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The Hatch

September 23, 2021
By MagenSlover SILVER, Flora, Illinois
MagenSlover SILVER, Flora, Illinois
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You are digging in your backyard to make a small garden when you uncover a hatch lid.  You open it and shine your flashlight down…there’s a fuzzy ball at the bottom of the hole. You reach your hand down into the hole to grab it. But before you get to the fuzzy ball, you feel something pierce your skin. “Ouch!” you yell. You yank your hand out, but there were no marks of any harm. Confused, you take your flashlight and point it down the hole again. The fuzzy ball that you had seen before had vanished. You turn off your flashlight and rub your head. “I must be seeing things,” you say, whilst you close the hatch lid. 

You rub your chin for a second or two, trying to remember what you were doing. “Ohh!” you shout out, remembering your small garden. As you start planting some Sweet alyssum flowers, you hear a weird noise. Like a rattling noise. You slowly turn around to find out that the noise was….nothing? There was nothing behind you and the noise had stopped. You were even more confused than earlier. You get up off the ground and start to look around. You start to hear the noise again. This time you turn around as fast as you can. The hatch lid was open! You run over to the hole and peek down. It was too dark, where did you put your flashlight? 

You look everywhere, moving around frantically. You spend at least 20 minutes looking for your flashlight. You end up giving up. You plop down on the ground in front of the hole. You feel terrible pain when you reach the ground. There was something in your back pocket. You pull the object out of your pocket, it was the flashlight! When did you put it back there? You quickly turn it on and peek back down the hole. There was nothing down there. “Huh?” You are confused once again. Then all of a sudden there’s a bang from inside the green room.

You sprint to the green room, slamming the door open. Then you see it. The fuzzy ball. You quietly approach it. It swings around, looking up at you. It was the cutest, yet scariest creature ever. It was a tiny ball of fuzz, a creature thing. It looks at you and tilts its head.  It wobbles closer to you and nuzzles your leg. You laugh and reach down to pet it. But the mystery is, How did it get in YOUR backyard? You pick it up slowly and examine it closely. It had raggedy teeth, baby blue fur that was covered in dirt, and really cute eyes. You hear the creature’s stomach growl as if it is hungry.

You carry it into your kitchen and sit it on the countertop. You start to raid your fridge looking for a snack that the creature might like. You close the fridge and say, “Hmm, maybe in the pantry.” When you look back at where you had left the creature it wasn't there anymore. It seemed like the creature had run off again.  You think of where the creature would have gone, and you remember once again about the tiny hole in your garden. 

Whilst you are on your way to where the hole is, you spot something in the corner of your eye. It wasn't something, it was somethings! There were about 3 of those tiny fuzzball creatures walking towards you. You slowly begin to say, “What th---” Before you can finish your sentence they lunge at you. The baby blue fur-colored creature didn’t look as cute and kind as it did before. All 3 of them lunge at you with mouths wide open. 

You fall to the ground as you trip over the hatch lid. You scream, feeling like they are about to attack. But nothing was happening, You look back up, and the creatures are sitting there staring at you with cold glares. Then one begins to say something? “We know your secret,” The blue baby fur-colored creature says, “we know you killed him.” A dreadful look shows up on the other 2 creatures’ faces. The creatures start moving towards her again. How? How do they know your dirty secret? 

The author's comments:

This is a short story that I wrote a while back, it is based on a writing prompt.

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