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Hadley's Friends

April 7, 2014
By Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
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Hadley: A young teen who lives in an unknown residence

Hannah: An elderly lady who lives with Hadley

Harold: Hadley’s best friend

Haden: A guy who scares Hadley

Halli: Girl who is ill and lives with Hadley


Lights go up on a white room with very little furniture. Hadley sits center stage in a white recliner. Tor her left Hannah sits on the couch with Harold. Haden leans on the door frame looking creepy. Halli lies on a white bed with crisp white sheets.

Hadley: So what are we doing here? (Looks to Hannah for answer) Hannah?

Hannah: (Shrugs) You called us together, you should know why.

Harold: Hadley, I remember you said something about our relationship. Right Halli?

Halli: (Moans) I’m always here so it doesn’t matter what I think

Haden: I always come when you call Hadley.

Hadley: Ewww Haden! Forget you. (She turns to speak with Hannah.) I thought you called us together; you said we had to talk.

Hannah: I never said anything of the sort.

Halli: Yeah (coughs) I remember you (coughs again) calling Harold and Haden and Hannah.

Hadley: Okay fine whatever (sighs) yes we do need to talk about relationship (Harold perks up), but I’m talking about our group relationship.

Haden: (Stands up straight) Well that’s ominous.

Hadley: (Rolls her eyes) our group dynamic, it’s off. One moment I’m leading, and then the next Halli is.

Halli: When (Coughs) have I ever led anything? (Coughs)

Hannah: Hush child, you shouldn't be getting upset.

Hadley: Anyway, I think we all need a break from each other. You know, take a step back and reassess. (Looks to Haden) And you just need to leave.

Haden: What!

Hadley: (Kicks back in her chair) You heard me, leave.

Hannah: Calm yourself Hadley, you need to relax.

Halli hacks in the background

Harold: Do we really need to do this Hadley? We are a part of each other; one cannot exist without the other.

Hadley: I've made my mind up, Haden…Leave!!

Haden look like he is about to say something when the light on him fades out, and he disappears.

Hadley: Well that was easy. (Hadley looks around and puts a hand on her head.)

Hannah: (stands and puts a hand on Hadley’s shoulder)
Are you okay dear?

Halli continues coughing loudly.

Hadley: Would you stop that infernal coughing!! It’s giving me a headache!

Halli: (Cough) I can- (Cough) t help (Cough) it!

Hadley: Then Leave!!

Halli’s spotlight goes out and her coughing stops

Hadley: Finally, some peace. (She doubles over in pain again)

Hannah: Are you okay dear? Do you need to lie down?

Hadley: (shaking her off) I don’t need to lie down lady, I’m fine.

Hannah: (Backs up) Dear?

Hadley: I don’t need you!

Hannah puts a hand to her chest as her light goes out.

Hadley: (Smiles) Good (Her smile begins to falter. She puts a hand to her head. Hadley falls and screams)

Harold: (Stands) I told you you needed us. (Shakes his head and walks over to Hadley’s shaking form) but you didn't listen.

Hadley: Don’t leave me to Harold, don’t leave me too.

Harold: But don’t you see Hadley?

Hadley: See what? That I’m almost all alone?

Harold: Well there is that, but don’t you see the truth of the matter? We can’t live without you, but you can’t live without us.

Hadley: Please, Harold, please don’t leave me alone.

Harold: Oh Hadley, (kneels beside Hadley as his light fades) I already have.

Hadley: (Gets up on her knees) Harold? Where did you go? Harold?

Hadley’s light goes out and Doctor begins to speak from off stage.

Doctor: Now Hadley is a very interesting case…She isn't alone in her coma. She created a world for herself inside of her head, one that she doesn't want to leave. Even though she is asleep, she speaks to her imaginary people. One of them appears to be named Hannah, who seems to be a motherly figure. There is also another young lady named Halli inside of her mind, more of a sister. Haden seems to be the plague of her mind that embodies her fears. Harold seems to be a friend.

But the most perplexing part of her coma condition is the fact that these imaginary friends, if you will talk back to her using her mouth. It seems that these people are fighting for control of her body, making jerky movements that are on characteristic of Hadley. She does occasionally show signs of waking up, but the voices drag her back deeper into the coma. We can only keep her under observation until she wakes up. End voice notes.

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