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It's Always Watching

September 28, 2021
By MagenSlover SILVER, Flora, Illinois
MagenSlover SILVER, Flora, Illinois
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It lurks at the end of the corridor watching me, always. I believe it moves when I’m not looking. Nobody believes that it’s there, they say I’m going mad. But it is there, every second of every day, it’s there. Its glowing gaze pierces through my skin. Its gleaming eyes can always be seen in the darkest shadows. It watches me when I get close to the barred door, receiving my meals. It is waiting for me. But does it not know I can never leave? Never escape this room I have been imprisoned in? Days go by where I don’t sleep, making sure I never take my eyes off of it. What would it do to me if it got inside? But wouldn’t it already have? What is it waiting for? That is the question that cycles through my head constantly. What does it want with me?

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Flash Fiction Piece

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