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A Play of Adventure

January 1, 2014
By Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
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Belladonna: princess in a small kingdom. She longs to find someone who loves her for her, and not just because of her heritage.

Jared: Handsome, lives in a small town. His parents killed by Chief, so he runs family business with Grandpa.

Chief: bandit after Belladonna, he wants a high ransom for her. He also holds up General store and tries to recruit Jared. He wears red face mask. He has Spanish accent.

Prince Mason: Seeks to have Princess Belladonna’s hand in marriage, but only wants to have throne.

Martha: Princess Belladonna’s handmaiden, Scottish.

Grandpa Michael: after Jared’s parents were killed , he took him in. Wears pouch around waist.

King and Queen: Belladonna’s parents

Grandma Gina: Grandpa Michael’s wife

Assorted soldiers, villagers, palace servants, pages, royal guests, bandits, and foreigners

Act One

Scene 1

Lights go up on an extravagant room. Belladonna is asleep on her bed; Female servant (Martha a pretty young thing) enters stage left

Martha: My lady?

Belladonna: (stirs and moans slightly)

Martha: My lady, your mother is calling

Belladonna: (from under the covers) What about?

Martha: She didn’t say (crosses room, pulls back covers, revealing a half asleep Belladonna.(Belladonna moans) she just said for you to hurry. And if I were you my lady, I would want to please her Majesty.

Belladonna: (Sits up and stretches) Fine. (Stands and crosses to wardrobe) Are you sure she didn’t say anything about another one of those suitors?

Martha: Nothing my lady, (walks over to join Belladonna at wardrobe) just for you to hurry.

Belladonna: (She sighs, picks dress) obviously, she found another suitor (walks behind screen to change) that says, is madly in love with me (pauses) and wants my hand in marriage (laughs, hesitantly, Martha joins in) and won’t leave without an answer.

Martha: I wouldn’t be criticizing her Majesty. She just wants you to be happy, my lady

Belladonna: (Laughs aloud) she wants an heir. That’s all that has been on her mind since I was born. (Pauses) Maybe since before I was born (Laughs again.) She steps out from behind screen, steps into her shoes.) Well, I’m ready; will my mother receive me now?

Martha: You look lovely my lady…I will accompany you down.

Both exit stage left, lights go down

Scene 2

Lights go up on a throne room. King and Queen sit in thrones several soldiers stand at the sides. Page enters stage right with scroll, unrolls and clears his throat

Page: (rolls his Rs, pompous) Announcing his Royal Highness, Prince Mason. (Prince Mason enters stage right with body guard and two pages carrying chest) He seeks the hand of her Royal Highness, Princess Belladonna Caelion. (Rolls up scroll, bows deeply, and exits)

P Mason: (Approaches thrones and kneels) Your Majesties, I come from a far away kingdom known as Bardon. I seek the hand of your daughter, because I once saw her picture and instantly fell in love with her beauty. (Stands) I brought (motions at guard, who at once opens chest) much gold and jewels to humbly ask for the young Princess hand in marriage.

Queen: (Rises from her throne and strides regally to the chest, while king sits and eats a turkey leg) While I give you my permission, you will first have to win the maidens heart, stubborn as it is. (looks to king, gestures to Mason) Isn’t he such a nice man?

King: (stops gnawing turkey leg and looks up) Eh?

Queen: (sighs, speaks slowly) Isn’t he such a nice man for our daughter to marry?

King: (cocks his head) Well doesn’t she need to know that he (gestures to Mason) is going to marry her?

Page re-enters

Page: Announcing her Royal Highness, Princess Belladonna Caelion and her handmaiden of the Scottish Isles, Martha. (Belladonna and Martha enter stage right)

Belladonna steps forward and curtsies to Prince Mason. When she rises, Prince Mason takes her hand and kisses it. Royal servant brings King a plate of pastries and takes turkey leg. King begins to eat.

P Mason: My lady, you are indeed the most beautiful woman I have ever seen (bows deeply when saying this)

Belladonna nods politely to Mason and moves to her throne

Queen: (to Belladonna) Prince Mason from the kingdom of Bardon has come here to-

Belladonna: (cuts queen of) Ask for my hand in marriage? (Queen nods enthusiastically and P Mason bows deeply again. Belladonna laughs.) Really?

Queen: Prince Mason, will you excuse us for a moment?

