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The Tunnel

May 28, 2015
By Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
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Jordan Overholt/Camera - Girl behind camera, only see her at the very end. She is behind the camera filming all the events. Camera is alway looking around, shaky footage. Long brown hair pulled into a ponytail, average height, not particularly attractive, but not ugly, about 16

Rex Guzman - Boy who doesn’t believe in the Shadow. Leader. Shaggy blond hair, tall, average muscle, about 17

Sabrina Nichols - Girl who is terrified to go down. Stammers. Believes that the Shadow is real, third to last. Blonde, average height, pretty and frail, about 16

Doug Branneth - Boy who doesn’t really care, he’s basically the muscle of the group. Brown hair, football jersey, very muscled, about 18

Ruby Brown - Girl who is very spiritual, tries to contact the Shadow. Ginger, short, fine features, 16

Adam Mendoza - Boy who is first to be taken, isn’t a huge part of the story. Average height, kinda ugly (but not necessarily), 17

The Shadow - No lines, just a creepy shadow at the end of the hall. It does not resemble a human shadow in anyway...use your imagination.

Starts with a black screen with the words;

The following video was found on a camera at the entrance to a place known to the locals as the Tunnel
The people seen in this video have not been seen since…

Video starts. It is a handheld camera. Double door in a small out house like building is in the background. Rex G. is at the center of the shot. He looks like the leader. Camera always pans to whoever is speaking except for Jordan.

R.G. - Hello world, I’m Rex Guzman, and we’re here today to disprove the local legend known as the “Shadow” (makes quotes around those words). Joining me today is Sabrina Nichols (camera pans to S.N. who waves), Doug Branneth (camera pans to D.B.), Ruby Brown (pans to R.B.), Adam Mendoza (pans to A.M.) and Jordan Overholt behind the camera.

J.O. - Hey everyone (behind camera)

Camera goes back to Rex

R.G. - Obviously we are going down into the Tunnel tonight, and we’re going to prove to everyone that this “Shadow” isn’t real.

Behind him the sort of lit window goes black as if a curtain was drawn

R.B. - But what if it is?

R.G. - Ruby is the believer of the group. So were going to go down there, take a look around, and come back victoriously with a better knowledge of the Tunnel. Sabrina, a bit of history.

S.N. - (kinda stammers) Well originally the tunnel was a bomb shelter for the town. It never had to be used. A couple people went down a few years ago. One disappeared and the other came out with stories of a Shadow that made his best friend disappear. He died a few months later. Since then no one has gone down, but the town hasn’t locked it up, which doesn’t make much sense. Ruby?

R.B. - I’m here to see if I can talk to the Shadow.

R.G. - If it’s real. (to camera) Obviously I’m the skeptic. Doug is the muscle, and Andrew is…. (to off-camera Andrew) what exactly are you?

A.M. - I’m here for moral support, and maybe some money.

R.G. - So we’re going to come back here tonight so we can do this without getting into huge trouble. (to Jordan) Cut.

Camera goes to black and starts again at night. Night vision mode. They are walking through the woods and the reach the door.

R.G. - (to camera) So here we are again.

R.B. - I’ve got my good luck necklace, and some basic spells I looked up online. (hold up a small bag on a necklace and some printing paper with words on it)

S.N. - Do you really think that those will help?

R.B. - Well they couldn’t hurt.

R.G. - (mocking) Well we're not going to use them, cause there’s nothing down there.

They walk in silence for a bit longer

A.M. - What’s in the little bag anyway?
R.B. - I don’t know, you’re not supposed to open it, otherwise your luck will leave you.

A.M. - (grabs bag) Screw that, (opens bag)

R.B. - No!

A.M. - (looks disappointedly into the bag) What a rip off, it’s just a bunch of dust!

R.B. - Now it is! You just lost all of our luck!

S.N. - Where we’re going, luck won’t help us.

They all fall silent till they come up to the doors

R.G. - Camera rolling Jordan?

