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The Monster in my Dreams

January 21, 2010
By chargertien GOLD, Forest Hill, Maryland
chargertien GOLD, Forest Hill, Maryland
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We all have dreams. Whether it is soaring over the great oceans or holding your love tight in your arms. But my dreams, well, let’s just say they are confusing. It’s a world of unexplainable wonders and unimaginable evils.
Let me try to explain myself and the marvels that are held within the vastness of my mind. The laws that our great scientists came to know and create no longer apply within my walls. The summer skies are still bright with the sun’s immense light, but the ground is frozen with the snow of winter that grew five to ten feet at a time.
But that is only on sunny days. Other days the sun is broken into pieces of a circle moving in all sorts of directions, like looking at the sun underwater. Also on these days there is always long green grass that flows through the air like the wind was the water in an ever changing current.

Even though my dreams are different every night, when I shut the windows to my soul from the darkness of the night, there were two things that were always there. A house and a housekeeper. The housekeeper was always nice and never told a lie, that I know of.
But one night was different than the others. The house was different than usual. Usually the house looked brand new and fairly modern. But this night’s dream, the house was old. Paint was peeling of its sides and the shutters showed broken windows that revealed a darkness from within. All I saw was an outline of someone from the shadows of the room, looking down at me.
I walked on the porch and the housekeeper was there to greet me, “Hello child, today is not a good day to enter the house.”
I was confused. I always walked through the house, enjoying its many bedrooms and jumping on their many beds. So I asked the housekeeper, “Why not?”
The man looked at me in my eyes and I felt him look at my soul, “There is a monster in the home, child.”
The mention of a monster stirred my interest, “What kind of monster?” I asked leaning closer to the man.
“Oh, child, an unimaginable monster. One that could tear minds to pieces, and eats souls for all four courses.”
I walk inside the house, “No offence, sir, but you sound like my mom when she is trying to scare me. It doesn’t work.”
The housekeeper stepped inside with me, “Very well child…do you want to see it?”
My eyes spark with intense excitement, “Can I?”
The man smiled and walked upstairs, “Follow me child,” his voice was old but not ancient. It had a tone of a respectful man with many years of working within it.
“Wait for me, sir,” I ran off to catch up to him.
His back was straight like a lighthouse. He always bent his arms behind his black jacket that extended down to the back of his knees like one of those traditional male butlers wore. He led me to the second floor and down the hall, to a door that was locked.
He pulled out a key from his shirt packet, and looked at me one last time, “Are you sure you want to see the monster, child,” he stared at me again like he was looking at my soul, “There is no turning back once you see him?”
I swallowed my fears and acted unafraid, “Of course,” he looked at me with a smirk on the side of his lips and I realized, “sir.”
The housekeeper kept his eyes on me, but I was too focused on the door. The key lurked closer and closer to the key hole. I could see the housekeeper’s hand begin to shake, trying to keep control of the key. Making sure it won’t fly out of his hand and into the key hole. Whatever was on the other side wanted to get out, and it wanted to get out now. The key was an apprentice yearning for its master.
Once the key found the hole, it shot deeply into its master. The housekeeper’s hand jerked away in shock, but his face was encased in fear. The key shakily turned by itself, slowly unlocking the door. My heart pounded like an earthquake that wouldn’t stop. A smile appeared on my mouth in absolute exhilaration. The key stopped turning and the door popped open. The housekeeper stepped away and a dark feeling overcame the hallway. The housekeeper grabbed his throat like he was choking. I wanted to help but I couldn’t. My eyes widened and the earthquake within only grew stronger. My limbs were as stiff as wood that was completely dry. Then the housekeeper fell to the floor.
With no one touching the door, it crept slowly open. What was behind the door frightened me all the way down to my very fibers. I could feel its evil. It felt like a man who murdered hundreds of people was staring at me. My eyes were open and I could not hide my soul from its sin and wickedness. But as it looked at my core, I looked at its. A soul should be shinning white and is so bright that even the mighty angels must shield their eyes. But the monster’s soul was darker than the night and seemed to swallow good like a black hole swallowed stars.
I looked back and saw what it looked like. It looked human with long black hair and a beard that looked like black snow. Its eyes were dull, dead and, brown, there was no glint or sign of life within them. It stood high like an adult but it wore clothes that a bum would wear. A dirty green hooded jacket with the hood draped over its head. And under its jacket was a black shirt with holes showing bare skin. It wore jeans that had patches of dirt caked all over them. Finally shoes that were worn and destroyed by time.

As I stood there, gazing at the monster, I realize that its face reminds me of someone’s. But I didn’t know who’s. I tried to think of someone I knew with black hair like the monsters but everyone I knew had brown or blond hair. I tried to recollect someone with brown eyes like its but still no one came to my mind.
Then the identity of the monster hit me like a hurricane. Its face looked like mine. Its hair was black like mine. It had brown eyes like mine.

The monster was me.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired from a piece that was submitted anonymously called "Where Dreams Dwell" I hope you enjoy it.

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