P Mason: Of course you Majesty. (Bows again and exits with guard and two pages. He leaves the chest at the foot of the Queen.)

Queen: (Turns to King) Can you believe your daughter?

King: (looks up from pastries) Eh?

Queen: (slowly) your daughter is rejecting yet another proposal. Can you not control her?

King: (cocks his head) She’s not mine to control is she? (Stuffs pastry into mouth and continues with his mouth full.) She controls herself she does. (Picks up another pastry and uses it to point at Belladonna) She’ll make her own way in the world she will.

Queen: (Exasperated) she is not to make her own way in the world. She is to find a suitable husband and produce an heir!

Belladonna: Mother!

Queen: (turns to Belladonna) Well that is the truth. And if you are too stubborn to see it, then you might as well leave now!

Belladonna turns and runs off stage left, hiding tears. King continues to eat. Queen turns and exits stage right. Lights dim

Scene 3

Lights go up on a general store in a small village. Jared is behind the counter ringing up a customer. Grandpa Michael is speaking with an elderly woman. Three other customers are browsing in the store. Jared finishes ringing up the customer and customer leaves stage right. Belladonna dressed in rough cloak enters stage right.

Belladonna: (walks up to Jared) Excuse me sir, do you know of a place where someone could pass a night?

Jared: Only of a place where a man can, I don’t know of a place where a woman can pass the night in peace. (Grandpa Michael walks up)

G Michael: You need a place to stay?

Belladonna: Yes sir, I assume you are Mr. Gardern?

G Michael: Mr. Gardern is my father, call me Grandpa Michael, everyone does.

Belladonna: Well Grandpa Michael, I need to find a place to stay tonight.

G Michael: The wife and I live upstairs and we have an extra room if you’re interested?

Belladonna: Thank you sir, but I don’t want to impose…

G Michael: Oh it’s no bother, I insist. You can’t spend the night in a tavern, or on the street. It’s not safe!

Jared: Besides (Steps around counter) everything is closed, you can’t any rooms at this time of day.

G Gina: (enters stage left) Why Michael, who is this young thing?

G Michael: Gina, this (turns to Belladonna) I’m sorry dear, I didn’t catch your name?

Belladonna: I’m Belladonna (hesitates) Radens

G Michael: Well Miss Belladonna needs a place to rest.

G Gina: Well sweetie, we have a room upstairs that you can pass the night in. Jared?

Jared: (looks over at G Gina) Yes Grandma?

G Gina: Go over to the store house and grab some extra bed clothes and an extra plate.

Jared: Sure thing Grandma Gina (exits stage right)

G Gina: As for you my dear, let’s go get you set up upstairs. (G Gina and Belladonna exit stage left)

Jared: (runs in stage right empty handed and runs up to G Michael) there are bandits coming! Chief and his Gang!

People gasp and begin to panic as lights go down.


Act Two

Scene 1
Light go up on the store. Grandpa Michael has gathered the men and the women are exiting stage left

G Michael: Well gentleman, we are going to have to defend the store and our women (Turns to Jared) Were they armed?

Jared: Yes, three swords, an axe, I think I saw a club, and they might have knives hidden elsewhere.

G Michael: Okay, I hope you gentleman can fight (gestures to the back) I have some weapons in the back. (Grabs Jared’s arm as he heads to back room) Now Jared, you are much too young to be fighting bandits, I want you to go upstairs.

Jared: (Shakes arm out of G Michael’s grip) No!
Grandpa, I’m 15, practically a man. I’m going to stay down here and fight.

G Michael: (Smiles sadly) Well, if you’re going to fight take this. (Opens waist pouch and removes an ornate dagger with sheath) It was your fathers, he fought with the bandit Chief with it. His spirit surrounds it, this dagger will protect you.

Jared starts to say something but at this time 5 bandits enter. Two bandits enter first, brandishing axe and sword. Then bandit with club and another sword bandit enter. Finally Chief enters, sword in sheath. Villagers, G Michael, and Jared turn to bandits.

Chief: Now gentleman, do you really want blood to be shed in this fine store? (Villagers, G Michael, and Jared don’t respond) Well (unsheathes sword) If you’re going to be difficult. (Turns to men) Have at them.

Fight ensues, Jared charges at Chief.

Chief: Ah, a hopefully worthy opponent?

