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Locked in Her Head

April 1, 2016
By AutumnAngel96 BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
AutumnAngel96 BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
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CLAIRE, a schizophrenic with anorexia
ANNIE, Claire’s personification of anorexia


Act I, Scene 3


Claire’s bedroom. Claire is sitting on her bed cross-legged, reading a book. She’s pretty, blond, and curvy. By her bed is a table with a lamp, pencil sharpener, and her cell phone. The bed is at the center of the stage and faces the audience and a dresser is against the left wall by her bed. The door to her bathroom is to the right of the stage, near a bookshelf of knickknacks and CDs.

CLAIRE: (bent over her book, reading out loud to herself) …and he threw open the door, casting a frantic look about the empty room before him. ‘Sam! Sam!’ he called-

ANNIE: (Appears before Claire. She’s unhealthily skinny with long black hair) Why are you reading that stupid book again? Isn’t there anything better you could be doing?

CLAIRE: (Ignoring Annie, she continues to read out loud) …‘Oh where could she be?’ Damon asked himself-

ANNIE: Don’t ignore me Claire. You know better than I do what you should be doing right now.

CLAIRE: (Looks up at Annie, who smirks at her) No! I don’t need to do that anymore! I’m…I’m not that girl anymore!

ANNIE: (Shaking her head) Of course you are, Claire-bear-
CLAIRE: Don’t call me that!

ANNIE: But Claire, you’ll never change. You know that. You’ll always be “that” girl.

CLAIRE: No! Shut up!!! Shut up!!!

Claire runs from the room, locking herself in her bathroom. Exit stage right. Annie moves to stand by the door.

ANNIE: You can’t ignore me, darling little Claire. Remember wherever you go, I’ll follow you. I’m nothing but the voice in your head, your conscious telling you to do the right thing. Elena’s nothing but an impediment keeping you from being loved and adored and beautiful. I can help you Claire. I can help you be the type of girl Zack wants. I can help make Lindsey the laughing stock of the school.  I can help you be popular. Just stop listening to Elena. And, speaking of Elena, where is she? Why isn’t she here, contradicting me? Maybe because she’s finally seen how pathetic and weak you really are and realized I can make you strong.

CLAIRE: (from behind her bathroom door, hesitatingly) Elena…Elena wouldn’t…She wouldn’t abandon me…

ANNIE: Then where is she?

CLAIRE: …I don’t…I don’t know…

ANNIE: See? She’s finally seen I’m better for you.

Claire unlocks the door and opens it, entering her room again.


ANNIE: Shh. It’s okay Claire-bear. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of you. Just listen to me and everything will be so much better.(Annie moves away slightly, smiling kindly)

CLAIRE: (Hesitates) But what about Angel? And…And Raven?

ANNIE: (Laughing) Them? Do you honestly think they give a damn about you? Look at yourself! You’re talking to the voice in your head! You’re crazy and ugly and horrible, so why would they like you? They’re only your friends because they feel sorry for you!

CLAIRE: R-really?

ANNIE: Oh my God, do we need to go over this again? No one wants or cares about you except me! I’m your only friend, Claire-bear.


ANNIE: No buts. I’m the only friend you have in this world. Everyone else is just there to drag you down. But I’ll help you Claire. I’ve always been here to help.

CLAIRE: (Hesitates before nodding reluctantly) O-okay.

ANNIE: Smart girl. (Annie smiles again) Now, I want you to skip meals. Make up excuses about why. After all, that’s the easiest way to get skinny fast.

CLAIRE: But what if I-

ANNIE: Cave and stuff your face?


ANNIE: (Annie nods at the pencil sharpener sitting on Claire’s bedside table) You know what you should do.

CLAIRE: (Sighs) Yes, I do.

ANNIE: Good girl. I always knew you’d come around again.

CLAIRE: Are you leaving me alone again?

ANNIE: Yes, but don’t worry, Claire-bear. I’ll be back later to check on your progress.

Annie exits left stage. Claire sits at the edge of her bed, her head in her hands. She’s quiet for a moment, before she starts to tremble and cry.


CLAIRE: (sobbing) What am I gonna do? Annie says she just wants to help me, but after what happened last time…I don’t know if I should listen to her…I just don’t know…
Claire continues to cry and the stage goes dark.

The author's comments:

This is the Third Scene of Act I, which I decided to do before any of the other scenes because it was the darker part of the story. It actually includes a key element to the plot of the play, which I plan to write in full.

So, please enjoy this little sneak peek into the world of the Claire.

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