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Beware of Wolf 2: Tim's Revenge (Part 2)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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"What the fuck are you doing?! Get off of me!", says Tim as he opens his eyes. Tim awoke to a cool, damp night, lying on the forest ground, looking up at the hidden sky, blocked by trees of the forest. "What? John?", says Tim as he looks around and realizes that he is lying in the same spot that he had passed out on, hours ago and that his whole confrontation with his dead brother, John and the five wolves was all just a terrible dream. "Shit, what a dream", says Tim as he gets up from off of the forest ground and picks up his gun, lying beside him, with his right hand. "I knew that I heard somewhere that those pills that, that guy sells, gives some people terrible night terrors", says Tim to himself, shaking his head, trying hard to get the dream that he just had, out of his mind. "But Jesus Christ...what a dream. It felt so real." Tim then glances at the gun that he is holding in his right hand. "I need to get this over with as soon as possible", says Tim. "So, I can finally sleep better at night, knowing that those wolves are no longer breathing." Tim then walked on into the forest, with great thoughts of spite and malice towards the evil wolves who took the life of his brother.

Twigs and small branches snapped under Tim's feet as he walked throughout the forest. The night was getting later and later and Tim was starting to feel more and more fatigued, but thought nothing of it, as the thought of killing the wolves who murdered his brother, kept him going. Up above the forest, the sky was of dark purple and light fog surrounded the yellow moon, hanging high in the night sky. A loud howl from a wolf is heard in the distance and that howl made a grin form on Tim's face as he now knows that wolves are nearby. "Those wolves are as good as dead", says Tim. Tim walks on and on into the forest and up ahead, Tim sees a shaking bush, close by. "This is my chance. My chance for revenge", says Tim. Tim then squeezes the trigger on his 9mm handgun and let's out a shot at the shaking bush, which seemed to echo throughout the entire forest. After that, the creature that was making the bush, shake, fell out of the bush, dead. The creature that fell out of the bush was a brown rabbit. The left side of the rabbit's head appears to be blown off from the gun shot and a small pool of blood surrounded the dead rabbit's body, lying on the forest ground. Tim then walks up to the dead rabbit, lying on the forest ground and looks down at it. "I wasted a fucking bullet on this", says Tim. "God damn it." After Tim said that, a wolf jumps from out of a bush, opposite of him and tackles him to the ground and Tim's gun falls from his hand. "Oh shit!", says Tim as he holds back the wolf's head with his two hands, stopping the wolf from making quick work of him. Tim then glances at his gun, lying to the side of him. "Fuck, how am I going to do this?", says Tim. The look on the wolf's face, staring back at Tim was a look of pure madness, trying with every ounce of its being, to break away from Tim's hands, from which are blocking it from eating him, alive. Tim then takes one hand from off of the wolf's head and reaches for his gun, but now, Tim can't hold the wolf back, any longer. The wolf then sunk his razor sharp teeth into Tim's right shoulder. "Ahhhhhh", screams Tim in pure pain and agony. Tim then grabs the gun and puts it to the wolf's skull and let's out a shot. A loud noise, pierces through the air as a bullet from the chamber of Tim's 9mm handgun, comes loose and makes its way through the wolf's skull, leavings bits of the wolf's brain, splatted on the forest ground, beside him as it falls down on the ground, dead, leaving a pool of blood, surrounding its head. "Fuck", says Tim as he gets up from off of the forest ground, with his left hand holding onto the wound on his right shoulder and his right hand holding onto his gun. Thick, dark lines of blood trickled down Tim's shirt to the ground, below. "Shit", says Tim, feeling the pain of the wolf bite and the large gash it made in his right shoulder. "That fucking piece of shit", says Tim as he looks down at the dead wolf. Tim then aims his gun at the wolf's head, once more and squeezes the trigger and empties out his entire clip into the wolf's skull. The noise from the gun shots made a mass of birds flee from the trees from which they occupied and onto the horizon. Pieces of the wolf's skin, blood and brains were embedded into the forest ground, after Tim's gun shots. The wolf had become a shell of its former self. "That was for my brother, you piece of shit!", says Tim as he releases the empty clip onto the forest ground and puts a fresh, fully loaded clip, which he received from his right pants pocket, into his 9mm automatic handgun. "You fuck with him, you fuck with me!", says Tim. "You disgusting piece of shit." Tim then hears a loud growl from behind his shoulder. "What's that?", says Tim as he turns around and see a wolf looking back at him. "Oh fuck, another one", says Tim. The wolf's eyes was as red as blood, glowing in the dark night and the wolf's mouth was open, bearing its teeth and white, soapy foam, dripped down from the wolf's razor sharp teeth to the ground, below. The wolf then let out a loud bark and charged towards Tim. At that moment, Tim squeezed the trigger on his gun and a bullet came loose and pierced through the air and hit the wolf directly in the forehand. The wolf then collapsed on the forest ground, dead, with a pool of red, oozing blood, surrounding its head, from which the gun shot was conflicted. A crooked smile then forms on Tim's face. "They're just lining up for me", says Tim. After Tim said that, a bush in front of him, shook. "Yes...another one", says Tim. A wolf then steps out of the shaking bush, staring back at Tim, with eyes riddled with rage and carnage and madness embedded into the core of its being, with eyes red with murder. Tim then aimed his gun at the wolf's head from where he's standing, but then hears a growl from behind him. Tim then turns around and sees another wolf staring back at him with malice intent, showing deeply in its red eyes. "Oh shit", says Tim, unsure if he'd be able to stop both wolves or will they gain the upper hand and do the same deed on him as they done onto his late brother. Both wolves then charged at Tim and leaped at him, trying to knock him down, but Tim dropped to the ground, before they could take him down and in affect, the wolves crashed into each other. Tim then crawled away from the wolves and pointed his gun at one of the wolves' head and let out a shot. A bullet then came loose from the chamber of Tim's 9mm handgun and entered one of the wolves' forehead's and came out, the other side of its skull, leaving bits of the wolf's flesh and brains on the ground from which it fell, dead. Tim then repeated the same action to the other wolf, leaving both wolves dead, gun shot wounds in the center of each of their forehands, with blood dripping from the wounds from the center of their cranium's. Tim then got up from off of the forest ground, with a grin displayed on his sweat covered face. "Four down, one to go", says Tim. "Now, it's time to take care of the one with the funny looking eyes." Tim then stared at the bush, in front of him, waiting for another wolf to come out, so he could kill it. Eyes as cold as ice, stared at the bush, waiting patiently for it to shake, waiting to take the life of another wolf. The bush then shook in front of Tim, once more. "Bring it on. You piece of shit", says Tim as he points his gun at the shaking bush.

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