with a decision now I could go left into the yards of the other houses on the street, or run straight, into the woods. It feels like one of those choose your own adventure books I used to read to my brother, except now it’s my life that’s in stake. I have no time to think. I run straight still wondering if it’s the right choice. I’m faced with a maze of trees. I’m struck by the beauty of this forest, even now. The floor is carpeted in ferns, everywhere and the light flows through the top of the trees. It makes the whole forest look like a kaleidoscope with the shapes projected on to the ferns and the trees that have already fallen to the ground. I don’t know how big this forest is, and I’m afraid of getting lost, but I’m terrified of him. My thoughts stop completely, I’m screaming in pain. I didn’t see the rock that lay there, like a trap set just for me. I’m sure he’s going to catch up now, and if he wasn’t behind me before he must have heard my screams. I have to keep going though, I can’t give up now. I get up and look around. I’m lost, I don’t remember which way I came from. I run anyway, I have to go, I have to get away. I’m terrified that I’ll fall again, I can’t see through the tears. I wipe at them with the torn sleeve of my sweater, but that just makes it worse with the dirt covering it. There’s dirt covering all of me. Then I see it, I see hope. There’s light coming from the other side of the forest. I’m running faster now, faster than I’ve ever run. As I get closer I realize it’s a house. I’m crying more now, but with hope rather than fear. I fall into the yard, but get right back up and run again. I find the gate that leads to the front of the house. I push it, nothing. I try again and it doesn’t move any more than before. I scream in frustration. Just as I’m about to give up, the though hits me. I can jump it, I’ve never jumped a fence before but I’m sure I can do it. I climb up the gate and my clumsiness kicks in. I don’t climb over the fence, I fall. I’m okay, I tell myself, only half believing it. I get up again and start running towards the door. I’m at it now and I twist the knob, so close to being safe. It won’t open. The lights are all on, there must be someone home so I knock as hard as I can not stopping until I see a figure through the window heading to the door. I hear locks being undone. One, two, three… How many locks does someone need when they live way out here? Finally, the door creeps open and I look into the face of the person who is saving me from him. My screams drown out the rest of my thoughts.

The author's comments:
MY first attempt at writing a peice "en media res" Constructive criticism welcome!

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