J.O. - Yep.

R.G. - Okay let’s go.

Rex and Doug work turn and start to open Tunnel double door. Creaks open to a set of stairs and a small landing with a window. Everyone files in with the camera going last. Phone flashlights click on. Ad-lib mumbles about how creepy and dark it is.

R.G. - Anyone see a light switch? (camera pans shakily around. Other than the phone flashlights, there is no light)

D.B. - Found one.

Light click on revealing a steep staircase and a long narrow hallway dimly lit with old bulbs. As they climb down the staircase the Camera pans around, taking everything in. Everyone ad-libs about how weird and cool and creepy it is. Not a whole lot to see, but you think you see something dark at the end of the hall, but it’s gone quickly.

J.O. - So who wants to go first?

They all look pointedly at Rex

R.G. - Fine

They all go out and follow the hall to the end. Ad-lib here with whatever seems to fit. The reach the end and on the left is a door. Rex opens the door.

R.G. - Is this it? I thought it was bigger?

Light clicks on revealing a bomb shelter. Beds line the walls and shelves are stocked with dusty canned food. Group spreads out to check it all out. Camera walks around and checks everything out too. Centers on another door.

J.O. - Hey (turns around) there’s another door. (in the doorway to the main shelter a shadow can be seen for a few second before the hall light goes out)

S.N. - Hey did someone turn out the hall lights?

R.G. - They must be on a timer, Adam, go turn them back on.

Andrew shrugs and heads out the door. A few seconds after he leaves, you can hear him scream.

S.N. - Adam? (very frightened) ADAM?!?

He peeks his head back in

A.M - Ha, scared you, ya chickens

S.N. - (shaken) Just go turn the light back on

A.M. - Sheesh, (leaves room) Can’t take a joke.

He leaves and you can hear his footsteps. He screams again.

R.B. - Nice try Adam, not going to fall for that one again.

When he doesn’t reply they go out into the dark hall

You can see him for a flicker of a moment, slumped against the wall, his head falling to one side….dead. But no one sees it

Everyone ad-libs about where he is, and how dark it is, creepy it is, and they all wonder where Adam is. General chaos.

R.G.- Okay (At first no one takes notice) OKAY! (everyone turns toward him) Adam’s probably just playing a prank on us. Come on, let’s all just go turn on the light-

S.N. - -And get out of here! Adam’s gone! We’re next!

R.B. - (grips Sabrina’s shoulders and shakes lightly) Hey, it okay! Where fine down here. The Shadow just wants to test us. Adam’s fine.

D.B. - I don’t know. This place has bad news written all over it!

R.G. - Baby, we’ll just go bring Adam back down and go deeper.

They work their way down the hall and up the stairs. Doug is the first to reach the door and he tries to open it.

D.B. - It’s locked…

R.G. - Let me try. (he tries and fails) Turn on the light Ruby, I can’t see anything.

You can hear the clicking of a light switch, but the light doesn’t come on.

R.B. - The power’s out… (Ad-lib freaking out) The Shadow wants us to go deeper.

S.N. - Are you insane Ruby? If we go down deeper we are all going to die! Adam’s dead, we’re next!

R.G. - Snap out of it Sabrina!

S.N. - I’m not going down there!

R.G. - Then you can stay here!

S.N. - I don’t want to stay here alone!

J.O. - Sabrina, here’s my phone. Call Rex’s phone and we can stay in contact the whole time. We can go to the exit in the Courthouse and come back and get you. After we beat up Adam for locking us down here and frying the circuits.

Off screen hand hands Sabrina phone. Sabrina dials on the phone and Rex’s phone rings.

D.B. - Can’t believe that there’s cell service down here.

They turn and walk back down the stairs. This time illuminated only by blue-light-ish phone lights. They re-enter the first bunker.

J.O. - There’s the second door.

