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My Caring Aunt Sally

October 15, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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"Just another day, go to my lousy job, go home, go to bed and do the same thing, the next day", said Michael, looking at himself in the mirror, fixing his tie and getting ready for work. Michael, then walked into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. Michael then looked into the cabinet to make himself some toast, but when he opened it, there wasn't any bread, inside. "Damn, no bread", said, Michael to himself. "Well I guess I'll pour myself a bowl of corn flakes", thought, Michael to himself. Michael then poured himself some corn flakes and some orange juice. Michael then ate his corn flakes and drank his orange juice and went outside and went into his car and drove off to work.

When Michael got home from work, he immediately took off his pants, sat down on his Lazy Boy chair and watched TV. "Let's see, if there's something good on today", said Michael. A few minutes later of watching TV, the phone which lying on a small desk, beside him, started to ring. Michael than picks up the phone. "Hello? Who's this?", said Michael. "It's your mother. Something terrible happened", said Michael's mom. "What happened? Dad died?", said Michael. "No, your rich, Aunt Sally died", said Michael mom. "Really? How?", said Michael. "She forgot to take her high blood pressure pills and she got a heart attack", said Michael's mom. "Wow, that's terrible", said Michael. "I know.", said Michael's mom, almost crying on the phone.

Two Days Later

It was a quiet Autumn day in front of Bank's Funeral Home where they were having an open casket funeral. Before the people at the funeral looked at the open casket, there were people giving eulogy for her. The person giving the eulogy was Aunt Sally's only son Randolph. "Here lies a women who isn't just a women who married a rich man, she was a caring mother, sister and daughter. She was always there when you were in trouble or in need and she always thought of others before herself in sickness or in health. She will be truly missed and we will all be reunited with her some day in Heaven", said Randolph. At the end of the eulogy almost everybody was in tears, except for Michael. Michael felt anxious about the time leaving the funeral. At that time people were going near Aunt Sally, crying and giving their final farewells. Michael was the last one up. Michael looked into the coffin at her cold, dead body and noticed that they dressed her up well for her funeral, she had a fancy outfit on and he also noticed the jewelry that was on her and he thought to himself since she was dead, she really wouldn't need all this jewelry and that he could pawn it for a lot of money. So, when no one was looking he snatched the gold necklace from her neck and the silver bracelet from her arm only leaving her diamond wedding ring and by that time, he thought he had enough. After that he went to see her get buried. When the whole funeral was over, he went into his car and went home. When he got home, he noticed it was late and decided he should go to bed. Michael lay down in bed and put the gold necklace and silver bracelet in his top draw next to his bed and decided he would pawn that in the morning. Michael then closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep with no regret of what he had just done.

The next day, Michael woke up with a chill as he noticed the window was wide open. "I don't remember leaving the window open", said Michael to himself. Michael then got out of bed and closed his window. As Michael was going back to bed he noticed a note was laying on his desk. Michael picked up the note and started reading.

To My dearest nephew Michael,

I know you've been having some tough times working in your dead end job, so here's my diamond wedding ring to ease things over for you. I bet you can get a pretty penny, pawning this.

Aunt Sally

Michael noticed underneath the letter was a diamond ring that was on Aunt Sally's finger when she was in the coffin.

The author's comments:
A man steals from his family even in death.

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