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The Bed of Nails

October 15, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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"And so, in some Japanese cultures, people would sleep on a bed of nails", said the man on TV saying different cultures throughout the world. "Wow, that's pretty weird", said Mark watching the TV. "Yeah, how do they do that? Doesn't it hurt?", said Mark's friend Chris who is watching TV with him. "I don't think it hurts for them. They probably got use to it, eventually or their could be something with Asians to make them do that", said Mark. "Hey we got an Asian friend, we should try it out", said Chris. "You mean Anthony, sure why not?", said Mark. "But where are we going to get the nails?", said Chris. "I got a lot of them in the basement", said Mark. "Alright, then go get them", said Chris. "Okay", said Mark. Mark went down in the basement, while Chris continued to watch TV upstairs. "In the country Sweden, someone could marry their brother or sister", said the man on TV continuing to talk about different cultures in the world. "Wow, that's sick.", said Chris. "What's sick?", said Mark , as he heard him from returning from the basement. "It said on the TV, that in the country Sweden, someone could marry their brother or sister", said Chris. "Wow", said Mark. "I know", said Chris. "I'll shut off the TV", said Mark. "Go ahead", said Chris. Mark then picked up the remote control and shut off the TV. "So, did you get the nails?", said Chris. "Yeah.", said Mark as he lifted up a black bag with something seemingly in it. "Okay, let's call Anthony and see what happens", said Chris. "Okay, you got his phone number?", said Mark. "Yeah", said Chris. Chris then dialed in Anthony's phone number and the phone rang a few times, before Anthony picked up. "Hello?", said Anthony from his phone. "Hey, it's Chris", said Chris. "Oh hey, what's up?", said Anthony. "Nothing much, just wondering if we could hang out", said Chris. "Sure, where?", said Anthony. "Um, at Mark's house", said Chris. "Oh okay. I'll be right over", said Anthony. "Alright, bye", said Chris. "Bye", said Anthony. Chris then hung up the phone, while Mark put nails under the cover of the bed.

The door bell rang. "That must be Anthony", said Mark as he answered the door. Mark then opened the door and saw Anthony. "Hey, what's up?", said Anthony. "Nothing much, come in", said Mark. "Okay", said Anthony. Anthony then walked into the house and walked into the room, where Chris was watching TV, again, as he must of turned it back on, while Mark was answering the door. "Oh, what's up Anthony?", said Chris. "Nothing much, you?", said Anthony. "Nothing really", said Chris. "Okay", said Anthony. Anthony was making his way towards Chris and the TV, as Mark pushed him. Anthony then fell on a bed of nails, but he didn't balance on them.

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