Jared stabs out with knife, Chief blocks easily

Chief: (Mockingly) So close

Jared tries again from a different angle, Chief blocks again. In the back round one of the bandits with a sword incapacitates villager and sneaks off stage left

Chief: You have much power, but not much finesse

Jared feints left and stabs right, Chief blocks again. Bandit with club incapacitates G Michael drops club pulls out knife and exits stage left

Chief: Good try

Jared stabs, Chief blocks

Jared: Fight back (stabs again, Chief blocks)

Chief: Why would I want to kill a new protégé?

Jared: Huh? (Jared hesitates and Chief disarms him.

Holds sword to Jared’s chest)
Remaining villagers are incapacitated and fight stops

Chief: I’m prepared to offer you a deal. You come with me as a trainee, and I won’t kill you.

Jared: And if I refuse?

Chief: Obviously, I kill you.

Bandit with knife enters with Belladonna, blade at her throat. Bandit with sword enters with sack of jewelry and money

Chief: And that lovely lady over there

Jared turns and his eyes widen. Belladonna struggles, but Bandit has pinned her arms down. Jared bows his head in defeat. Chief lowers sword

Chief: Get your knife

Jared gets his knife. Chief throws Bandit with Belladonna a nearby rope. Bandit with sword catches it and proceeds to tie Belladonna up.

Chief: Come now, the caravan is waiting

All exit stage Right; Chief walks out first. Then Jared escorted by Bandit 3 with sword not holding money bag. Then axe bandit (Bandit 2) and Bandit 1 with Belladonna. Finally Bandit 4 with money bag. G Gina hurries downstairs and goes to G Michael, he stirs

G Michael: Jared!? (coughs and tries to sit up) Grandson!?

G Gina: No, lie down

G Michael: But-

G Gina: It’s out of our hands.

Lights go down

Scene 2

Lights go up on a forest setting. A covered wagon is on stage right tied to a stump, a fire is center stage with logs surrounding it. Trees are all over, wanted poster of Chief is on one tree. Bandits enter stage left, same way they exited store.

Chief: Welcome (Turns to fellow bandits, Jared and Belladonna) to you new home!

Bandit 1 takes Belladonna and shoves her down on the stump

Chief: (To Bandit 1) Now now, that is no way to treat a woman. (To Belladonna) My apologies your Highness

Jared: (Steps up to Chief) Your Highness! You mean she’s royalty! (Chief nods) I didn’t sign up for this, I didn’t even sign up at all!

Chief and Bandits laugh

Bandit 3: Did any of us sign up? (Bandits 3, 4, 1 and Chief laugh)

Bandit 2: I did (Bandit 1 hits him on the head) Ow!
(To Bandit 1) Well it’s true! I liked the benefits (All bandits laugh accept for Chief)

Chief: Shut it! (All laughter stops, Chief turns to Belladonna) Now my lady, if you will be a good girl, I will make you a deal. (Belladonna looks up) If you promise not to run away, I will un-tie you.

Belladonna: Fine

Chief: That’s a good girl (motions to Bandit 1, he approaches with knife and cuts Belladonna free. Chief offers Belladonna his hand)

Belladonna slaps away his hand and tries to dart off stage left, but is stopped by Bandit 3 by the arm

Bandit 3: You aren’t going anywhere missy

Bandit 3 pulls over to tree and ties her to the tree

Belladonna: You aren’t going to get away with this!

Chief: Oh really? (crosses to Belladonna) I think we already have. (Chief and Bandits laugh)

Belladonna: People will be looking for me!

Jared: Yeah, if she is a Princess, than people will notice that she isn’t around!

Chief chuckles deeply, Bandits join in.

Chief: Of course they will

Lights go down

Scene 3

Lights go up on Throne Room. King and queen sit in thrones, Prince Mason stands nearby, and Grandpa

Michael G Gina stand in front of the thrones. King chews loudly on turkey leg

Queen: You come forward with a claim that your son has been taken by bandits? By the bandit Chief’s gang no less?

G Michael: Yes your Majesties

Queen: Can you believe this George?

King: Eh?

Queen: (sighs and speaks slowly) These people claim that their son and another girl were taken, and they have reason to believe that the girl was our daughter.

Martha bursts in holding a piece of paper

Martha: Your Majesties!

Queen: Not now Martha

Martha: But your Majesty, it is urgent!

Queen: (Turns to Martha, exasperated) What?

