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March 11, 2010
By MythicalBriBear GOLD, Peru, Nebraska
MythicalBriBear GOLD, Peru, Nebraska
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They’d driven out to the far reaches of the small, barren town. The sun hung low in the sky, casting an orange-red tint overtop them. The smooth purr of the engine was like a lullaby to his ears. Everything was perfect, nothing could go wrong.
The arms of his favorite person were fastened tightly around his waist and her head against his back. He felt her wisps of hair flicking against the back of his bare neck. She was perfect, almost too perfect. How had someone like him been able to have it so good?
He pulled the motorcycle to the side of the road, cutting the engine and waiting for her to dismount before swinging his own leg over onto the soft dirt below. He removed his helmet to reveal a head of dark, raven hair, flicking the bangs from his eyes. He turned to look at her, watching as she too removed her helmet to reveal her long black hair. He smiled as her pale blue eyes met his dark brown ones.

“What?” She asked, setting the helmet on the back of his bike, pulling her hair into a long ponytail.

He simply shook his head, “Nothing.” He chuckled.

She eyed him, eyebrows arched, “Yea, whatever.” She replied.

“C’mon, it’s almost time.” He said, holding out a hand for her.

She stared at it for a brief moment, “Where are you taking me again?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, now would it.” He replied, gathering her hand into his own, “You’re gonna love it.” He told her as he began to pull.
After about fifteen minutes of walking, they reached the edge of a cliff. She quickly pulled away from him,

“What are you doing, Jaden?” She asked, eyeing him warily.

He turned to her, looking taken aback, “I’m not going to push you over the edge, promise.” He replied, that’s what you think, boy. A voice hissed in the back of his mind. He shook his head, trying to get rid of it as he offered his hand to her once more, “C’mon or we’re gonna be late.”

She sighed and took his hand, “You’re lucky I trust you so much.”
He took her hand and brought her to the edge, pointing across the canyon, “Keep your eye on the horizon.” He told her.
She turned her head and squinted. As soon as the edge of the sun hit the horizon everything became still and her eyes went wide. “What the-” She breathed, her words catching in her throat.
“Just wait…almost…there, look!”
She did and her eyes went wide. Hues of red, orange and purple scattered across each rock formation. The dimming sky casting shadows over them.
“What do you think?” Jaden asked, his gaze fixed upon her.
“Jaden…this is…wow.” She breathed, “This is so amazing.”
He smiled, “I thought you might like it.”
She nodded as her eyes became entranced in the colors.
Do it…the voice told him, you know you want to…it continued, do it…Jaden’s brown eyes became black as night and his teeth sharpened. The girl turned to him, “Jaden I-…your eyes…are you okay?” She asked, her voice concerned.
Jaden smirked, “Never better.” He replied as he lunged for her, sinking his teeth into her skin and tearing out her throat. He feasted upon her flesh until the beast within was fully satisfied and he stumbled backwards. He shook his head with so much force he lost his balance. When he’d been able to regain it once again, his eyes fell upon the lump of bloodied flesh that had once been his girlfriend.
“No…” he breathed, “I-I had everything under control….” No…you didn’t…you can never control me, boy, the voice hissed at the back of his mind.

He spun on his heel, running back to his bike and mounted it. He started the engine and took off, not knowing where’d he’d go next. After about two and a half hours or so, he pulled over to try and catch his breath, wiping sweat away from his brow, only to realize it hadn’t been sweat…it was blood.


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Savvy6Girl said...
on Mar. 13 2015 at 8:10 pm
Savvy6Girl, Kurtistown, Hawaii
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I love the way you described the sunset and how you said the girl was "entranced in the colors."