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December 14, 2014
By Hperk BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Hperk BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Fade in:

A TALL BLACK man sits on a bus in Washington reading a paper, rain pelting the windows.The narrative begins as if we are inside his head.

I wish I could say I’ve had a normal life. I wish I could be going home to a family, but I’ve never liked the idea of having a kid of my own, and it’s impossible for me to stay around people for too long. The only normal part of my life was my childhood, full of the smell of crayons and scraped knees. But the rest of my life? No… It’s just not right… The first incident was when I was 20, and my father had recently passed away…

The scene fades to the occurrence. He stands in his friend’s house, Henry. Henry is someone who works with Silas a diner in town.

Thanks for letting me crash at your place, man. I just don’t wanna go back to mine and my dad’s place.

Yeah, anything for friend. Couch not overly comfort,but TV work!

I think I’m just gonna try to sleep.

Henry heads to his bedroom while Silas settles on the couch. He falls asleep and wakes up by the sound of someone in the room. Sleepily, SIlas sees a slim, tall figure heading toward the bathroom. Assuming it is someone who lives with Henry he falls back asleep. Silas questions him about it on the way o work the next morning.

Henry, you never told me you had a roomie

No,I live with my gerbil. That it.

The scene flashes back to the slim figure that appeared to be walking toward the bathroom. It comes back to Silas, who looks down in confusion, but tries to shake it off.

And that was just the beginning. I forgot about it for a while.

Silas gets off the bus, and begins walking down an almost empty street.

I assumed maybe it was a ghost of my dad, trying to contact me one last time. But then something else happened, when I was about 23. You know, the age when nobody likes you?

The scene cuts to Silas hiking in the mountains with his two other friends, Rabi and and Sydney.

Do you guys have any food? I’m starved. I vote we take a break here and eat.

The three settle down on the ground, pulling out a few snacks, water, and beer. The three make idle talk, letting the alcohol relax them a little.
I gotta take a p---. I’ll be right back.

Silas heads into the woods, a little dizzy, wandering for a little before finally stopping. The scene cuts back to present day.
I’m sure the beer got the better of us, or maybe Rabi just wasn’t the nicest guy, but when I came back, he was on top of Sydney, holding her down, covering her mouth. SOmething in me triggered, and I charged towards him while Sydney kept trying to kick him.

The scene cuts to him charging Rabi

But when I was running, I wasn’t alone, I felt like there were other people beside me. They were running to, their dark figures becoming blurs. They helped me pull Rabi off. His eyes were bloodshot and I watched as some of the figures began pounding him, making him bruised and gasping for air. But apparently it was me who had beat him up, because he pressed charges, but I won the case and narrowly missed prison. 

He heads into a coffee shop. We see him order something and sit down. The narrative continues on in his head.

  The third time was probably when I realized this strange issue of mine was not gonna go away. I was staying at a hotel for a night because I had no where to go, and it was all I could afford. It was super cheap, where you could smell the smoke and all the furniture looked like it was from the 70’s. I decided to take the elevator,and when it dinged open, no one was in it. I stepped inside and I could feel them behind me. Three small little girls.

     Girl #1
   What floor are you on?


     Girl #1
   Oh, we’re on 4.

The smallest girl giggles, and she takes a hold of Silas’ hand. She has dried blood on the inside of her wrist.

   Where are your parents?

     Girl #2
   We don’t know. We haven’t seen them in a while. But that’s okay, we found you.

For some odd reason, that phrase clicked in my head.”We found you”. It made me believe perhaps everything was okay. But something clearly was not right. I remember holding the little girl’s hand a little tighter…

The scene flashes back to Silas as he gets of the elevator, the girls following closely behind him, smiling.

  It all seems a haze, but I remember they awkwardly stood there for a long time, but I was fine with it. They… put a knife in my hand. I gripped it tightly for a while. Then there was
blood everywhere. I tried leaving the next morning but caught. I ended up in jail for a few years, until me and a buddy named Cody escaped. I haven’t seen him in a while…

The scene cuts back to Silas drinking his beverage, watching the people pass by. He feel as though a presence is
around him. One only he can feel. He does not mind it, and even mutters small talk to the “presence”. Nobody looks at him. He then goes back to his narrative.

While I was running from the cops, I felt like I would be caught in no time. I could hear the sirens behind me, my heavy breaths almost drowning them out as I ran through thick foliage. I saw a person in a red jacket. He called made name and made a motion for me to come to him. I ran over to him.

   Man In Jacket
   In here quick!

   Where does it go?

Man In Jacket
   No time to explain, just go!

Silas jumps down the hole that looks like a sewer pipe. he shuts his eyes, but can hear the police sirens fading away and something that seems to be a very distant scream. The scene blacks out and fades back to present day Silas.
  I can’t remember much until today. I take it day by day. I think I saw my face on the news once, and a few people whispered as I passed by. I think… Not unless it was just one of my friends trying to catch my attention. They don’t bother me anymore. They help me make decisions every day, and most of the time they’re the only people there for me anymore. I really do miss Cody, I wish I could unsee the bullets hitting the back of his neck. His blond hair turning a fierce red.

  Suddenly we hear tires screeching as cop cars pull into the parking lot outside the shop. Four white men jump out and run into the coffee shop. Silas barely seems to notice, a small smile on his face, as if he is detached from the moment. It isn’t until the cops yell he is jerked back to reality.

Cop #1
   Hands up! You’re under arrest!

   Silas looks at him, and stands up, hands raised.

      Cop #2
   You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say or do-

  But he is cut off as Silas looks as if he is talking to someone behind him, then pulls out a gun and points it at the officers.

   Please don’t move, please! Or I’ll shoot! He told me to shoot (crying)... he told me to shoot.

      Cop #1
   put the gun down, son! We are only trying to help! Don’t make us hurt you!


     Silas fires a shot at the ceiling and the last cop shoots him in the leg. He falls and does not move. One of the officers grabs his arms and forces them behind his back. He pulls Silas to his feet.

      Cop #2
   You’re a g------ schizophrenic, boy.



      To Be Continued...

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