Martha: (steps up to thrones and curtsies) It’s Belladonna (Queen sits up straighter)

Queen: What happened?

Martha: When she ran she was taken by the bandit
Chief! (Queens eyes widen) There was a ransom note in her window! (Offer’s Queen note)

Queen reads the note gasps and hands note to King

King: What is this, I can’t read this! The writing is too small!

Queen: (Takes note and reads it aloud) Your daughter Belladonna has been taken by me and my men. She is safe and unharmed at the moment. Send us 10000000 crowns by the tenth of December and we will return her safely. Failure to do so will result in her demise. Bandit Chief

King: Well that’s unfortunate. It was well written though.(Continues eating)

Queen: Our daughter is in danger, and all you can think about is food!

King shrugs and continues eating, Queen starts to say something when Prince Mason steps up

P Mason: If I may be so bold your Majesty, but if I were to find the Princess and rescue her, do you believe she would accept my proposal?

Queen: Even if she does not, she will marry you if you can rescue her from the clutches of the bandit Chief.

P Mason: Then it will be done, I will begin the search immediately.

Queen: Bless you Prince Mason, bless you.

Prince Mason bows and exits stage left

G Gina: But what of our son? (Queen cocks her head) Our son is in danger as well.

Queen: (to page) Bring me some paper and a fresh quill. (Page steps up and hands paper and quill and holds pot of ink, she finishes blows on it and hands it to page) take this to Prince Mason, he ought to still be in the castle.

Page: Yes your Majesty (exits stage left quickly)

Queen: (to G Gina and G Michael) The note says that when Prince Mason finds the Princess, and if your son, Jared, is there, he should bring your son along as well, as long as he is not involved with the exploits of the bandit Chief’s gang.

G Michael: A million thank you’s your Majesty.

Lights go down as G Michael and G Gina exit stage

Scene 4

Lights go up on the Bandits hideout it is night. Belladonna is tied to the tree pretending to sleep, Jared is pretending to sleep in the mouth of the caravan, all Bandits are sleeping, and Bandit 1 is leaning against the tree with Belladonna. Chief is sitting at fire. Prince Mason walks calmly in stage left.

Chief: (Looks up at P Mason) Ah, my good friend Mason. (Rises and holds out arms for a hug)

P Mason: (Ignores gesture) I am here on serious business.

At this time, Belladonna and Jared “wake up” and look at one another. Jared does be shushing gesture and Belladonna nods

Chief: But my friend-

P Mason: We are taking over a kingdom, we have to remain serious.

Chief: (Sighs) Fine, everything on my end of the deal is working fine. (He gestures to Belladonna who immediately falls “asleep.” When they turn away, she “wakes up” again)

P Mason: Good, but what of the boy? (Jared flinches) An order came from the Queen to bring back to the castle if he was here (Takes note out of pocket) Read for yourself (Chief takes note and proceeds to read)

Chief: It says if he is not part of the bandit Chief’s gang’s exploits.

P Mason: So?

Chief: (Laughing) I recruited the boy!

P Mason: Well, that ties up a loose end.

Chief: Now, where’s your end of the bargain?

Prince Mason looks both ways slyly and removes a large pouch from his satchel. Chief take it, opens it, and puts his hand in. When he removes it gold coins fall from his hands

Chief: Good

P Mason: Now, pretend to be asleep and I will “rescue” the lovely Princess Belladonna

Chief: Very well

Chief lies down and falls “asleep.” Prince Mason approaches a “sleeping” Belladonna and gently shakes her awake

Belladonna: (“waking”) Huh?

P Mason: My princess, I have come to rescue you.

Belladonna: Prince Mason? How did you find this place?

P Mason: I know these woods well (removes dagger and cuts Belladonna free)

Belladonna: (hugging him) I was worried no one would come.

P Mason: Now hurry, before the bandits wake.
Prince Mason herds her out stage left. As she is leaves she looks back at Jared who is now awake and looks nervous. When the leave Bandit 1 wakes up and discovers Belladonna is missing.
Bandit 1: Hey!
Lights go down


Act 3

Scene 1

Lights go up on the group of Bandits standing center stage Chief off to the side holding pouch and Jared sitting in the mouth of the caravan.
Bandit 1: I don’t know what happened, I just woke up and she was gone!

