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The Attack

October 5, 2009
By cool5593 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
cool5593 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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It was time for our typical story time of the night and we grandchildren had gathered ‘round Abuelita Luz. “Are you ready children?” questioned Abuelita Luz.

Today our story was going to be about some turkey or that’s what I think. Anyways my name is Carmen Luz De Delgado and every night my brothers and sisters gather for “un cuento”. “Children, today’s story will be about when I was dating your grandfather.” said my Abuelita in her Spanish accent. “Your grandfather, who may rest in peace, were standing on my front porch talking about what we would do the next day. So we were talking and talking when out of nowhere a big ugly turkey like creature with beady red eyes appeared. It gave off a loud and disgusting screech.”

At this point grandma had her eyeballs centered in the air in one place, she looked like a hard rock. “Your great-grandma came out rapidly to our rescue and said that the animal wanted to attack.

Grandmother paused for a minute and looked my direction, as if something were going to happen. I was eating my nails off and said, “What next?” she continued.

“Well after your grandfather and I finished discussing our plans he went out to leave and I had the feeling that that horrible creature was still out there. I could see its two beady red eyes in a tree. I watched over your grandfather as he walked off. As soon as he started getting further off of my porch the turkey like creature screeched his name loudly. “Ray, Ray, Raymundo” The bird approached grandfather and started chasing after him.
I soon thought to myself “Oh no, I think this is how grandfather died” because grandma started getting a quivery voice and shedding tears.
“That’s when your grandfather turned around desperately. I said, “Don’t, don’t do anything!” But your grandpa still said “What, what do you want, what do you want from me?” My mother was right, the animal did want to attack and that was the last of grandfather. Grandma broke out into tears and then all of us kids gave her big bear hugs and kisses before bed.
It was 11:00 p.m. Two hours after grandma’s sad, sad story and could not yet sleep. I’d also heard grandmother talking to herself. I decided to go see what grandma was talking about. But as I opened the door I saw she was asleep, but talking in her dreams or nightmares. “No, leave him alone take me, why?”
I really wanted to wake her. I started walking toward her but she quickly sat up as if she knew what I was going to do. “Aaaaaaah You scared me. I was having a nightmare. Honey could you be so kind and get me a glass of water.” Grandma asked. I immediately did as she asked and as I was filling up the glass I heard a loud crash noise but I decided to ignore it, it was probably a car again.
I had returned as fast as I could to grandma’s room. I only had opened the door to a crack because my eyes caught sight of what seemed like the big turkey like creature from the story. The animal was on top of grandma. Looking at this I dropped the glass of water and it shattered to a million tiny pieces. The creature heard. It turned to look at me and made a horrid sound and almost shattered the glass window. The creature then stared at me and charged at me all I did was stand there.

The author's comments:
I got inspired with this story after this lady I know told us a story some what like this. It"s baiscally about witchcraft. The message, well my story was ment to entertain.

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