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The Vulture (Part 4)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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That night, Stephen couldn't sleep a wink. He stayed up all night, lying underneath his covers, thinking about the vulture and about his recent flashback he had of his wife, Loretta. Stephen then reflects upon how bad of a husband he was, when she was alive. He wishes he could turn back time, so that he could be a better husband, espically since he's extremely lonely. Now, he doesn't even have his dog. The vulture took him away from him, too. The vulture took everything from him, and now, Stephen thinks that the vulture might take his own life. "If the vulture wants to kill me, then I'll put up a fight", says Stephen as he makes his way out of bed. "I'm going to get my gun", says Stephen as he nears his closet door. Stephen then opens his closet door. Stephen's closet was completely dark. Stephen could not see anything inside his closet. Stephen then moved around some jackets in his closet and a mysterious notebook falls out from the darkness. Stephen picks up the notebook. The notebook is entitled, "The Life and Times of Marcy Lawerence." "Strange", says Stephen. "This diary's title is so similar to my wife's diary." Stephen then opens the diary and reads its first page.

Dear Diary,
Today is a day like no other. I stand, alone, in my room, thinking. The vulture will come before the day is done. To whom it may concern, reading my diary. I will die, shortly. For those who gain in ways to get rid of the vulture, read on. For those who don't and think that I am crazy, stop reading now. The way to kill the vulture is the same way to kill a snake. Now, I won't attempt to do it, myself because I am too terrified, to do it. To find where the vulture lives....follow the trail of blood.

Love, Marcy Lawerence 05/13/1956

"Follow the trail of blood?", says Stephen as he rubs his chin. "Interesting." Stephen then turns the page to the diary to see the vulture poem, once again written in blood.


The day grows thin and the night grows cold
The vulture will come when I become too old
For my life, it has come to seek
Through its powers, it will often reep
The vulture will take my life when my three days are done
And I pray to God, it doesn't reach any of my loved ones
As its claws grow weary, it will take mine
As my clock stops in the hands of times

"My .45 will reveal this vulture's flaw", says Stephen as he picks up his .45 caliber pistol off of the floor, lying next to some clothes. Stephen then puts down the diary and closes the closet door. Stephen then turns around and looks down at the floor in utter shock in confusion. "What the hell?", says Stephen. Their is a trail of blood, leading to Stephen's bedroom door. "What do I have to lose, as those diaries, say, I'll probably be dead by tomorrow, anyway", says Stephen as he follows the trail. Stephen crept his way to his bedroom door and turned the door knob. Outside of Stephen's room, there was complete darkness. "It's too dark", says Stephen as he turns the hallway lights. The atmosphere of his hallway went from that of pitch black to beeming, yellow light in a matter of moments. "There we go", says Stephen. Stephen then looks down at the floor and sees the trail of blood, leading to his stairway. Stephen walked down the stairs to a dark dining room. Stephen turned on the lights to the dining room and saw the trail of blood, leading into the kitchen. The light of the dining room was powerful enough for Stephen to see that the trail of blood leading into the kitchen lead to the backdoor. Stephen then entered his kitchen and then exited through the backdoor.

The night, outside was cool and dark. Pale light shinned down from the moon, above, making Stephen able to see his way through the night. Stephen looked down, seeing that the trail of blood, lead deeper into his backyard. Stephen walked on, onto the formerly, green grass, stained with red blood. Steven then stopped in his tracks. What Stephen then saw made his stomach sink. The hole that he had buried Sparky in was dug up and Sparky was no longer in the hole. "Sparky...", says Stephen in shock and fear. "This is too much, but I won't stop. It's either me or the vulture and I'm going to make sure that it is not me." Stephen then walked onward, deeper into the backyard. Stephen noticed that the trail of blood, lead all the way to behind his shed. A feeling of dread crept into Stephen as he made his way to his shed. Stephen walked behind his shed and under the moon light, layed the vulture and beside the vulture was a bloody, mutilated carcass, which once was Stephen's dog. Sparky's body looked as if it was torn, completely, inside out. Red, sticky blood, surrounded Sparky's dead body, lying on the formerly, green grass. "Oh my God", says Stephen as he witnesses the horrific sight. "Sparky..." The vulture was asleep and did not notice that Stephen was in its presence. The vulture appeared to be about eight feet in lenght and underneath the vulture, rested several eggs, which Stephen could see. "Time to put this evil thing to rest", says Stephen, with shaking hands, pointing up his pistol at the sleeping vulture.

While Stephen, pointed the gun at the vulture, sweat dripped from his forehand. Stephen starred at the vulture in pure hatred. "I am not afraid of you, anymore", says Stephen. At this moment, morning was dawning and then sun crept over the horizon. "I don't even want to shoot you...that would take the joy out of killing you", says Stephen remembering what this thing has done to his family. Not only has the vulture suposely took the lives of his mother, wife and dog, but has also brought back demons of his past that he would never dare, think about, again. Stephen slowly crept towards the sleeping vulture. Grim yawns crept from out of the vulture's mouth as Stephen inched towards it. Stephen then took his pistol and held it by its shaft and struck the vulture in the head with the handle. The vulture woke up with a stratled as it stared on in the defense at a manic Stephen. The vulture backed up as Stephen stepped forward. "You piece of s***'s your turn to feel pain", says Stephen as he strucks the vulture, yet again with the back of his pistol. Cries of pain exited the vulture's mouth after Stephen's hard blow. Even though, the vulture was almost two times the size of Stephen, it showed great signs of cowardous, backing away from the enraged Stephen. "Now, it's time to put you to rest", says Stephen as he holds his pistol in the proper position, pointing at the vulture. Stephen then pulls the trigger on his pistol and lets out a shot. A loud bang ruptures the air as a bullet pierces the vulture's left wing. The vulture cries in pain and then takes to the sky. Stephen looks up at the vulture, flying in the sky and chases it as it flies, onward. The sky above, looked as if God spilled brillent colors of orange, yellow and blue onto the canvas, which the sky. The vulture flew high. High above the empty streets. Stephen chased the vulture, pointing his gun up at the sky. Letting off failed shots from his gun, as the vulture flew, onward. "You son of a bitch...die", says Stephen in frustration. The frustration of trying to kill the vulture was getting to him and he did not see where he was going. Stephen hears a loud, halting sound up ahead, but ignores it. He is too occupied. His thoughts, worries and hatred are all centered around one being and that is the vulture. So, Stephen never saw the truck moving down the road. The truck tries to stop, but hits Stephen. Stephen's body is then hurled many yards across the street and makes a thud as it hits the pavement. Stephen is killed, instantly. The driver steps out of his truck, to witness his terrible mistake as the vulture swoops down to collect his reepings. Meanwhile, back at Stephen's house, the phone rang. The caller ID on the phone read: "St. Joesph's Hospital." Finally, Stephen is no longer, lonely. Loretta awaits him, in Heaven.

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