Bandit 23: Oh, so I guess a fairy came down and cut her free then

Bandit 4: No, it was a person

Bandit 3: ‘ow you know?

Bandit 4: the size of the blade cut

Bandit 2: Maybe it was a big fairy?

Bandit 1: (smacks Bandit 2’s head) The boss doesn’t seem to be too worried. (Jared sneaks up to eavesdrop)

Bandit 3: Yeah he’s just sitt’en over there holding that sack with a death grip (all look over at Chief, who waves)

Jared: I see you gentle man are facing a predicament

Bandit 4: Yeah, your point is?

Jared: I know why he’s not too upset

Bandit 3: Sure you do

Jared: No really! I woke up and he was talking to this Prince Mason character-

Bandit 1: Is that so?

Jared: He took Belladonna, they made a deal!

Bandit 2: A deal of what?

Jared: I think Prince Mason wanted a way to get into the throne’s grace so he staged a kidnapping so he could rescue the Princess. Last night, he said something about taking over a kingdom, and Chief got a bag of money. (Bandits look at one another) Don’t believe me?

Bandit 1: Pretty much

Jared: Then look in that pouch!

All turn to Chief and start towards him; Chief gets up and tries to run off stage left but is stopped by Bandit 2. Bandit 3 takes pouch from him and opens it, Bandit 1 puts his hand in and takes out gold coins.
Bandit 4 takes one and bites it

Bandit 4: They’re real!

Jared: I told you so!

Bandit 3 picks up a rope and tosses it to Bandit 2, who proceeds to tie Chief up to a near by tree

Chief: This is mutiny! Mutiny I say!

Jared: Put a sock in it

Bandit 1 removes one of his socks and stuffs it in Chief’s mouth

Jared: Now gentlemen, if you were to say, help me rescue a certain Princess from a certain Prince, I’m sure the queen would remove the price on your heads, gladly.

Bandits form a huddle, talk for a few second and shove Bandit 2 forward

Bandit 2: Deal (they shake hands and exit stage left leaving Chief behind)

Lights go down on a struggling Chief

Scene 2

Lights go up on throne room. Queen is pacing in front of her throne, King is eating pastries. Page enters stage right

Page: Announcing his Royal Highness, Prince Mason, her Royal Highness, Princess Belladonna, and her handmaiden of the Scottish isles, Martha

Prince Mason enters regally, Belladonna runs forward to her mother and embraces her. Martha enter quietly to stand by Princess Belladonna’s throne.

Belladonna: Mother!

Queen: Oh my daughter. (Holds Belladonna out) Are you okay? Are hurt?

Belladonna: Only scared.

Queen and Belladonna embrace one more time and they sit down on their thrones.

P Mason: (Approaches Belladonna’s throne and kneels) Your Majesty, I humbly ask your hand in marriage
Belladonna starts to say something but Queen cuts her off

Queen: She excepts, especially after the service that you performed for her today. (Belladonna starts to say some thing but her mother cuts her off) You will be married tomorrow evening! (P Mason stands and holds Belladonna’s hand at the side of her throne) Page! (page steps up with quill and paper)

Page: Yes your Majesty?

Queen: Take note of this (page moves to small desk nearby) All the Dukes and Duchesses are invited, as well as their families. The scribes and their families are invited as well. We will need entertainment, the royal musicians will suffice, but if you can find some peasant musicians, they can join in the festivities. They will be married here in the throne room. Did you get all that page?

Page: Yes your Majesty.

Queen: Well then, go to it!

Page: Yes your Majesty. (He rises and exits quickly stage right)

Belladonna: Mother I-

Queen: Isn't this exciting!

Belladonna: (sighs) Yes mother.

Lights go down on Prince Mason, and the Queen looking triumphant. Belladonna looks sad, and the King is sad as well because he is out of pastries

Scene 3

Lights go up on Belladonna’s room, Belladonna and Martha enter stage left

Martha: Are you excited my Lady?

Belladonna: I guess Martha, what else would I be on the eve of my wedding?

Martha: I don’t know my Lady, but you don’t seem very happy nor excited.

Belladonna: I’m fine; I would like to get ready by myself tonight, so

Martha: Don’t say another word my lady, I will leave you be.

Belladonna: Thank you Martha (Martha exits stage left, leaving Belladonna alone)

Jared climbs in stage right and sits on window sill, Belladonna doesn't notice

Belladonna: What am I going to do?