They approach the metal door and pull it open. It creaks and squeaks loudly. Phone lights reveal another long narrow hall and various doors and branching off hallways.
Ad-Lib exclamations. Occasionally you can see a dark shadow flitting along the edge of the light, but no one seems to notice.

R.B. - I can see why some people disappear down here…

They work their way down the hall, following Rex

S.N. - (on phone) What’s down there?

R.G. - A whole lot of tunnels, some locked doors, probably more bunk beds. It’s like a labyrinth down here, you’re missing out.

S.N. - Not really, there’s a window up here, so it’s a bit brighter.

R.G. - Baby.

They all fall silent for a moment

S.N. - Which one of you came back?

R.B. - What do you mean?

S.N. - I mean I see someone coming up the stairs, who is it?

D.B. - We’re all here…

S.N. Then who’s coming up the stairs (starts to panic more) Stop, who are you?

J.O. - Sabrina!

An ear splitting scream can be heard through the phone and echoing through the tunnels.

R.B. - Sabrina!

The scream gets cut abruptly short and all you can hear is static. The call was cut off

R.G. - (shakey voice) So they’re both in on the prank. (less scared) I’m so over this!

D.B. - We need to get out of here.

They reach a crossroads.

J.O. - Which way?

Rex looks both ways and makes a decision

R.G. - Left, that’s west, so that’ll lead to the Courthouse.

They all turn left. More halls and doors.

D.B. - I don’t like this, we’re just leaving Sabrina

R.B. - (mistley) She was taken by the Shadow. We’ll get her back once we talk to the Shadow. It’ll all be find

D.B. - I don’t care, I’m going back!

He turns and rushes toward the exit. He’s only gone for a few seconds until you hear him scream

D.B. - Run!!!

The camera shakes as though it’s running and you can hear them breathing hard and ad-libbing. Mainly though you can hear Jordan just whispering Oh Lord over and over again.
They stop running after about 30 seconds
All out of breath

R.B. - We need to talk with the Shadow! We need to get everyone back.

R.G. - (voice shaking) For god’s sake Ruby, they’re pranking us!

J.O. - Then why’d you run?

They fall silent.

R.G. - We need to get out of here…it’s getting scary.

J.O. - We should be reaching the school exit soon…

The resume walking, except for Ruby.

R.B. - But what about Doug, and Sabrina, and Adam?

R.G. - No doubt they’re waiting at the exit, laughing their heads off.

J.O. - Come on Ruby.

R.B. - No, I’m going to talk with the Shadow…

The camera turns on her as she closes her eyes

R.B. - Shadow of the Tunnel...We know you’re there...We beseech you to release our friends, and let us go in peace.

Behind her a one of the off doors opens.

R.B. - Shadow of the Tunnel….we know you are here...we know you are angry with us for traipsing so flippantly on your grounds….
A light goes on in the open hallway, and you can see the Shadow

R.B. - Shadow of the Tunnel...make yourself known

J.O. - I think it’s here…

Ruby turns and looks at the Shadow. She starts approaching it.

R.G. - I don’t think you should do that.

R.B. - (ignores him) Shadow, lets have or friends back and leave and never come back.

An invisible force pulls her forward into the light and door slams shut. You can hear her scream loudly and then the door opens again. The shadow is still there but Ruby is gone.

R.G. - Run! (the camera turns and runs following Rex) RUN!

The camera shakes and follows Rex, you can hear Jordan praying under her breath. Rex trips and screams. The camera looks back at him as he is pulled into the darkness. Jordan is running again, this time the camera is on her scared face

J.O. - The door!

She is panting and terrified as she wrestles with the door. She drops the camera and tries to open it. Angle is still on her though

J.O. - (insert profanity repeatedly) Locked

She turns and faces out,

J.O. - No...NO….NOOOO (turns into scream)

Camera feed cuts to static

A few seconds later the camera turns back on again. The feed is steady, like on a tripod. It is facing the doors and written in a black blood like substance is

The Tunnel Belongs to the SHADOW

Cuts to black as camera falls

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