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Beware of Wolf (Part 2)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Darkness fell on the campsite, a once lit sky now turned to dusk. "Holy sh*t", says John. "I'm getting the f out of here. There's no way I'm going to spend another second in these woods." "No", says Tim. "We have to stay here and wait till Lucky comes back." "Who cares about Lucky", says John. "He's gone. These wolves will come back and kill us, we better leave. I mean who's more important Lucky or us?" "The wolves won't come back", says Tim. "They won't come back because Lucky scared them off and besides they're dumb wolves, they won't remember where our campsite is." "We better leave", says John. "Or do you want to be eaten by those wolves?" "Okay", says Tim. "How are we going to leave? It's completely dark out and we have better chances of surviving out here at the campsite than out there in the woods. Besides, it's about a thirty minute hike back to the car and there's probably a lot more wolves out there than the wolves we've seen and probably a lot more dangerous and besides isn't the number one thing about surviving is if you're lost then you should stay where you are in the risk of making your problem worse." "Well, you're right, but we're not really lost, I know how to get back to the car from here and we have a flash light to guide us through the dark woods", says John. "Yeah, but we could encounter another pack of dangerous, killer wolves and we won't have Lucky to scare them off, so we better stay here and stick it out 'till morning and then leave, with or without Lucky if necessary", says Tim. "Yeah, I agree. For once you're right Tim, never thought of you to be one of those smart types", says John. "Yeah, well this is a serious situation. No bull", says Tim. "I wonder what dad would of done in this situation? He was always a good outdoorsman", says John. "Well, I think this is a situation that even dad couldn't get out of. I mean we're in some deep shit, right here. Those wolves almost killed us", says Tim. "True. Imagine if we didn't bring Lucky along with us", says John. "Those wolves would of torn us to pieces", says Tim. "Yeah, I think I'm not going to go to sleep, tonight", says John. "Yeah, me too", says Tim. "You think we should start a campfire, you know to forgot about all this and have a good time and eat shmores and tell ghost stories like the old times, the reason why we came here in the first place." "Hell no", says John. "We don't need something to attract those wolves to come over here again. We don't want to take any risks, it's either life or death and I don't want to die." "Yeah, you're right", says Tim. "I don't know about you, but all these things about the wolves are making me want to take a pee." "Go ahead", says John. Tim walked up to the nearest bush and unzipped his zipper on his pants and urinated on the bush. While urinating, Tim couldn't help, but feel that he was being watched from deep in the dark, dark forest, but didn't think of it again as he joined his brother, sitting at a log by the dark campfire. A howl is heard in the distance. "I wonder if that's Lucky", says John.

The night grew darker and darker and John and Tim sat there feeling fatigued and waiting for their dog Lucky to return. Even though, they were both tired, they decided to stay up the whole night until morning in fear of having another encounter with the wolves while they are sleeping and most vulnerable. "John, I'm tired. Can we both take turns staying up and one of us sleeps and the other stays guard?", says Tim. "No", says John. "Too risky, we must always be up and ready if the wolves ever come back and we have to run." "Yeah, but I'm tired, man, I need to get some sleep or I'll pass out", says Tim. "Shut up. You want to live, right?", says John. "Yeah", says Tim. "Then, shut up", says John. "Whatever", says Tim. "What you think happened to Lucky? Do you think the wolves killed him or what?" "I don't know", says John. "Hope he comes back. He's a great dog." "No doubt", says Tim. "Amazing, how he scared all those wolves off like that. Didn't think he had it in him." "Well Lucky does have animal instincts because his ancestors use to probably live in some kind of forest, too like these wolves, fighting off predators and killing other animals for food, so he does know how to defend himself and protect his masters", says John. "Yeah, but how was six vicious wolves afraid of Lucky?", says Tim. "Well, probably because these wolves usually attack those who are weak and easy to kill and Lucky showed no fear against these wolves and these wolves sense and attack those who are afraid of them as easy targets which Lucky did not display. He took it right to the wolves and sh*t", says John. "Yeah, that is one brave dog. I almost sh*t my pants when those wolves jumped out of the bush and grilled at me hardcore", says Tim. "What exactly happened out there with the wolves when you were getting fire wood?", says John. "Well, I was walking through the woods collecting stuff like twigs, branches and sticks off the ground for fire wood...", says Tim. "Uh huh", says John interrupting. "...Then I see a shaking bush and I think to myself, it's probably a squirrel or a rabbit or something and then out jumped a wolf that has one brown eye and one blue eye and it is staring at me with teeth showing and glaring at me like he's going to attack. I was like oh shit, I'm going to die and then five more wolves jump out of the bush and are also glaring at me, showing their teeth and I was like I'm getting the fuck out of here, so I threw all the sticks, branches and twigs I collected at the six wolves and jetted the fuck out of there. I didn't think I was going to make it and I felt a cramp in my side and thought I couldn't go on much longer and I was going to die and be eaten by the wolves, but then I saw our campsite overhead and I push forth a little more until I got there and then Lucky jumped out and defended me", says Tim. "Sh*t man", says John. "Sorry that happened to you. If we get out of this alive, I'm never going camping again or go back into the woods again. F*** the great outdoors, I don't need this shit." "True that, man. I'm never going to go near anywhere remotely like the forest, not even if there's no wolves there. I hope we can make it through this, man. This is some pretty hardcore sh*t. We got fucking rabbet wolves here trying to eat us, man. This isn't some fucking Little Red Ridding Hood fairytale, this is the real world. If we don't think of something to get out of this quick then there ain't gonna be no happy ending to this", says Tim. "Well, the best idea now is to stick it out for the night and leave in the morning when it's less dangerous and we can make it through the woods back to our car easier if we encounter some more wolves out there in the woods because we can see where we're going in the daytime even if we have a flash light, so we don't risk falling in the dark and be eaten by wolves", says John. "Yeah, plus if Lucky comes back before morning then, we could use him for protection on our way back against any other wolves who try to attack us", says Tim. "Yeah man, we're in some pretty deep sh*t right now, but we'll make it out like we always did, you'll see and this will only be a memory", says John. "John, we've been through some tough times and we had our ups and downs in the past, but if we don't make it out of this alive or if one of us doesn't make it out of this alive, I want you to know, no matter all the bad things I've said in the past and no matter how many arguments what've had, you're still my brother and I love you", says Tim. "I love you, too", says John. "And don't worry we're going to make it out of this, you watch." John and Tim then embraced each other in a brotherly hug, both with tears in their eyes. "I love you, man. I was so scared", says Tim. "Don't worry man, soon this all will be over", says John. The bush shook. John and Tim instantly drew their attention to the shaking bush. Their minds racing thinking of the possibility of the six vicious wolves making the bush shake and that they will come out of the bush and kill Tim and John and devour their flesh. Shear terror was the expressions on Tim and John's faces as their starred at the shaking bush. A creature jumped out from behind the bush with dark brown fur. "Lucky", Tim and John instantly thought to themselves. Tim and John then felt a great deal of relief realising that it was in fact Lucky who was behind the bush, after all, not the six killer wolves. "Lucky!", says John and Tim at the same time. Lucky just stood there staring at them. Lucky had several wounds on him from his fight with the wolves and part of his left ear appeared to be bitten off. Before John and Tim was about to run over to their beloved dog Lucky to embrace him because they were so happy to see him, Lucky let off a series of barks at John and Tim and ran into the woods. "Lucky?", says John. "What the hell was that all about?", said Tim. "I don't know", says John. "He probably wants us to see something, we better follow him." "Okay then, let's go", says Tim. Tim and John then run into the woods after their dog Lucky, blissfully unaware of the events that follow.

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