Jared: I don’t know (Belladonna turns startled) But I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Belladonna: Jared?

Jared: Last I checked.

Belladonna: But how did you escape from the bandits (Approaches Jared)

Jared: I didn’t, (Jumps onto the floor) I got them on my side.

Belladonna: How? They seemed so harsh?

Jared: I just told them about the kingdom take over scheme with that Prince Mason.

Belladonna: (turns away from Jared) Speaking of which.

Jared: What happened? (Walks over to Belladonna and turns her around) Did he hurt you?

Belladonna: No (Pauses) I’m betrothed to him (Jared’s eyes widen) I had no say in the matter, one second me and my mother are having a moment, the next thing I know is she’s planning my wedding.

Jared: What, didn't you tell her about the takeover scheme?

Belladonna: I tried but I couldn't get a word in. All she was talking about was guests, where it is going to be and…

Jared: And what?

Belladonna: Musicians. If her page could find good peasant musicians, they could come too.

Jared: So?

Belladonna: Are any of the Bandits good musicians?

Lights go down

Scene 4

Lights go up on the throne room. The thrones are gone and it is decorated with white. A small canopy stands where the throne would be. Chairs are spread in orderly rows, and two ornate chairs stand on either side of the canopy. Guests enter on both sides, King and Queen enter and sit on the ornate chairs. Priest enters and stands under canopy. Prince Mason enters and stands under canopy. Musicians enter, hidden among them are the Bandits and Jared. Hush falls and musicians begin to play. Belladonna enters in a wedding dress, walks slowly to canopy.

Priest: We are gathered here today to join the two young souls of Princess Belladonna, and Prince Mason. With their love that is pure and sweet, it was as God should have it that these to be married. If anyone sees fit that these two are not meant for each other, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Silence falls over the assembly, then Jared stands among the musicians. Gasps are heard throughout the crowd and Queen looks mad

Jared: I see that these two are not meant for one another.

P Mason: This man is a Bandit (gasps) When I rescued the princess form the Bandit Chief he was there as one of his men! Seize him!

Guards enter and the rest of the bandits blow their cover in order to fight back,

Belladonna: Stop! (everyone falls silent) This man speaks truth. His name is Jared. We were both taken by the Bandit Chief’s gang. Jared was forcibly recruited by Chief, in order to protect me. We overheard a plot between Chief and another man to take over this Kingdom.

Jared: (Walks to Belladonna) They thought we were asleep while they plotted. Her absence was later discovered, and the Bandits knew something was wrong when the bandit Chief was not very upset. I told them of the plot and they rallied. We captured Chief and left him in the forest. And we ourselves thought up a plan to save Belladonna.

Queen: (Stands) And what does this have to do your marriage to Prince Mason?

Belladonna: He was the other man!

Gasps ring out and the guards turn from the former bandits to P Mason who was trying to sneak out. He runs toward Princess Belladonna and seizes her. He pulls out a knife

P Mason: Don’t move any closer!

Jared: Mason, it’s over.

P Mason: I still can win!

Jared: No you can’t

Bandit 1 sneaks up behind P Mason and pulls the knife from his grasp. Belladonna falls into Jared’s arms

Jared: Now Mason, it’s over

Guards drag Mason of stage

Queen walks over to Jared and Belladonna

Queen: By disrupting the wedding when the priest gave you a choice, you now are to marry the Princess n place of the Prince. What is your title?

Jared: I have none.

Queen: Then you shall be named Keeper of the Bandits

Jared: Is that a good thing?

Queen: (Laughing) Yes

Belladonna: Mother (Lets go of Jared and walks to her Mother)

Queen: Yes my daughter?

Belladonna: I think I love him, and I will wed him with all my heart.

Queen: That is what I saw in you when stepped forward. (To Priest) Continue with the ceremony

Jared and Belladonna step towards the canopy holding hands

Priest: Do you, Jared Gardern Keeper of the Bandits, take Belladonna Caelion Princess of this region as your wife?

Jared: I do

Priest: Do you, Belladonna Caelion Princess of this region, take Jared Gardern Keeper of the Bandits as your Husband

Belladonna: I do

The Priest nod and motions at Belladonna, Jared and Belladonna kiss. The crow cheers, Bandit 2 wipe away tears.

King: Well that ended well, Bring out the refreshments!

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